A Gift of Renewable Energy


Energy is the fuel of our existence. The good news is, we have an endless source stored internally, a natural sustainable resource. Energy Protection Dynamics (EPD) enables you to tap this internal resource. Using the energy pathways of the body, we can access, regenerate and protect our energy at will. Achieving optimum energy requires more than food. Quick fixes like coffee, sugar, drugs and the like can give us a quick lift, but ultimately drain our energy. Energy Protection teaches us how to recharge our energy naturally in just minutes.


Your relationship to your energy, meaning knowing how to replenish your energy before it’s depleted, determines the state of your health and vitality. Your energetic influence extends beyond family into the world at large. This awareness and a proactive commitment to manage your energy creates the basic foundation of EPD. When we are young our energy seems boundless. As we mature, responsibility claims more and more of our energy. Daily existence, laced with anxiety, fear and stress has a negative impact on our well being. Ignoring stress can drain your energy and manifest as physical and mental health issues. We may take refuge in distractions, however, stress drains our energy even as we sleep. Energy Protection empowers you to recharge your energy NATURALLY. Maximum energy helps us triumph over life’s challenges and be a positive force in the world.


Energy Protection reduces stress, anxiety and depression. It offers the gift of being in command of your energy. Practicing EPD enables you to protect yourself energetically, physically and psychically. You can prevent others from draining your energy and avoid giving too much away while giving your best without sacrificing your well being. EPD is beneficial for the work place, as well as, your personal and social lives. EPD is also helpful for chronic health conditions. EPD is non-invasive, drug, pain and cost free. No expensive equipment or traveling required; taking just minutes, these learned dynamics, enable you to achieve and maintain optimum energy levels without exertion.


Basic Energy Techniques include realigning your Meridian’s, balancing your Chakras and reconnecting Heaven and Earth energies to bring mind, body and spirit into a state of harmony.


The Meridians, fourteen energy pathways of the body, travel beneath the skin’s surface through the major organs of the body, regulating the energy and blood flow throughout the body. Realigning the meridians allows these energy pathways of the body to flow naturally, releasing blockages and revitalizing your energy, producing an overall feeling of well being.


The Seven Energy Centers or Chakras are dynamic whirlpools of life force energy. Balancing your Chakras cleanses and recharges your energy. You feel grounded and positive. When one Chakra is out of balance, it will begin robbing energy from the other Chakras, creating a chain reaction that drains your energy. If you balance your Chakras in the morning and evening, you can weather the challenging events of the day more effectively, sleep more peacefully and wake up refreshed.

Chakras draw in energy from other life forms and the environment, both positive and negative. External negative energies, whether from a partner, coworker, a child, or from the environment can be depleting. Also, we release energy through our Chakras. At times we give too much! When our Chakras are balanced, we can protect our internal life force energy and prevent outside influences from robbing us of energy. The cumulative effect of this daily care and attention to your Chakras, results in restoring, balancing and increasing your energy centers; providing optimal support to your overall health and well being.


Everyone seems to love this energy technique. It has multiple benefits. It’s fun and easy to do. It grounds you, creating a sense of grace and balance which inspires you to reach for something higher. It reintegrates your mind, body and spirit while promoting inner harmony. If you are feeling disconnected, stressed or exhausted, reconnecting Heaven and Earth reconnects you with your inner grace… your essence.


Dedication to a daily energy routine (7-10 minutes) gives you access to optimal energy, enhances self-confidence which attracts positive energy, promotes a can-do attitude all while strengthening your immune system. Once you begin, you will feel too good to stop! You will feel renewed emotionally, physically and spiritually. You may find yourself smiling inside and out.

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