About Anna Abraham

Anna is grounded in some thirty-five years of spiritual and philosophical mysticism, energy dynamics as well as, the creative arts. She has evolved into a multidimensional spiritual mentor, visionary guide, master energy healer for people and animals, prophetess, shaman, artist, writer and photographer; using these gifts exclusively for inspirational healing and honoring the light. Anna created and illustrated “The Sacred Realms,” a magical Oracle/Visionary deck of 80 cards that empowers you to SEE and EXPLORE the Journey of your Soul. Anna has authored multiple books including "The Twelve Codes of Consciousness" Visions from the 12 Chakra Visions she received and "Natural Healing for Animals Energy Medicine Workbook." She teaches workshops and is a sought after speaker.

A Short Guide to Understanding Chakras and Opening Them

You have probably heard of chakras in the context of physical and mental wellbeing. The word ‘chakra’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘cakra’, which literally translates to ‘wheel.’ Chakras are the energy centers of [...]

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Animal Communication – Natural Healing For Picky Eaters

ARE YOUR ANIMAL FRIENDS TRYING TO TALK TO YOU? Do you have a “PICKY EATER” on your hands? The truth is your animal companions are trying to communicate with you with (Energy Talk). When they [...]

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Natural Healing for Animals

Energy Medicine - Powerful Yet Non-Invasive Hello. I’m delighted to share Natural Healing for Animals, Energy Medicine Workbook. The primary source of Energy Medicine is the life-force that fuels all of existence. Whoa! That’s some [...]

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Understanding Relationships – Anna Abraham

WHO ARE YOU REALLY? If we are going to talk about relationships, we have to look into the most important relationship you will have in your life – the relationship with yourself. It can [...]

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