Aura cleansing and expansion

Aura Cleansing & Balancing

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Anna Abraham


Auras are luminous external energetic layers (also called bodies) that surround and protect you. They interact with the other aura layers of your energy field, the physical body and the cosmos. They are composed of light and energy (etheric vibrational substances) so they appear translucent. They are fluid and dynamic. As all energy and light, they take on their own unique cosmic form. It is a delightful dance of light and color, energy and form. These fluid energy systems or bodies are commonly defined by relational functions, form, color and

brightness, density and fluidity. The trained eye can determine if the Aura is healthy and vibrant or cloudy and or dark, indicating unstable or an unhealthy aura. Each layer is composed of a higher vibrational energy the further out they vibrate from the body.

Auras expand and contract according our energy, our thoughts and our physical environment. The thoughts we think, what we say and the things we do, the food we eat, the people we surround ourselves with and the environmental health of the planet all influence the positive and negative qualities of the Auras.  Emotional, physical and spiritual challenges often manifest in the Auras before they materialize in the body. When we learn how to use Energy Protection, balancing our Chakras, Meridians and Auras, we discover we are indeed the Commander of our vessel.

There are seven primary Auras and seven primary Chakras. Each Auric layer has a complimentary Chakra with the first Aura associated with the first or root Chakra and the order continuing upwards through the seventh. The Auras and Chakras have physical, emotional / mental and spiritual / cosmic properties associated with them. To achieve a healthy vibrant state of health, the Auras, Chakra and Meridians all have to be cleansed and balanced. As we delve deeper into the Human Energy System, we realize that instead of allowing the body to float like a ship without a captain, we can take command of health and well being, our energy and our state of mind when we master cleansing and balancing our energy systems.

Aura cleansing and expansion is difficult to do on yourself. First, I see and feel the auric field. Once I’ve looked into the energy field, I use a combination of Energy Medicine techniques, working first above the body with the seven Auric layers and then directly with the body with the seven primary Chakras. I also use a variation of the Violet Flame.

If you are feeling unbalanced, low energy and or challenged physically, Aura cleansing and balancing, in conjunction with the other Energy Protection techniques, can revitalize the temple of your mind, body and soul.

Aura cleansing and expansion can be done in person or by phone. If by phone, I prefer to work with a photograph. I often use Skype which enables me to see the person if they have a computer with a camcorder (camera). Skype is a free down load and with or without a camcorder, we can talk long distance without cost, anytime. All services available through pay pal.

Special thanks to Larry Selbiger for the graphic image.