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Anna’s Medicine Chest

Animal Communication with Energy Talk, Energy Testing & Readings, Chakras, Reiki, Auras, Meridians and the Zone.

The TAOSHEBA Technique, the full spectrum of Energy Medicine

Simple to Learn & Easy to Do.

The Zone

Everyone can learn how to talk with animals. The Zone, the full spectrum of Energy Communication & Healing Techniques, empowers you to communicate with your animal friends. Energy Talk, Energy Reading & Testing, Chakra Balancing & Reading, and Aura & Meridian cleansing & balancing are simple to learn and do. No special gifts are needed.

All of my cats have been feral and Energy Talk gave me the gift of being able to communicate with them. I was able to talk with them and discover what foods and supplements they needed, and in the process gained their trust and love.

The Zone is named in honor of Master Mink. Even though he has transitioned, I still feel his presence especially in the garden. He followed me around and inspected every drop of water and every move I made. Master Mink was a familiar who came to me in the form of a feral cat.

Master Mink still had some of his wild ways even though he chose to live indoors. He would occasionally get into fights and came home with his battle wounds. I cleaned him up his wounds and shared the full spectrum of Energy Medicine.

The first time he experienced Energy Medicine was a game changer. He curled up in my lap and I shared Reiki, the laying on of hands. It wasn’t long until he let out a sigh and let go. His head dropped into my lap; he closed his eyes and slipped into “The Zone.” Master Mink trusted me. Reiki familiarized him with the healing touch and then I shared the full spectrum of energy techniques. That’s how The Zone came to be. Energy Talk gave me the ability to communicate with him. Once he realized I knew how it created a powerful bond between us.

From that day on he patiently waited for his energy session every day. He was never pushy. He positioned himself so I would take notice. Mink was an empath and a familiar, like Tao. Together they taught me Energy Talk.

In the four years he was with me he was my special friend and teacher. We shared a sacred bond built on mutual respect. A deep love and trust developed between us that I will forever treasure. The healing power of love and Energy Medicine transformed Master Mink into a lover and a gentlemen. Master Mink brought me Sweet Ebony who was his special friend. He had the sweetest coo I have ever heard. Ebony always cuddled with my clients and shared unconditional love. That was her form of Energy Medicine.

Sweet Ebony brought me his Grandson Geronimo. Born under a house, his Mother was one of the untouchables. No one could trap her.

Energy Talk

Easy to Learn & Simple to Do

Energy Talk

Never feel helpless again. Using Energy talk, a simple yes and no energy dialogue you can talk with your animal companions. You don’t have to have any special gifts or be a psychic. Just suspend disbelief and be willing to learn. I have taught people how to use Energy Talk in the aisles of pet food stores, in parks, on street corners and over the phone. They were skeptical at first but in minutes they were believers. Energy Talk empowers you to choose the healthiest food and identify allergies and drugs that would have a negative effect. Energy Talk gives your beloved animals friends a voice.

You can avoid expensive visits to the vets for minor issues that can be resolved with natural healing. Energy Talk empowers you to help your animals friends live a long and healthy life and deepens the bond between you. They will know that they can communicate with you. You and they will truly know you did all that was possible to love and care for them.


Energy Talk is based on the principle that everything that exists is composed of energy and matter. Energy Talk creates a bridge of communication between two energy sources and reveals whether there is a positive, negative or neutral reaction to determine if they are compatible or incompatible. It opens up a dialogue and reveals the result. You begin by asking a yes or no question.

Energy talk takes moments and is accurate if you hold an impartial state of mind. It is not a brain activity. It is simply the positive or negative inner-action between two different energy sources to determine if they are compatible. If you love chocolate it would be best if you had someone who was impartial test you. Your desire for chocolate can influence the read. That applies to anything you really don’t want to give up.

Energy talk is ideal for working with animals. It takes seconds to test them. Even so they will be hyper aware that you are into their energy. It’s best to talk to them the same way you would talk to a human friend and explain your intention before you begin. Ask permission and most often they will cautiously permit you to proceed. Initially it would be helpful if you reward them with a treat. After they understand your intention it will be a non event. If they back away don’t proceed. Wait for a time when they are relaxed and try again or use a distraction. You can also get a read when they are relaxing or asleep. They do not need to be awake to get an accurate energy read.


Reiki Empowers You To Communicate With Your Animal Friends

Reiki is an ideal way to learn more about Energy Medicine. Most folks have either heard of or experienced Reiki. While Reiki is known for its power to heal, it also gifts you with the ability to communicate with your animal friends.

When I first discovered Reiki, I was working on myself and friends. Once I realized the scope of its potential, I began sharing Reiki with Tao and Sheba, my Aikita’s.

I could feel the energy in each of their primary organs and energy pathways. I began answering them questions using Energy Testing and was shocked when I compared the answers to the blood tests the vet’s ordered. It was mind-blowing because the answers Tao and Sheba gave me lined up exactly with results of the tests. Then the light went on and I began using Reiki on my dahlia’s and experienced the ability to communicate with them using Energy Talk. I planted my dahlia’s without identifying what color of bloom they were going to gift me with. So I tried an experiment. using Energy Talk, a simple Yes and No form of energy communication, I asked each of them what color bloom they were going to throw. To my astonishment the experiment was a total success. It was exciting and I was hooked.

That’s when I discovered the accuracy and benefits of Energy Talk and Testing. It empowered me with the ability to have a yes and no exchange with my animal companions and all the plants in my garden.

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I realized everyone could learn how to use Energy Talk and communicate with their animal friends and all of Mother Earth’s and flora and fauna. No special skills needed, psychic or otherwise. You too can talk with your animal companions. Energy Talk can also be used to work on developing your intuition. Often people find their intuition begins to develop naturally.

Once I realized the multiple gifts of Reiki and how it could benefit all animals, dog, cats, squirrels, horses all of nature’s creatures and winged ones, as well as the entire plant kingdom; I had to share it with all of you. I wrote “Natural Healing for Animals, Energy Medicine Workbook” so we could help heal our animal friends heal naturally whenever possible, save money on unnecessary vet bills and communicate with our beloved animal companions.

Reiki one of the most precious healing tools in my medicine chest for animals and people. It has the power to integrate mind, body and soul, creating a state of internal harmony without drugs or invasive procedures. In an age where stress is a constant companion for many folks the healing energy of Reiki is an unparalleled gift of natural healing. Animals and people feel a sense of inner peace and calm when receiving Reiki.

Reiki’s potential for healing is infinite. You will discover the laying on of hands and the all the benefits. Once your animal friends discover you can communicate with them it will deepen the bond between you.

Balancing the Chakras for Animals

What are Chakras?

Chakras are whirlpools of life-force energy charged with the same universal energy that runs through all of existence. Dynamic and circular in shape, they are spinning energy vortices. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels.

Animals have Chakras along the spine of their back, as well as, the mid-line of their underbelly. We use the Chakras along the spine to check and balance their Chakra’s. The Third Eye is centered between the eyebrows as illustrated by Sweet Ebony.

The TAOSHEBA Technique teaches you how to identify, flush and balance the Chakras for dogs, cats and horses. By balancing the Chakras we engage in a proactive relationship with the life-force to recharge their energy and return the body’s energy systems to a balanced state. When the Chakras are balanced your animal companion can enjoy renewed energy potential.

Reading the Energy

Energy Read

A Gift of Empowerment

Feeling the Energy
Animals are ultra aware
when you are into their Energy.
They will want to know what you are doing.
You will have to earn their trust.

Reading the energy gives you an overview of the health and vitality of your animal friends. With this awareness you can choose the appropriate TAOSHEBA Technique to bring the mind, body and spirit into a state of harmony and revitalize their energy. You can also determine if it is best to take your animal friend to the Vet. Energy Reading is not difficult, however it takes practice to develop your sensitivity and skills. The rewards are well worth the effort.

Animals are highly sensitive to energy work, whether you are reading the energy, working Hands On or Hands Above the body. They can feel the energy radiating from the palms of your hands. It is essential to be aware of how they respond so they gain confidence in you. They are curious and in most cases will permit you to continue once they determine its safe and not invasive

An Energy Read doesn’t take much time once you are familiar with the technique. If the energy is balanced you will not feel any extremes of sensation; the energy will feel calm. If it is unbalanced you may feel heat, pain, discomfort, pulsation, sluggishness or a dense dull feeling. When you finish reading the energy you can determine which technique to use to bring the body into balance.

Energy work is beneficial whether there is a health challenge or not. It creates a state of over all balance and acts as a form of preventative medicine. It empowers you to take a proactive response to help your animal friends be healthy and happy. Never force an energy read or any form of Energy Medicine on your animal companions. If they resist wait until they are relaxed and try again. Most animals will be alright with energy testing and healing, however if they reject your efforts it’s best to respect their wishes.

Methods for Reading The Energy

Hands On, Hands Above

Reiki Hands On:

The Laying On of Hands enables you to to feel the positive and negative energy flow with the palm of your hands.


Reiki Hands Above:

Using Hands Above also enables you to feel the energy of the body in the palms of your hands, including auric vibrations around the body.

Chakras, Auras

The Chakras:

The Chakras (the seven primary energy centers) enable you to recharge the body’s life-force energy to achieve optimal energy levels.

Color … The Auras:

Colors can also reveal the overall health of the body. What some feel with their hands, others see with their eyes. The Auras contain all the colors of the rainbow. Generally, red depicts inflammation or pain, green is healing, blue subdues inflammation and or emotional challenges. Purple inspires healing with the higher self or guides and white and gold healing and purification.

Auras are Radiation of Light and Energy Surrounding the Physical

As Tao aged his Aura’s became easier to see. The closer he got to leaving his body the more he glowed.

What Are Auras?

Auras are radiation’s of light and energy that emanate from all living things. They surround the body creating a three dimensional field. Auras are charged with the different colors of the rainbow. Every living thing has an Aura, although they are invisible to the eye. There are those who can see Auras. The ability to see auras can also be developed. The Auras can be disrupted by states of stress, disharmony, ill health and environmental influences. You may also catch the reflection of Auras with your camera, even when you can’t see them with your eye. Many natural healers who who work Aura’s believe that dis-ease begins in the Auras and filters down to the physical body.

Do All Animals Have Auras?

Earthbound animals have four subtle auric bodies which reflect their state of being, including their consciousness. You can cleanse and recharge the Auras with intention using a feather or your hand. You can determine the state of their mental and physical health through the Auras. Once you get used to working with Auras you may be able to feel and see them. They change colors according to the stimulus, internal and external, for both humans and animals. The colors blend into each other and sometimes create secondary colors. The colors vary with each animal. Even if you can’t see the colors of the Auras or feel them you may be able to sense them. Developing these skills takes practice and patience.

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