Explore Your Mind Body Soul Potential

Inspirational Workshops & Courses motivate you to explore and expand your mind body soul potential and have some fun too! If you want to feel whole and energized, raise your vibration and live your best life you are in the right place. Anna creates all her workshops & courses to inspire and motivate you to explore your true potential, to flirt with your dreams & visions, and to embrace life as an adventure.

Inspirational Workshops & Courses

For the Mind, Body & Soul

Live Your Best Life

Energy Healing & Protection Workshops & Courses teach you how to have a pro-active relationship with your life-force, your vitality and overall well being. You will learn how to avoid giving your energy away and prevent other from robbing you of energy. and transformation.

Natural Healing with Energy Medicine is powerful yet not invasive workshop.  You will learn techniques to help your animals in their daily well being, as well as,  in times of crisis. Never feel helpless again when your animal friends are in need. 

Exploring the 12 chakras visions is an empowering journey that can help you discover your own visions, connect with your higher self and receive guidance and insight about your path.

Chakra workshops focus on the seven energy centers in the body, or chakras, and teach you techniques for balancing and healing each chakra.

Workshops that focus on past life and life between lives regression can help you explore your soul’s journey and gain insight into your current life path and purpose.

The Sacred Realms Oracle Cards Masterclass, the prophetic story of Journey of the Soul manifesting in human form, empowers you to share the wisdom and knowledge of the Great Masters of Time and Space with those seeking guidance.

Reiki is a form of energy healing that empowers you to work on yourself and others to promote balance and well being. Reiki courses, I – IV offers you Mastership certification.  

The Mind, Body Soul Masterclass is for Healers and Lightworkers who want to professionally distinguish themselves as a certified Integrative Healer.

The Holistic Healing plan is for those who want to to heal the Mind, Body & Soul together, be free of negative energy, raise their vibration without spending years in therapy.

Workshops & Courses


Certification As Master Holistic Healer

Master Training for Healing Mind Body & Soul

The Guardian Matrix Masterclass is for healers and lightworkers who want to embody the Mind, Body Soul paradigm of Healing. The Masterclass offers you multiple Personal & Professional opportunities for Personal Development.

It is designed to model the true meaning of Holistic Healing in its purest and most powerful form, healing the mind, body and soul together.

The 12 month Intensive Protocol offers you a professional opportunity to distinguish yourself as a Certified Holistic Healer with Anna Abraham, a genuine master of the full spectrum of the healing, spiritual and visionary realms of self-discovery and expansion. 

Contact Anna for a complimentary consultation.


1. Heal the Mind, Body Soul together – in 12 Months.
2. Avoid years of fragmented learning & frustration.
3. Study with an Authentic Master Of Holistic Healing
4. Receive Certification as a Holistic Healer.
5. Emerge with a Professional Plan of Action.
6. Experience the benefits personally & professionally
7. Share your gifts and honor the Journey of Your Soul.

The Guardian Master Course Protocol

Twelve Month Intensive
Cost $ 4997 
Time Commitment recommended – 12 Months (3 hours  bi-monthly). Time adjujsted as per your schedule < Payment Plans Available

Two Year  & Three Year Plans – Time Commitment as per your schedule. Payment Plans Available.  Contact Anna

Journey of the Soul Reading

A  Mirror into the Journey of Your Soul – The Path Forward Revealed

Your Medicine Bag

Energy Protection Balancing the Chakras, Boundaries
& Emotional Freedom Techniques


Giving A Voice to All Aspects of Self

The Guardian Training

Soul Framentation Healing Process

The Guardian Matrix

The Holistic Integration of the Mind, Body & Soul

Explore Visionary Techniques

The Shaman’s Journey’s into Multi-Dimensions of Self Discovery & Expansion
Commune with your guides and power animals 

The Seven Gifts of Self Empowerment

Review the Matrix of All Messages/Visions

Identifying and prioritizing the Essence of the Messages.

Your Professional Profile

Spiritual Ethics

The final Journey of the Soul reading

The Guardian Matrix Visioning Masterclass

Cost – $ 2795 per person
Time Commitment 10 – 12 Months
2 – 3 hours –  twice a month

Reiki Training I – II  is available as an add on. Time commitment  minimum 2 – 3 hours per month – $1500.

  Ascension Attunement  into The Seven Chakras


Vision Quests – Journey Into The Twelve Chakras

Vision Quest Into Your Sacred Soul Circle

Journey of the Soul Reading

Attunement  Ascension into The Seven Chakras

Vision Quests – Journey Into The Twelve Chakras

Life Between Lives & Vision Quest Into Your Sacred Soul Circle

Journey of the Soul Reading


For Individuals Seeking a Holistic Healing Plan

Healing the Mind Body & Soul Together

Personal Development is is the heart and soul of The Guardian Matrix Healing Plan. It’s  important to choose the right path. So how do you know that this is the right healing plan for You? What if everything inside you says YES … but you want to be sure it’s right for you?

Are ready to leave the past behind and move forward with clarity and confidence to be your authentic self, to feel whole, to feel healthy and positive without having to spend years in therapy? You are in the right place.

Gone are the days of not knowing your next moves, being somebody else’s version of you, feeling unloved or unworthy. With confusion, doubt and fear gone, you will be healed and reenergized. No need to spending years in therapy – only to discover parts of you are still confused and in pain. 

You are empowered to heal holistically as a Blended Being. Anna weaves the spiritual, emotional and visionary realms of healing into a masterful protocol to heal your mind, body, heart and soul together. It will set you free.

Contact Anna for a complimentary consultation.


1. Healing the Mind, Body Soul Together
2. Benefit from healing without spending years in therapy.
3. Work with an Authentic Master Holistic Healer
4. Fear, Confusion and Self Doubt – Gone
5. Enjoy Your Full Potential Energy
6. Move Forward on Your Own Power
7. Be the Best Version of Yourself.

The Guardian Matrix Healing Plan

Cost – $ 3,250
Time Commitment 10 – 12 Months
3 hours –  twice a month

Two Year  & Three Year Plans – Time Commitment as per your schedule. Payment Plans Available.  Contact Anna

Journey of the Soul Reading

A Mirror Into the Journey of Your Soul A Roadmap of Your Healing Path

Create Your Medicine Bag

A Mirror Into the Journey of Your Soul A Roadmap of Your Healing Path


Giving A Voice to  Your Inner Child –  All Aspects of Self

The Guardian Matrix Healing Protocol

Integration of the Mind, Body & Soul

The Seven Gifts of Self Empowerment

Discover How Powerful You Are 

Final Journey of the Soul Sacred Realms Reading

The Path Forward Revealed

The Guardian Matrix Vision Quest

Cost – $ 2795 per person
Time Commitment 10 – 12 Months
2 – 3 hours –  twice a month<br>

2 Year Plan – Time Commitment as per your schedule. Payment Plans Available.  Contact Anna


Attunement of The Seven Chakras

Vision Quests – Journey Into The Seven Chakras

Vision Quest Into Your Sacred Soul Circle

Journey of the Soul Reading

The Twelve Chakra Visions

Journey Into Your Twelve Chakras

“I thought Anna’s workshop was great. I really liked getting the take on my Chakras with thecrystal. I think anyone who wants that should get that. I feel like I can sense my Chakras afterthe workshop. Before that I just new about them and knew I had some serious problems. But now I feel like I am in control of my energy and that is exactly what I had hoped to gain from the workshop. I thought the venue, the time frame, the info, the group size was all perfect and Anna is cool as hell. Thank you!” - Mary

A Journey of Self-Empowerment & Expansion

The Workshop is based on the Visions from The Twelve Codes of Consciousness. A transformational journey through the Chakras that Empowers you to explore the Journey of Your Soul, and receive the gift of your visions as a Blended Being, both mortal and cosmic. The Journey is a life-changing gift of self-empowerment.

An Inspirational Workshop
Receive the Gift of Your OWN Visions

Zoom Workshop Live

Module 1 & 2 – $4800 Module 1 – $2800 Module 2 – $2000

Root Chakra – Be In Command of your Life-force
Sacral Chakra – You Are a Co-creator
Solar Plexus Chakra– Explore Your Personal Power
Heart Chakra – Develop a Conscious Relationship with Your Heart
Throat Chakra – Own Your Truth
Third Eye Chakra – Explore Alternative Dimensions
Crown Chakra – Embracing Dual-Consciousness
Q and A
Root Chakra – 2nd sphere – The Sacred Garden of Your Origin
Root Chakra – 3rd sphere –You Are Timeless

Cosmic Crown Chakra – 1st sphere – A Connection to Divine Energy
Cosmic Crown Chakra- 2nd sphere – A Being Of Light
Cosmic Crown Chakra – 3rd sphere – The Path to Radiance


An Inspirational Journey Into the Mind Expanding Realms of Past Lives

Life Between Lives is a sacred journey which empowers you to heal past life karma that prevents you from achieving your full mind, body soul potential in this lifetime. If you feel lost in repetitive cycles that are not in your highest and best interest and can’t figure out why or how to liberate yourself, the journey into Life Between Lives will set you free.

Anna guides you into the Sacred Realms of Life Between Lives using hypnosis and visualization, to review past lives and discover the primary lesson you need to learn to release the original wound and own your power. It is a healing journey that empowers you to liberate yourself, as well as, those in your soul circle who reincarnated with you in this life-time.

Once released from the past, your life-force energy will increase. You will achieve clarity, inner peace, a renewed sense of creative power and joy. Experiencing your authentic self empowers you to share your gifts and honor the Journey of Your Soul. Anna guides you back through your current life to return to the womb. As you pass through the womb you are released from your human form and your spirit is free to return to the spirit world, life between lives. You may be met by a guide or someone in your soul circle and escorted to either your soul circle or the Great Library where you can review your current life. You may be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your check in with you. However your primary purpose is to meet with your soul circle.

You will discover the primary souls in your circle, which of them reincarnated with you in your current life cycle and what roles you are playing, and the lessons you are teaching each other. You may also briefly visit the ring of destiny to reawaken the memory of choosing your body. Module 3 gives you the extraordinary experience of revisiting the Ring of Destiny and witnessing the choices you were given and body you selected in this lifetime

Life Between Lives – A Journey like No Other

The Sacred Journey into Life Between Lives also offers you the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Ring of Destiny and explore future incarnations. If you choose to reincarnate you will meet with your primary soul circle, as well as your guides, and you plan your next lifetime together. You will be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your reincarnations for a full review of your present life.

  • Orientation
  • Review this life-time
  • Identify Your Physical World Soul Group
  • Training to achieve deep levels of consciousness *Identify your primary karmic lesson
  • Journey through back through this lifetime into the womb.
  • Identify the life of origin of your primary karmic lesson
  • Meet with your soul group of origin
  • Meet with your higher guides.
  • Release your primary karmic lesson
  • Release those in your soul circle who incarnated with you
  • Explore Reincarnation
  • Visit the Ring of Destiny
  • Meet with the Counsel of Souls that oversees your reincarnations

Journey of the Soul Reading

Authentic Reiki I-IV MasterClass

Reiki I-IV Modules

This course is designed to train you in the full spectrum of the Mind Body & Soul components of Reiki, expanding the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition in combination with the Quan Yin Emotional & Spiritual Realms of Healing. This is a Mastership commitment, not a week end workshop. Upon completion you will receive your Reiki & Quan Yin Attunement and certification. You will be empowered with the skills and confidence to integrate Reiki and Emotional and Spiritual Holitic Healing into your personal and professional life. It is an oportunity to work with a genuine Master of Reiki and the Mind, Body Soul Paradigm of Healing. Anna has been dedicated to the Mind, Body, Soul spectrum of the healing arts for 35 years. Please contact Anna for a complimentary consulattion if you are interested in Authentic Mastership.

Price for Reik I, II, III & IV - Four Modules
Individuals - $ 1295 - each module
Small Groups (3-5) $950 each module

Reiki Mind Body Soul (MBS)

Receiving the Reiki attunements in combination with the heart based teaching of Quan Yin, you will be trained in The Mind body Soul Paradigm of healing, the full spectrum of healing energy. It empowers you with multi-dimensional healing powers, as well as, spiriitual and ethical responsibilities. The potential of the healing and transformational powers of Reiki MBS are infinte. The journey has the power to genuinely transform your life and those who seek healing. You will discover it is much more than another healing technique to include in your medicine chest! With the attunements you will receive the gift of the three Reiki symbols and Quan Yin Attunement which will empower you to increase the intensity of your healing energy and direct it at will for the highest good. The symbols and attnements can be used for self-healing with people, animals, winged ones, all of Mother Earth’s flora and fauna. In Honor of the Light of Master Usui, Masster Quan Yin and all Masters of Light, Space & Form, Blessed Be The Journey,

First Degree Reiki
Your first degree Reiki attunement enables you to practice Reiki on yourself, friends, and clients. The Reiki attunement process opens and enhances your higher chakras to allow the healing life-force energy to flow unobstructed. Once you receive the attunement you are empowered to share Reiki I. You will discover the healing touch of Reiki can be a gift in your personal and professional life.

2nd Degree Reiki
Long Distance Healing – How to direct healing light energy for healing those in need whetherthey are in your physical presence or in another city, country or reside in other realms.

3rd Degree Reiki Master
Reiki Mastership – You will receive the Master symbols of Reiki III which includes working with Quan Yin and the Heart, 3rd Eye and Crown Chakras. With this empowerment you will receive your Reiki Master Attunemennts. You can move toward teaching if you feel called, or continue sharing the full power of healing energy with others and or for your personal evolution to honor the Journey of Your Soul. You may experience an increase in psychic ability, as well as a deeper communion with the Spirit World.

4th Degree Quan Yin Master
Mastership training for the Mind, Body & Soul is a heart based journey with Quan Yin into theheart based higher realms of healing. Quan Yin is a shortened version of “One Who Sees and Hears the Cry from the Human world,” the emotional and spiritual realms of Heart, 3rdEye and Crown Chakra, the Goddess of Mercy and compassion. These are the qualities that are required to be an authentic healer. You will receive your Quan Yin attunement and certification.


Journey of the Soul Readings

“A beautiful and revealing journey into Myself and

 My Limitless Potential.” —Denise

The Soul’s journey into the four realms of self-mastery and self empowerment. If you would like to learn to read the cards, to open your 3rd eye and share the wisdom and magic with others … contact Anna for a complimentary consultation.

The Sacred Realms Visionary Cards is a multi-cultural deck of cards with titles in four languages including English, Spanish, French and Italian.

I work with those who feel the call to explore the Sacred Realms
Visionary cards of self–discovery and self-empowerment using Zoom or FaceTime.

Total cost of the Journey into the Sacred Realms Visionary Cards and becoming an Ambassador of the Journey of the Soul Visionary Card Deck is $1997.00. Payment plan available.

Payment plan available.

Energy Protection Workshop

Energy Healing – Powerful Medicine

"I started to practice Energy Protection Anna taught me during a time of high stress. I use it daily with Chakra clearing (also guided by Anna) before my morning meditation. I noticed I felt strong and was able to laugh with a friend even though I was successfully maneuvering my way through a challenge with a toxic, unhealthy person. I highly recommend these practices. I will continue to practice them. And it only takes a few minutes!! Thank you Anna!!” - Rhena


Introduction to the primary energy protection techniques for the Mind, Body, and Soul which will serve you personally and professionally. You will learn how to recharge, preserve, and protect your energy. Energy Protection is beneficial for everybody. Healing practitioners, of all disciplines and ages, as well as those who serve the public in any capacity, will benefit from Energy Protection. For those whose life work requires physical endurance it is a gift without parallel. Practicing Energy Protection using the Chakra’s is essential to achieve maximum energy andconfidence, You will be able to share your energy without compromising your life force energy and well being.


Introduction to the Dynamics of Energy Protection
Basic Energy Protection Techniques

Introduction to Chakras & Meridians
How to Cleanse & Balance the Chakras
How to Cleanse and Regenerate Primary Meridians

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques
How to Use Emotional Freedom Techniques for Energy Protection

Natural Healing for Animals -Book Cover

Natural Healing For Animals Energy Medicine Workshop

Animal Communicaton
Energy Talk & Energy Testing

“Lucy had a secondary skin infection, kidney and ear infection. Our family spent hundreds of dollars to the vet. We had her on many medications tried many different types of food and nothing was helping. I bring Lucy to the park every day where I see Anna and her dog spirit. Anna could see how sick Lucy was bc she had lost fur and listened tomy frustrations. Anna did energy work on Lucy and determined that Lucy should be on a white fish diet. We switched to a white fish diet and within weeks Lucy is healthy and doing well.” - Kristen Pierimarchi, Portland Or.

Energy Healing Workshop for Animals
Never Feel Helpless Again When Your Animal Friends Need Help!

Introducing The TAOSHEBA TECHNIQUE: Experience The Full Spectrum of Natural Healing Techniques which include Reiki, Chakras, Animal Communication (Energy Talk),Energy Reading, Auras and Meridians


If everything inside you says YES, take the next step and empower yourself to help your beloved animal companions heal naturally and live their best life. Energy Medicine is powerful, yet non-invasive. It is important to learn how to practice the right way. Natural Healing for Animals, the book is fully illustrated and allows you to learn at your own pace. The Taosheba Techniques are simple to learn and do. You can review and refresh your skills anytime.

Workshop Description:

Healing With Energy Medicine

Reiki – Hands-on & Hands Above

Energy Testing
How to Use a Pendulum
Reading the Energy
Energy Talk

Chakra Balancing
Flush and balance the Chakra

Aura Cleansing & Meridian Balancing

Blessed Be The Journey

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, werespectfully request 24 hours notice. Missed appointments, or appointmentscancelled without 24 hours notice, will incur a fee which is equal to the hourlyrate for the service.

Workshop cancellations require seven days in advance to avoid a cancellation fee of $200.00.

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