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A mirror into the prophetic portals of your Seven Chakras that reveals the Journey of Your Soul past, present and future.

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The Seven Primary Chakras

The Chakras empower us with the ability to be in command of our life force energy, to practice energy protection and bring the Mind Body & Soul into balance.

The Journey into the Chakras

The study and mastery of our Chakras is a simple yet powerful way to bring mind, body and soul into balance and harmony. The fundamental techniques of balancing Chakras are fascinating and easy to learn. When we cleanse and balance our Chakras we gain command of our life force energy. We can replenish our energy at will. The journey into “The Seven Points of Light Chakras” creates a holistic state of well being and serves as a visionary conduit to explore the dual nature of our existence, both mortal and cosmic.

The Rightful Use of Energy

Chakras are also a powerful way to practice the “Rightful Use of Energy.” The Rightful Use of Energy is the ultimate state for all beings, both earthbound and cosmic, going as far back as the Lumerians and Atlantans. They knew, full well, that one must master their own energy in order to create an inner and external world of peace, harmony and abundance.

Chakra Balancing

Daily balancing of the Chakras regenerates our personal energy and helps to overcome physical, emotional and spiritual challenges while balancing the energetic pathways between mind, body and soul. It contributes to a holistic state of our well being and serves as a conduit to explore the dual nature of our existence.

Chakras… Whirlpools of Renewable Life Force Energy

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. There are hundreds of Chakras throughout the human body, as well as, above and below. They control the very fuel of your existence, your energy, both cosmic and earth energies. The Seven Energy Centers or Chakras are dynamic whirlpools of life force energy that project from the seven primary energy centers down the mid-line of your body. Balancing your Chakras, cleanses and recharges your energy. You feel grounded and positive. When one Chakra is out of balance or depleted, it will rob energy from the others, creating a chain reaction that drains your energy.

Chakras receive and release both positive and negative energy. Energy flows into each Chakra from external sources including the environment, all life forms, as well as, psychic and cosmic energies. The Chakras also release internal energy. The natural flow and exchange of life-force energy goes on throughout our life whether we are conscious of it or not.

Chakras – The Ultimate Energy Protection

External negative energies, whether from a partner, a child, or from the environment can deplete our energy. Our internal energy is sometimes drained when we give too much and fail to regenerate! When our Chakras are balanced, we protect our internal life force energy while preventing outside influences from robbing us of energy. The cumulative effect of balancing the Chakras, daily, increases and protects our life force energy; creating an inner state of harmony and a can-do attitude. Chakra Balancing also benefits your immune system enabling you to practice preventative energy medicine.

From this vantage point you can realign yourself with your personal power and take charge of your life. When your seven energy centers are balanced you can make healthy choices and avoid falling back into old patterns that are no longer working for you. Balancing the Chakras is the ultimate form of Energy Protection. This is why it is important to cleanse and balance the Chakras and practice Energy Protection Dynamics, daily. It takes only minutes to balance your Chakras.

Compositon of Chakras

Each Chakra is like a mini database holding all your experiences from this life and past lives. They each have a specific effect and primary area of influence, focusing in and around the area of their designated primary organ. This concept may sound strange to some, but after years of working with thousands of clients and checking their seven primary Chakras at the beginning of each session, I was gifted with the sight of seeing into the Chakras. It was, and is, both humbling and amazing. It has served as an insightful and powerful healing tool for the mind, body and soul.

Chakra Rainbow Meditation

Though each Chakra is composed of all the colors of the rainbow, a primary color is associated with each Chakra. Color is one of the most creative and fun ways to balance your Chakras. The Journey into the colors and affirmations, combine to create a powerful meditation and Chakra Balancing experience. However, It is best to learn how to physically balance your Chakras before you take on more advanced techniques like visualization. When we balance our Chakras physically, rather than visually or psychically, we cultivate a physical relationship with our life force energy.

When we have a chronic health problem it will manifest in the Chakra associated with that part of the body. The most effective way to stimulate a chronic Chakra is physical manipulation. In this way we cultivate a empowering relationship with our life force energy.

The Rainbow Chakra Visualization is a wonderful way to Journey through the rainbow colors of the Chakras. The visualization guides you through each Chakra. This balances and recharges your Chakras, dissolves stress and integrates the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling peaceful and calm. When you have 45 minutes to set aside for relaxation, this is the Visualization to use. The Rainbow Meditation holds many hidden blessings. You may feel like you have been on vacation.

Gemstones & Chakras

There are also specific gemstones associated with each Chakra. I prefer a more experimental interaction with gemstones, however. Because gemstones react to an individual’s energy and chemistry differently, a rose quartz may bring comfort and energize one person’s heart, while another may find malachite or emerald benefits them more. The energy of Gemstones is dynamic as is our Life Force Energy. While one stone may be perfect for you at the time, another gemstone may serve you better at a later date.

You may be attracted to gemstones because of their visual appearance, their energy or they may just make you feel good. Certain gemstones may hold more healing power for you than for someone else. You may want to approach your interactions with gemstones as an individual energetic exchange, a dynamic journey, instead of within the limitations of a text book generic definition. Although there is much benefit to be found in the study of gemstones, one must always remain fluid and open.

If you hold a gemstone in the palm of your hand and close your eyes, you may discover that the gemstone will speak to you. That’s exciting.

Why Cleanse and Balance the Chakras?

The Chakras are a chain of energy vortices that are linked together. If one is reversed or blocked it will rob energy from the others. So if you begin the day with one Chakra out of balance it will attempt to replenish it’s energy by drawing energy from other Chakras. This ignites a chain reaction that drains your overall energy system, robbing you of vitality, weakening your inner strength and your ability to stay focused and motivated. Over time, in addition to feeling low energy, you may even begin to feel depressed. Our immune systems can be negatively effected when we are chronically depleted of energy.

As the day progresses and the Chakras are depleted of more and more energy, you can become more vulnerable to external negative influences, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You are more prone to turn to unhealthy quick fixes as an energy source such as sugar, coffee and/or alcohol.

Balancing my seven Points of Light Chakras is a part of my daily energy routine which takes only seven minutes. I usually do my routine in the morning before I take on the day’s challenges. If I have a demanding day, I balance them again before retiring. We sleep better when are Chakras are in balance. The benefits are often immediate. Daily Chakra balancing ultimately puts you in command of your energy systems. If I had to chose one energy technique to share, balancing the Seven Points of Light Chakra centers is unparalleled.

What Does Color Have To Do With The Chakras?

Colors are vibrations of energy that can be used to replenish and regulate your energy system. The Chakras are naturally composed of a rainbow of colors. Seven primary colors are associated with each of the seven Chakras. The energies of a Chakra can be restored by bathing it in a color, giving it greater strength, clarity and balance. There are multiple color related techniques that can be used to regenerate our Chakras.

Red is associated with the root Chakra, orange for the sacral (belly button), yellow for the solar plexus, green, gold and rose for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and violet and celestial pastels with the crown Chakra. Although the Chakras contain a spectrum of rainbow colors, the primary colors associated with each Chakra, generally create a regenerative dynamic on the designated Chakra.

See the chart below “The Colors and Associations of the Seven Primary Chakras

Chakra Balancing – Rainbow Visualization

The Rainbow Chakra Visualization Meditation enables you to focus on the primary colors while drawing them into your Chakras. This allows you to meditate effortlessly and revitalize each Chakra while the vibrational energy of the colors cleanse and balance your Chakras.

The Rainbow Chakra Visualization is a wonderful, guided way to journey through the colors of each of the Chakras. This balances and recharges your Chakras, dissolves stress and integrates the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling peaceful and calm. This is the Visualization to use when you want to feel like you have been somewhere over the rainbow ….

Dual Consciousness – A Gift

We all possess the potential of dual consciousness: one an earthbound reality, the other a cosmic or mystical reality. The ideal is to bring them into a state of balance remembering fully who we are. In this pursuit, the Third Eye and Crown Chakra are our connections to higher realms of cosmic consciousness and other divine energies. Through these visionary portals we can journey into higher realms of consciousness. When we work with our Chakras we can balance the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects while manifesting in human form, as well as have access to higher states of cosmic consciousness.

In Summary, the Chakras offer us the ability to balance mind body and soul and the gift of tapping our maximum potential energy. When embarking on a holistic journey through the Chakras we can access the deepest realms of our being. We can discover our physical and spiritual place in the realm of the Great Web of the Universe… our potential and our purpose. Ultimately we can achieve peace of mind and align ourselves with our highest nature – our soul’s journey. The Chakras are powerful tools of self discovery and empowerment.

The Seven Primary Chakras
Colors and Associations

ROOT                      (Red) connects us with the earth
SACRAL                 (Orange) connects us with our relationships and our creativity
SOLAR PLEXUS    (Yellow) connects us with our personal power
HEART                    (Green) is a portal to our soul or our essence
THROAT                 (Blue) enables us to connect and speak our truth
THIRD EYE             (Purple/Magenta) connects us with our intuition, dreams and
CROWN                 (Violet) connects us with the Creator, the Divine, God

Together, they hold the keys to living a life that enables us to reach our full potential. The Chakras are timeless cathedrals, which cradle the wonders and mysteries of self-discovery and the Universal truths of all of existence. It is in these cathedrals the heart heals, we find mastery, truth is held sacred and the spirit soars.