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Natural Energy Healing for Animals


Anna Journey as an Energy Healer & Teacher has spanned 35 years. Learn how to use the palms of your hands to help heal your animal friends. Her Medicine Chest is full of energy healing techniques for animals and people. The source of Energy Medicine is pure love and the universal life-force no matter if you are sharing with animals or people. Energy Healing is powerful yet non-invasive. The techniques are easy to learn and simple to do. Anna’s book, Natural Healing for Animals Energy Medicine Workbook, is available on the store page and you can access her Workshop for Natural Healing Animals. 

The Workbook is a step by step guide and fully illustrated. If you want to learn how to do Energy Healing and be able to communicate with your animals friends to help them heal and give them a voice. The workshop includes Animal Communication (Energy Talk & Testing, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Aura Cleansing and more. You will discover how easy it is to become an Energy Healer. You have the power in the palms of your hands to help your animal friends heal naturally when they are in need.

Anna is respected as a Master Energy Healer, Teacher, Guide, Shaman and Author.
She gives workshops and lectures as well as working with animals and people.

Anna's Journey As An Energy Healer
A Life-Changing Experience

Learning how to become an Energy Healer is a gift for you and your animal companions. Ann’s Journey into the healing power of Energy Medicine has been a life-changing experience, just like it will be for you. The universal life-force is a boundless source of free healing energy that you can access and share at will. You don’t have to have any special gifts, everyone can learn how to be an energy healer and share the healing energy. It was a powerful a-ha moment for Anna and it will be for you too. When you experience how easy it is to learn how to learn Energy Healing, how easy it is to tap into the Energy and the benefits for animals and people, the Earth and all of its creatures, you will feel totally empowered. 

Anna Discovers She Is An Energy Healer
The TAOSHEBA Technique

My Journey an an Energy Healer was not by design. Almost all of my animals companions came in from the wild.They were not domesticated and they were initially indoor-out door, meaning mostly wild cats. I had plenty of experience as a energy healer working with people so I just used the same energy healing principles with my wild animals. I soon learned the value of  Energy Medicine for animals. They taught me how and when they wanted the energy healing. They would patiently sit and wait for their turn.  The non-invasive power of energy healing transformed them into the most loving and wonderful companions. It began with Reiki; animals love all forms of Energy Medicine. They know that it is pure love. My most treasured teachers were my two Akita‘s, Tao and Sheba, and felines Master Mink and Ebony who came to me from the wild. Together they taught me Energy Medicine. As time went on the TAOSHEBA Technique began to evolve.

Energy Medicine is a kinder more gentle way to explore and heal physical and emotional challenges for animals and people. Most animals love Energy Medicine. When you touch them with the intention of sharing the natural healing power of Energy Medicine they know you are sharing healing energy with pure love and respect. They respond with trust and devotion on a mind, body and spirit level. The trust and bond deepens with each touch.

The power of Energy Medicine is as infinite as the cosmos. The TAOSHEBA Technique, includes Reiki, Animals Communication (Energy Talk & Testing), Chakras and Auras. you already have the power in the palms of your hands and the ability to tap into the universal life-force, which is essence of Energy Medicine. The techniques are simple to learn and easy to do. Everyone, without exception can tap into and share the healing power of Energy Medicine. with their animal friends.

Energy Healing for People & Animals

Discovering Natural Healing for myself and my animal friends was a gift. My journey into Energy Medicine began with the desire to use natural medicine whenever possible. When I discovered how powerful it was and yet totally non-invasive I wanted to share Energy Medicine with Mother Earth and all animals and creatures. I studied Energy Medicine in all its many forms but it was Tao and Sheba (my two Akita companions) and Master Mink, Ebony and Geronimo (my feline companions) who taught me Energy Healing for Animals and so much more.

The TAOSHEBA TECHNIQUE – Reiki, Chakras, Animal Communication (Energy Talk),
Energy Reading, Auras and “The Zone” worked so well on my animal friends, that I knew that I had to share the information with all who serve as guardians for our animal friends. Energy work became second nature to me. Natural Healing for Animals, Energy Medicine Workbook is now in it’s second edition. It is simply written with step by step illustrations and how to video’s. You will discover how simple it is to learn and do. I am on a mission to help as many people as possible to learn how to use natural healing techniques and talk and listen to their animal friends.

I rescued Geronimo from under a house when he was just a baby and fell in love. He taught me how to be a mama to a feral baby kitten. Without Energy Medicine I’m not so sure any of my feral cats would have become domesticated. Although I have mastered many energy techniques, I feel like a child fascinated with the vastness of the potential of Energy Medicine.

Anna's Journey Into the Healing Power of Reiki

Reiki was my first “hands on” Energy Medicine discipline. The source of its energy is the universal life-force of the cosmos. The gentle laying on of hands or working with hands above the body is equally powerful and totally non-invasive for animals and people. Reiki also helped develop my intuition. Learning to talk with animals using Energy Talk was a game changer. You do not have to have any special skills. Everyone can talk with their animals companions with Energy Talk. My teacher said Reiki would change my life. It surely did. It drew me into the healing arts and unveiled the key to a higher purpose, the gift of sharing healing energy and pure love with animals and people. Since then I have learned multiple Energy Medicine techniques. I specialize in Energy Medicine, Energy Talk & Testing, Chakras and Emotional and Spiritual Healing. Oh yes, animals have emotional issues that can be healed with Energy Medicine. I’ve been practicing Energy Healing in all it’s many forms for over twenty five years.

Natural Healing for Animals -Book Cover

Energy Medicine - Powerful Yet Non-Invasive

Energy Medicine For Animals deepens the bond, the
heart and soul connection to our animal companions.
Its healing power gives us a way to help them have a healthier and happy life and honor them
for the unconditional love they give us.
It’s hard to imagine the Earth without animals.

Cost of book $ 19.99. Plus one COMPLIMENTARY Image of the Chakra Chart For Dogs, Cats or Horses (pdf) when you purchase the book. Additional images $3.00 each. Purchase the book at

Integrative Energy Healer

Combining energy work with emotional and spiritual healing and Shamanic work (Integrative Energy Healing) came natural for me. When people or animals are confronted with emotional challenges, Energy Medicine includes emotional release work; it is a blessing. It brings the mind, body and spirit into alignment, helping to process deeper insights with a sense of balance and letting go of past experiences that no longer serve one’s higher interest.

No matter if you are working with people or animals Energy Medicine is powerful. It builds trust and deepens the bond between you. I watched the wild in my feral cats melt away with the laying on of hands. Love is mighty fine medicine

Chakra Energy Healing for Senior Animals

I began practicing Energy Medicine on my dogs and cats (Tao, Sheba, Master Mink, Ebony and Geronimo) using the same basic techniques I used with people. I continued using Energy Medicine throughout their senior years adjusting my techniques to their sensitivities. Energy Medicine is truly a blessing as our animal companions age. Powerful yet non-invasive, it is the ideal healing energy.

When I discovered the seven primary Chakras for animals it expanded my Medicine Chest for animals. The Chakras enabled me to recharge and balance their life-force on a daily basis. It was a life-saver when they were aging. Once I discovered I could talk to them with “Energy Talk” (a simple yes and no dialogue) I combined it with energy testing to determine the foods and medications that were compatible with their chemistry. It liberated me and it will do the same for you. You will never feel helpless again. Energy Medicine empowered me to help them with their daily well being, as well as, their health challenges. It also compliments professional care, expanding the healing potential and expediting the healing process.

The Seven Chakras

The Chakras are an essential part of my practice. I begin each day balancing my Chakra’s. It brings my mind, body and soul into a state of harmony and provides energy protection. I encourage you to do the same. Whether I am working with animals or humans the benefits are the same. Yes all animals and creatures have Chakras.

Flushing and Balancing the seven primary Chakra’s, which are associated with the primary organs of the body, gives you an energetic reading, a holistic evaluation of their over all well-being (mind body and soul). It will reveal if the energy is balanced, blocked or reversed. When you check the Chakras you will be able to identify which Chakras need cleansed and revitalized. It also reveals any health challenges and what organs are associated with it.

Remember animals are ultra-sensitive, often more so than humans when it comes to energy work. Energy Medicine empowers you to honor the mighty spirit of all animals, winged ones and creatures. They each have their own energetic intelligence and sensitivities.

Ann's Journey - Discovering Her Gift.

I have been gifted with the extraordinary ability of seeing into “reading” the Chakras. I can see dynamic full color images or symbols that reveal the Journey of the Soul. There are times when one’s higher self or guides appear to assist in the process. Animals are ultra aware of your intention, what you are doing, how deep you are going and if you know what you are doing when you work with any form of Energy Medicine; the Chakra’s are no exception. People are always surprised to discover working with the Chakras is just as beneficial for animals as people.

Chakra Healer - A Connection To Our Animal Companions
Who Have Crossed The Rainbow Bridge

The Spirit of Millie
It is not unusual for those who have crossed over, both people and animals, to use the Chakras to communicate with loved ones on this side. I will never forget when Millie, a golden retriever, spoke to her human companion in a dream telling her to get a Chakra Reading with me. Millie was frustrated because her human companion was not responding to her attempts to communicate and finally was able to connect with her in a dream. I was curious why she chose me. She explained she was reading the New Renaissance Bookshops newsletter and came across my name. Millie broke through and told her to call “Anna” for a Chakra Reading. She called and made an appointment even though she was mystified and a little spooked about the way it happened.

As soon as my client came in the door Millie let herself be known. It was an amazing session that opened up the communication between Millie and her human companion. She learned how to communicate with the spirit of her beloved Millie through her third eye Chakra at will. It was a precious experience for all three of us.

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