energy testing

Energy Testing is a method of connecting to your energetic intelligence to access your life force energy. This direct connection to your life force enables you to identify foods, supplements and other substances that compliment your body chemistry in a balanced and healthy way.

Energy testing is simple to learn and easy to do. If you want to increase your energy, this is an ideal way of improving your health and vitality. As everyone’s chemistry is different, generic diets or solutions do not honor individual body chemistry.

For those with food sensitivities energy testing can be invaluable. I had a severe case of Candida (yeast overrun). Energy testing enabled me to bring myself back to a state of health and balance while enjoying a healthy and diverse diet. The truth is energy testing saved my life. There are so many delicious organic/natural foods, no need to feel deprived. Once you honor your body chemistry, your life force energy will increase. Energy testing, combined with chakra cleansing and balancing, is a powerful tool that puts you in command of your energy!

I go, regularly, with my clients to the grocery store to energy test foods and supplements to improve their diets and well being. It is a mind expanding experience to discover what substances compliment and enhance your energy!

Anna Abraham

Master Energy Practitioner Cht., R.M.

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