Introduction to Energy Medicine

Anna Abraham

Master Energy Healer

Universal Life-Force

Energy Medicine taps into The Universal Life-force with the intention of providing a conduit to transport healing energy. All it takes is intention and the laying on of hands. The Universal Life-force flows through all of existence, including humans and all lifeforms. Energy Medicine, in essence is Vibrational Medicine, powerful yet non-invasive healing energy.

Human are designed with seven primary energy centers that are also charged with life-force energy. With intention, we can use the Crown Chakra and the Chakras in the palms of our hand as conduits. With the laying of hands on the body of humans, animals and all life-forms, the Universal Life-force Energy naturally flows down through the Crown Chakra, continues down the arms and through the palms of the hands. All of the Chakras including the Heart and Third Eye can be used to share healing energy.

The Natural Law of Healing

Any form of energy can be transformed into another energy but it’s essence and sum total is believed to remain the same. Its vibrational or oscillating capacity drives the energy to materialize in whatever dynamic form it takes on. We are composed of energy so it makes sense that if we want to recharge, restructure or HEAL NATURALLY, we need to use a form of energy to ignite the process.

The human body vibrates (which can’t be seen by the untrained human eye), in and out of harmony within itself and with its relationship to the energy of the universe. The vibratory rate is referred to as “resonance.” When you say you resonate with another person, you are in effect saying your vibrations or frequencies are complimentary. Energy Medicine channels the healing frequencies of life-force to balance and heal the mind, body and soul.

The following real life story demonstrates the amazing healing power of Energy Medicine.

When my beloved Akita had a stroke which effected his heart, his life-force energy rapidly dissipated. His heart rate slowed down. My housemate wanted to get him to the vet, but there was no time, his life-force was rapidly diminishing. I had to do something quick! Intuitively, I asked my housemate to get my hoop drum. I began drumming the rhythm of the heartbeat of the Earth. Tao’s heart aligned itself with the beat of the drum, the frequency of heartbeat of Mother Earth. Slowly he came back to life. We were overjoyed and stunned …. Energy Medicine is powerful, yet non-invasive.

Hands On As Well As Hands Above Healing

Hands on Healing is about serving as a channel for the vibration of pure universal love. There is no higher vibration on Earth or perhaps beyond. The laying on of hands is allowing a universal vibrational energy to pass through your crown, down your arms into and out of your palms into the person who is receiving the energy. I’m often asked, “Does this drain you of energy?” The truth is, it’s impossible. When you serve as a vessel or a conduit you also receives the benefit of the energy as it passes through. The only way it can drain you of energy, is if you are acting from the ego and think you are in charge of the energy that flows naturally from the universal source.

The energy is equally as powerful, and in some cases more beneficial, when you work with hands above the body. Above the body, you work with the vibrational layers of the Aura. I have experienced miraculous healing with this approach. One day, I received a call from a young woman who was in a panic. Her husband had been severely injured in a skateboard accident. They had gone to the emergency room and the X-rays indicated they would need to operate on his spine. She needed time to consider their options and the consequences. She asked if I could do Reiki. I was able to work on him within hours after the accident. I had a fellow Reiki practitioner do hands on while I worked above the body in conjunction with visualization. Long story short, he made a miraculous recovery within hours. When he went back to get X-rays, the results defied belief. He was well into his healing process and an operation was no longer recommended.

Sound Healing with Music

Music/sound is one of the most inspiring ways to live, to work…to vibrate…to heal…to transcend the challenges of mortal existence…to give the spirit the chance to be free of the body even if for only moments. I can’t imagine living on this planet without music and there’s a reason for that. I can’t imagine living without dancing. The spirit is liberated when we dance with abandon. The I Ching, RL Wings Workshop Book, offers this quote: “The persuasive and mathematical purity of harmony in music inspires the hearts of the listeners in mass experience. The forceful mystery of this tonal relationship can be demonstrated as an invisible language of our perceptions of reality. The profound experiences of art, education, history, healing, religion and patriotism are expressed in music. People are inspired in times of harmonizing to feelings of universal perfection and truth.”

Music is the purest forms of Vibrational Healing. The Quartz healing/singing bowls are attuned for the seven primary Chakras. They are an inspirational and powerful healing tool. I have a handheld quart bowl tuned to the Heart Chakra of such exceptional vibrational quality that its power is breathtaking. It almost instantly realigns the mind, body and spirit and creates a sense of peace in the most turbulent minds. I’ve had the incredible gift of being in a room where the crystal quartz bowls were played for well over an hour. The vibrational energy in the room was indescribable. But, when I left, my own vibrational energy was so dramatically altered it took me days to descend and adjust to the lower vibration of being Earthbound.

A Mother rocks her child in a rocker or sings a lullaby and uses vibrational healing in its most basic form. A Grandmother called me this evening and shared this story as I was composing this component of vibrational healing. Her Granddaughter is inconsolable when they strap her in her car seat. She screams until they take her out. Nothing they tried worked. Her Grandmother has devoted her life to God and along her devotional journey, she learned how to speak in tongues, a gift from the Creator. Unfortunately, most people are unnerved when she speaks in tongues. Not so her Granddaughter. In desperation, the Grandmother defaulted to speaking in tongues causing the child to draw a breath and pause. As she slowed down to a whimper, the Grandmother continued. The child stopped. Possibly it may be a past life experience that is triggering the child’s uncontrollable and hysterical fear, but the vibrational quality of speaking in tongues, considered by some nonsense and for others the language and work of the Holy Spirit, is the vibration that calmed her.

Spiritual & Emotional Healing

Spiritual and Emotional Healing are important components of holistic healing. They are at the core of most health challenges. It would be impossible to heal completely, meaning holistically, without healing spiritually and emotionally.

Once an emotional issue has manifested as a physical health challenge, in most cases the physical symptoms must be addressed. Although there are times when you can release the person from the emotional challenge and the physical symptoms dissolve. Over the years I’ve developed a synthesis of Energy Medicine Natural Healing techniques to release emotional issues. Meaning, you can relate intellectually to an issue, but it no longer holds emotional authority over you. Therefore, it no longer influences your thoughts or behavior in real time. The vibrational energy of the individual determines the most effective techniques to use. A generic response fails to honor the individual chemistry, psyche and soul essence of the person.

I have discovered that everyone, without exception, will tell you what’s wrong with them within the first ten minutes of their story if you are paying attention. Sometimes it’s not what they say, but what they leave out. Whether I use Energy Work, Visualization, Journeying, Body Talk, Vibrational healing or any of the Energy Medicine techniques, it is powerful vibrational medicine.

I hope this brief introduction to Energy Medicine inspires you to Explore the Journey. I could spend a lifetime exploring the theories of physics and spiritual dynamics regarding energy, but the Universal Life-force transforms into healing energy with the simple touch of the hand and pure intention. Blessed Be The Journey.

REIKI Boundless Life Force Energy


The word Reiki) pronounced Ray-Key), is made up of two parts

* Rei the universal, boundless aspect of energy.

* Ki the vital life force energy that flows through all living things.

Natural Healer – Portland & Beyond

Anna Abraham


Reiki is an ancient healing art which channels and transforms the Universal Life-force into powerful, yet non-invasive healing energy. Healing occurs through the laying on of hands transmitting the energy from one person to another. However, Reiki is just as effective when working above the body or Long Distance.

The sacred Reiki symbols activate and enhance energy. Reiki is sometimes referred to as a White Light which embodies love, light and truth. With the gentle laying on of hands, the universal life-force energy flows down through the crown Chakra and down through the arms and hands. Once the energy reaches the hands it flows through the Chakras, the energy vortices in the palms of the hands. Reiki promotes healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It generally radiates heat but responds to the needs of the individual. The person receiving Reiki absorbs as much energy as is needed for healing to occur. With the gentle laying on of hands, the universal life-force energy flows down through the crown Chakra and down through the arms and hands. Once the energy reaches the hands it flows through the Chakras, energy vortices in the palms of the hands. Reiki promotes healing on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. It generally radiates heat. The person receiving Reiki absorbs as much energy as is needed for healing to occur.

Men and Women alike often remark I didn’t know I could feel like this. This is life-changing. When used in conjunction with emotional healing, it is effective in helping to work through grief, release old patterns, emotional blocks and addictions. Reiki helps calm anxiety and fear. It heals the mind, body and soul from the inside out.

Reiki for Animals

Animals love Energy Medicine. If you have pets, whether they be dogs, cats, bunnies, birds, turtles, any animal or creature can benefit from Reiki. The energy is irresistible for some felines. It’s not unusual for them to share their paws to help with the healing. Animals take as much energy as they need, requiring much less time than humans. Some may be shy at first, but with patience, they usually respond. Working with hands above their bodies is an effective option and sometimes the only option if they are injured. Balancing their Chakras is also highly beneficial. Reiki is an invaluable healing skill if you have pets. The second edition of Natural Healing for Animals, Energy Medicine Workbook is now available.


There are three traditional levels of Reiki. The first level enables you to do Reiki on yourself, your loved ones, friends, your pets and plants. The second Level of Reiki enables you to be effective on long-distance healing, meaning healing can be sent through time and space to a person anywhere in the world. Third Level Reiki earns you the title of Master. As a Reiki Master you can train others in Reiki I, II or III. I offer advanced Reiki Levels IV through VII. Everyone can benefit from some degree of Reiki.


The tradition of Reiki being passed from Master to Student has been preserved since ancient times. Is believed that Dr. Mikao Usui rediscovered Reiki in the early 1900s. He dedicated his life to this ancient healing art, learning Sanskrit, studying manuscripts and sacred texts. Even after delving into this extensive research, he felt that something was amiss. The story goes he retired to Mount Koryiama in Japan and meditated and fasted for twenty-one days. Near the last hours of his quest, he was gifted with the vision of the Reiki symbols. He came down from the mountain feeling he had finally received the sacred symbols to begin his Reiki Healing practice. He worked in the slums of Kyoto, practicing Reiki on all who would permit. Over the years he attracted several disciples, who would carry Master Usui’s work forward to present day.

Although Master Usui transitioned some 40 years ago, Reiki is regulated by the integrity of those who teach and practice Reiki. I honor the integrity of this tradition. Those who choose to study with me go through an extended period of training in conjunction with their Reiki attunements.

Regrettably, there are those who offer Reiki I, II and III (Master certification), in the course of several weekends. The prices and quality for these weekend workshops vary wildly and those who receive certificates then present themselves as Reiki practitioners and Masters.

Special thanks to Larry Selbiger for the graphic image.

REIKI Training
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A Gift of Renewable Energy


Energy Protection Dynamics empowers you to use the Universal Life-force to regenerate and protect your energy at will. It is a gift of renewable energy, the fuel of our existence. Achieving optimum energy requires more than food and exercise. Coffee, sugar, drugs and the like can give you a quick lift, but ultimately drain your energy. Energy Protection teaches you how to recharge and preserve your energy naturally in just minutes.


Your relationship to your energy, meaning knowing how to replenish your energy before it’s depleted, determines the state of your health and vitality. Your energetic influence extends beyond family into the world at large. This awareness and a proactive commitment to managing your energy create the basic foundation of EPD. When we are young our energy seems boundless. As we mature, responsibility claims more and more of our energy. Daily existence, laced with anxiety, fear and stress has a negative impact on our well-being. Ignoring stress can drain your energy and manifest as physical and mental health issues. We may take refuge in distractions, however, stress drains our energy even as we sleep. Energy Protection empowers you to recharge your energy NATURALLY. Maximum energy helps us triumph over life’s challenges and be a positive force in the world.


Energy Protection reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It offers the gift of being in command of your energy. Practicing EPD enables you to protect yourself energetically, physically and psychically. You can prevent others from draining your energy and avoid giving too much away while giving your best without sacrificing your well-being. EPD is beneficial for the workplace, as well as, your personal and social lives. EPD is also helpful for chronic health conditions. EPD is non-invasive, drug, pain and cost free. No expensive equipment or traveling required; taking just minutes, these learned dynamics, enable you to achieve and maintain optimum energy levels without exertion.


Dedication to a daily energy routine (7-10 minutes) gives you access to optimal energy, enhances self-confidence which attracts positive energy, promotes a can-do attitude all while strengthening your immune system. Once you begin, you will feel too good to stop! You will feel renewed emotionally, physically and spiritually. You may find yourself smiling inside and out.



Energy Testing uses the Law of Attraction to identify foods, supplements, and other substances to see if they give or rob you of energy. Energy Testing taps into your inner intelligence and uses your life force energy to determine if the substances are compatible to your body chemistry in a healthy and balanced way.

Energy testing is simple to learn and easy to do. If you want to increase your energy, this is an ideal way of improving your health and vitality. As everyone’s chemistry is different, generic diets or solutions do not honor individual body chemistry. For those with food sensitivities energy testing is invaluable. I had a severe case of Candida (yeast overrun). Energy testing enabled me to bring myself back to a state of health and balance while enjoying a healthy and diverse diet. Energy testing saved my life. There are so many delicious organic/natural foods, no need to feel deprived. Once you honor your body chemistry, your life-force energy will increase.

The two primary tools you will need for Energy testing is your hands and a pendulum. You may find that you prefer one over the other, or both. Energy Testing is based on the Universal Law, everything that exists in the cosmos is energy and matter, including us. If you are willing to detach from your brain (either belief or disbelief) and honor the law of attraction, the positive and negative magnetic exchange between two energy forms. you will discover how a powerful tool that puts you in to command of your life-force energy. Energy testing combined with chakra cleansing and balancing is totally liberating.


Your animal companions will benefit on all the same levels as you. We use all the same techniques and tools. You will be able to identify the healthiest food and protein sources, medications and supplements and discover you can communicate with your animals friends with Energy Talk, a simple yes or no Energy exchange. You will never feel helpless again when your animal friends are in need.

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