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Embracing The Dream

Spiritual & Emotional Healing Portland Oregon

Anna Abraham

Spiritual Counselor, Mystical Visionary, Intuitive, Master Energy Healer

“Everything Has Consciousness”

“Never forget once you dream a dream, once you embrace a vision, it has consciousness. If you pursue your dream, if you honor your vision, it will take on form and energy, and therefore, consciousness. Honor your dream, honor your vision and you honor your creator and journey of your soul. Everything has consciousness.”

Eighth Code, Third Eye Chakra

Free Spirit

Anna is a Spiritual Mentor & Mystical guide. She’s as human as she is mystical, an authentic Renaissance woman. She honors and protects her passage through life as a “Free Spirit,” a seeker of truth with every ounce of energy at her command. She was born a visionary, dancer and a writer with a lifelong affinity for mysticism, art and music. Her spiritual essence was nurtured by her parents devoid of religious or spiritual dogma. From her Grandmother she received the light of “Christ Consciousness” and San Francisco served as the womb for her spiritual healing and awakening through Eastern Spirituality.

New Age Spirituality

Anna’s social consciousness took form within the counter culture of the peace movement of the 60’s. A generation that was born to bring an evolved state of consciousness into the world, a quantum leap in the state of our collective consciousness. They believed all that exists is sacred, all beings, Mother Earth and all that flows through and from her. The Children of the 60’s ultimately seeded the consciousness for global peace, inspired the “New Age of Aquarius…. New Age or contemporary Spirituality” and the “Green Movement.” They were labeled anti-American and considered a threat by the government for their radical beliefs. Even so, they had the courage to search deep within their humanity and reach for something higher. Anna has remained true to the journey of her soul, living her truth and to the spirit of the human potential movement of the 60’s.

Journey of the Soul

Spiritual Guide & Visionary

Anna is grounded in some thirty-five years of spiritual and metaphysical  evolution and self empowrment disciplines, as well as, the creative arts. She has evolved into a multi dimensional light worker, mystical visionary, master energy practitioner, spiritual & emotional healer, prophetess, shaman, artist, writer and photographer; using these gifts exclusively for healing and honoring the light. Anna created and illustrated “The Sacred Realms,” a magical Oracle/Visionary deck of 87 cards that empowers you to SEE and EXPLORE the Journey of your Soul and heal spiritutaly and emotionally. She is a highly accomplished visual/digital artist, photographer and mystic who has developed a unique mystical style. She is a multi-dimensional intuitive and offers Psychic Services in Portland and globally via Zoom, Skype and Face Time.

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Human Potential Movement

As a young girl, Anna was drawn to philosophy and mysticism. Moving to Santa Cruz and then San Francisco, California in her 20’s, she was naturally attracted to the “Human Potential Movement,” which spawned the “Contemporary Healing Arts Movement.” She followed the path of the Mystic throughout her life, some twenty years in San Francisco and for the past twenty eight years in Portland, Oregon.
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The Rightful Use of Energy… Energy Medicine for People & Animals

Anna’s journey into the Healing and Mystical arts profoundly influenced her development as a Spiritual Mentor and Master Energy Healer. Blessed with mountains of energy, her challenge was to get in command of her own energy. This led her into the search for the “Rightful Use of Energy.” She has evolved into a highly skilled Energy Medicine Practitioner and Mystical Visionary and Intuitive specializing in Emotional and Spiritual Healing. She teaches Energy Medicine, Energy Protection and Chakra Balancing, a key dynamic in practicing Energy Protection. Her book, “Natural Healing, Energy Medicine for Animals,” teaches you how to work with multiple forms of Energy Medicine for Animals. Her web site Natural Healing for Animals shares an overview of the principles of Energy Medicine that apply to both animals and people. To purchase her book “Natural Healing, Energy Medicine for Animals” tap the following link.
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Emotional & Spiritual Healing Portland

Energy Medicine… Reiki… Chakras… Energy Protection

After moving to Portland Oregon, an emerging vortex for the healing arts, she opened a Healing and Cultural Arts Center. Anna was called into private practice specializing in Emotional and Spiritual Healing and Energy Medicine. As a Reiki Master offering Reiki I, II, III, she offers the Advanced Master levels, Reiki IV – Energy Protection, Reiki V – Visualization & Mantra, Reiki VI – Aura & Chakra Energetics and Reiki VII – Spirits, Guides & Ascended Masters.


The Twelve Codes of Consciousness

The Visionary Portals of the Chakras
The Chakras have been a primary source of her development. Several years ago she began receiving revelatory visions. She received the “Twelve Codes of Consciousness,” while meditating on the Twelve Points of Light Chakras, one every hour for twelve hours. This unveiled her higher purpose as a mystical visionary. Anna is shepherding the “Twelve Codes of Consciousness” into the world in book form; also offering individual and group sessions. She lectures and gives workshops on the “Twelve Codes of Consciousness,” Energy Medicine, Energy Protection, Chakra Balancing (basic and advanced) Energy Testing, Journey into other Realms to meet your guides and power/totem animals. She has authored “Energy Medicine for Animals and Their People” and is working on a mystical sequel to the Twelve Codes of Consciousness.

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Visionary Intuitive Portland & Beyond
The Magical Portals of the Twleve Chakras & The Sacred Realms

Anna is a multi-dimensional visionary and psychic intuitive. She is gifted with the ability to see into the Chakras, which reveal the Journey of the Soul in full color dynamic images. Additionally, Anna offers Archangel Arcana, Tarot, Intuitive readings, Between Lives and Past Life Regressions. Anna’s psychic abilities began unfolding as a young woman. She was drawn to the mystical wonders of the Tarot. Through these visionary portals her psychic abilities began to unfold and expand. She began receiving visions including The Twelve Codes of Consciousness, prophetic messages from the Twelve Points of Light Chakras. A Mayan Prophetess delivered the “Visions” one every hour for twelve hours. Anna designed and illustrated, “The Sacred Realms Visionary Cards” a multi-cultural Oracle deck of 99 cards in four languages which gift you with a mirror into The Journey of Your Soul.

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The Shaman’s Journey

Chief White Cloud, the Prophet who lived in the mid 1800’s, manifested into physical reality to awaken Anna to her heritage as a Shaman. She received her shamanic training in non-physical realms with Chief White Cloud, Shambala, Chief Black Hawk, and White Eagle! She was gifted with the name of White Feather. In honor of Chief White Cloud, Anna fulfills a promise to connect people with their power animal and higher guides by empowering others in the journey of conscious expansion. As a Shaman, Intuitive, Master Energy Healer, Spiritual Guide and Mentor, uses a synthesis of visionary techniques to inspire your journey.


Anna has been on the Path of the Mystic since the beginning of her journey.

Anna Abraham is a Master Reiki and Energy Practitioner, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Counselor, Mentor, Intuitive and Certified Hypnotherapist. She is an author and lecturer specializing in Self-Discovery & Empowerment. Anna is an accomplished trainer of cutting edge Energy Techniques and Emotional Freedom Technique. She loves nature, music and the arts. Anna was born a creative and dancer. She expresses her creative gifts as a painter, sculptor, photographer, with digital artistry and writing being her current passions. Anna’s commitment is to empower others to reach for their highest potential.

Anna lives in Portland, Oregon with her partner and her animal companions and teachers, Tao and Sheba, Master Mink & Sweet Ebony (now with spirit) and Geronimo. Spirit, a Great Pyrenees, was running wild in the woods before he came into Anna’s life. She is the author of the 2nd edition Natural Healing For Animals Energy Medicine Workbook ” written in honor or her animals companions and all the animals that inhabit the planet Earth with us.