hypnosis & visualization
Hypnosis & Visualization –
Powerful Tools of Transformation


Hypnosis enables you to access the deepest realms of the subconscious mind and replace unwanted or negative thoughts and behaviors with positive ways of dealing with your challenges. To change deeply seeded patterns, it is best to seek the help of a certified hypnotherapist who can introduce new mind sets to change or modify your beliefs, behavior and or your health. Even so, you are in control of the process during hypnosis and can choose to participate or not. Contrary to some of the hypnotic parlor tricks portraying people doing ridiculous things, you can not be hypnotized into doing or saying anything against your will.


Hypnosis is highly effective for those who want to change their behavior or health without delving into the reasons or meaning of the behaviors and patterns they want to change. Hypnotherapy has the power to delete whatever has altered your behavior and reset your hard drive. It has the ability to reprogram the mind for desired change, to relieve pain, shed addictions, fear, depression, low self esteem, set and meet positive goals, heal mental and physical challenges. It is a powerful tool of transformation if someone genuinely wants to initiate change. In summation, you can journey into the inner recesses of your mind and reprogram your behavior, your thoughts and your health. You can even access the different organs in your body, communicate with them and activate a healing process. You must however, truly want to change.


Visualization is invaluable for those who are going through a transformational process and want to investigate, understand and participate in the process of self examination, discovery and self actualization. Visualization engages the imagination using visual, verbal, as well as telepathic symbolism. You can experience non-physical realms of being where you are not restricted by physical or mental limitations. You can journey to anywhere your imagination takes you or receive wisdom from your higher self. You can access, with awareness, the past, present or the future. You can look into and clear any emotional issues that hold authority over your behavior and or your health. This process of self discovery enables you to delve into the innermost chambers of your being; as well as access other realms of consciousness. It is also a powerful… creative and self empowering tool of transformation.

Both Visualization and Hypnosis take you on an amazing journey into your personal vault of wisdom that holds your past and present memories, as well as, the blueprint for transformation. For those who don’t want to use hypnosis visualization is ideal. It can be just as powerful.


Self Hypnosis can be a very useful tool in your personal medicine bag. I welcome client participation when the goal is to transform long standing patterns. I usually teach my clients how to use self hypnosis so they can reinforce the work throughout the week. I encourage all my clients, if they are able and willing, to participate in their healing process. Self Empowerment is good medicine. I integrate hypnosis into the synthesis of healing techniques that I use to guide a person through emotional and spiritual transformations. I am often asked the difference between visualization and hypnosis. They are both altered states of consciousness, however hypnosis is a passive state and visualization is an active state.


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