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My name is Anna Abraham
I am a Multi-dimensional Empowerment Guide, Spiritual Intuitive, Integrative Healer, Teacher & Creative.

It is my calling and my passion. 


I invite you to Explore the Journey of
Self-discovery and Empowerment.
It is an honor to serve as your guide
in both the earthly & spiritual realms …
to inspire you to REMEMBER who you are
and the purpose of your journey. 

Connect with your Inner Warrior. 
It’s an INSIDE JOB. 
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      Who is Anna Abraham  

​A Seeker & Speaker of Truth

         Sebastion Tillo – Videographer

A Warrior of Consciousness & Compassion
A Mystical Visionary & Guide

Master Energy Healer

& Spiritual Guide



Intuitive Readings, Sacred Realms Visionary Cards of Self-Discovery, Chakra Readings, Life Between Life & Past Life Readings, Reiki Energy Sessions, Chakra & Aura Balancing, Reiki & Energy Protection Workshops & Shamanic Journey Circles.
Hypnotherapy & Integrative Healing, Books & CD’s

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Reach For Something Higher 


Your Authentic Self
The Ability to Love & Be Loved
Your True Purpose, both Earthly & Cosmic
Your Highest Potential
Personal Power

Develop Your Intuitive Powers

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Dialogues of Consciousness

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Anna Abraham “A Message for the Generations”
Anna Abraham “Understanding Relationships”
Anna Abraham “Energy Protection”



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Spiritual Healing Portland
“The Path to Radiance is to love purely and unconditionally.  Love has consciousness.  It can move mountains, subdue evil and allow us to connect with the divine.  Unconditional love is pure consciousness.”  
                                                       quote from the “Twelve Codes of Consciousness,” The  Heart Chakra
Anna Abraham

Portland Natural Healing
  I welcome you to explore the fascinating Journey of Human Potential, both earthbound and celestial, through the sacred visionary portals of the mind, body and soul.  Energy Medicine through Reiki and other natural healing modalities combined with emotional and spiritual release work, spiritual regression through hypnotherapy, visualization, soul retrievals and shamanic journeying are powerful forms of
Self-Realization and Expansion.


Holistic Healing Portland
Holistic Healing is an internal path of self discovery, empowerment and expansion that enables you to access the higher realms of consciousness and connect with yourhigher purpose.  Explore your personal journey within the realms of the Great Mysteryof existence through spiritual, mystical and natural healing pathways.


Spiritual Healing Portland …. The Path to Enlightenment
While the Great Mystery may be unknowable to the conscious mind,  New Age and Eastern spiritualists believe that the internal journey into the subconscious is the Path to Enlightenment.  From the 3rd eye and cosmic crown Chakras, one can explore thesubconscious and cosmic conscious mind through meditationvisionsrevelations,prophecies, guides, higher souls, archangels, and galactic intelligence.   Within these cosmic corridors, we can find answers to the Great Mystery and explore the Universe from a higher plane of awareness.  Mystics, Spiritualists andMetaphysicians acknowledge we are of dual consciousness, both mortal andcosmic.  Therefore, we have access to the Higher Realms of Consciousness IF we reach for the higher vibrations of our potential.

The Twelve Chakras 
Since I’ve been a young girl, I was obsessed with searching for the truth of our existence.  Through the portals of spirituality and mysticism. my 3rd eye opened and my journey expanded into the realms of cosmic consciousness.  Even though a natural progression, at times, it was overwhelming.  In May of 2007 I was given Twelve Visions, one every twelve hours while meditating on my Chakras.  It was an extraordinary experience. The profound nature of each of the Twelve Points of Light Chakra Visionswas humbling.  Over time, the visions and revelations  have increased.  More recently I experienced a Revelatory Vision, where a Being of Light of a higher galactic intelligence explained my mission regarding the visions and referred to them as “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness”.   I invite you to explore your visions.


The Twelve Codes of Consciousness

“The ‘Twelve Codes of Consciousness” are symbolic insights that enable us to reach a higher state of awareness.  They also have the capacity to activate our missing DNA for those who are ready.  The Visions are unique in this capacity because we are empowered to activate our own DNA strands at our own pace as we journey through the Twelve Codes.   The Visions are for Seekers of Truth who want to understand the purpose and the meaning of their journey.

Psychic Services in Portland
        A Journey of Self Discovery and Expansion
I am honored to share “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness”, along with all the spiritual and metaphysical portals of self discovery and expansion with those who are compelled to “Explore the Journey”.  
I offer individual and group sessions in person and via phone / Skype.  I also offer Psychic Readings, Sacred Realms Visionary Cards, Archangel and Chakra Intuitive Readings, as well as Past Life and Between Life Readings.  

Psychic Services in Portland and Nationally
Via Phone or Skype

Blessed Be Your Journey
 “Explore the Journey of Your Soul” through these portals of
Natural Healing, Self-Discovery and Empowerment …
the magical realms of higher consciousness.  

I am honored to be your guide.


Anna Abraham (503) 422-7744