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Chakra Healing Portland Oregon
Anna Abraham

Chakra Healing includes flushing and balancing your Chakras. Flushing cleanses your Chakras of stagnated energy. Balancing your Chakras revitalizes your seven energy centers, empowering you to enter into a pro-active relationship with your life-force. When your Chakras are cleansed and balanced you can modulate your energy at will in minutes. Chakra Healing enables you to gain command of your life-force and brings the MIND BODY and SOUL into a state of harmony.

The Chakras

Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. They are dynamic whirlpools of life-force energy, which enable you to access the cosmos to replenish your energy in the moment. This cosmic fuel is an infinite source of energy. There are hundreds of Chakras throughout the human body, as well as, above and below. They primary function is draw the universal life force energy in and release energy. The Chakras give you control of the fuel of your existence while you are in human form. Chakra Healing restores your physical, mental and spiritual well being.

The Seven Primary Energy Centers

The Seven Primary Energy Centers or Chakras are dynamic whirlpools of life force energy that project from the seven primary energy centers of your body. Balancing your Chakras, cleanses and recharges your energy. You feel grounded and positive. When one Chakra is out of balance, it will begin robbing energy from the others, creating a chain reaction that drains your energy.

Chakras receive and release both positive and negative energy. Energy flows into each Chakra from external sources including the environment, all life forms, as well as, psychic and cosmic energies. The natural flow and exchange of life-force energy goes on throughout our life whether we are conscious of it or not.

External negative energies, whether from a partner, a child, or from the environment can deplete our energy. Our internal energy is sometimes drained when we give too much and fail to regenerate it! When our Chakras are balanced, we protect our internal life force energy while preventing outside influences from robbing us of energy. The cumulative effect of balancing the Chakras, daily, increases and protects our life force energy; creating an inner state of harmony and a can-do attitude.

From this vantage point you can realign yourself with your personal power and take charge of your life. When your energy centers are balanced you can make healthy choices and avoid falling back into old patterns that are no longer working for you. Chakra Healing is powerful Energy Medicine. This is why it is important to cleanse and balance the Chakras and practice Energy Protection Dynamics, daily. It takes only minutes to balance your Chakras.

Compostion of Chakras

Each Chakra is like a mini database holding all your experiences from this life and past lives, although they each have a specific focus. This concept may sound strange to some, but after years of working with thousands of clients and checking their seven primary Chakras at the beginning of each session, I was gifted with the sight of seeing into the Chakras.
It is, both humbling and amazing. It has served as an insightful and powerful integrative healing tool.

Though each Chakra is composed of all the colors of the rainbow, a primary color is associated with each Chakra. Color is one of the most creative and fun ways to balance your Chakras. The Journey into the colors and affirmations, combine to create a powerful meditation and Chakra Balancing experience.

Rainbow Chakra Visualization is a wonderful way to Journey through the colors of the Chakras. The visualization guides you through each Chakra. This balances and recharges your Chakras, dissolves stress and integrates the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling peaceful and calm. When you have 45 minutes to set aside for relaxation, this is the Visualization to use. You feel like you have been on vacation.

There are also specific gemstones associated with each Chakra. I prefer a more experimental interaction with gemstones. Gemstones react to an individual’s energy and chemistry differently, a rose quartz may bring comfort and energize one person’s heart, while another may find malachite or emerald, used in this way, benefits them more.

You may be attracted to gemstones because of their visual appearance, their energy or they may just make you feel good. Certain gemstones may hold more healing power for you than for someone else. You may want to approach your interactions with gemstones as an individual energetic exchange, a dynamic journey, instead of a text book definition.

Why Cleanse and Balance The Chakras

The Chakras are a chain of energy vortices that are linked together. If one is reversed or blocked it will rob energy from the others. So if you begin the day with one Chakra out of balance it will attempt to replenish it’s energy by drawing energy from other Chakras. This begins a chain reaction that drains your overall energy system, robbing you of vitality, weakening your inner strength and your ability to stay focused and motivated. Over time, in addition to feeling low energy, you may even begin to feel depressed.

As the day progresses and the Chakras are depleted of more and more energy, you become more vulnerable to external negative influences, both emotional and physical. You are more prone to turn to unhealthy quick fixes as an energy source such as sugar, coffee and / or alcohol.

Balancing my Seven Points of Light Chakras is a part of my daily energy routine which takes only seven minutes. I usually do my routine in the morning before I take on the day’s challenges. If I have a demanding day, I balance them again before retiring. The benefits Of Chakra Healing are often immediate. Daily Chakra balancing ultimately puts you in command of your energy systems. If I had to chose one energy technique to share, Balancing the Seven Chakras is unparalleled.

What Does Color Have To Do With Chakras?

Colors are vibrations of energy that can be used to replenish and regulate your energy system. The Chakras are naturally composed of a rainbow of colors. Seven primary colors are associated with each of the seven Chakras. The energies of a Chakra can be restored by bathing it in a color, giving it greater strength, clarity and balance. There are multiple color related techniques that can be used to regenerate our Chakras. These techniques are explained in the Chakra Balancing Workbook.

Red is associated with the root chakra, orange for the sacral (belly button), yellow for the solar plexus, green, gold and rose for the heart, blue for the throat, indigo for the third eye and violet and celestial pastels with the crown Chakra. Although the Chakras contain a spectrum of rainbow colors, the primary colors associated with each Chakra, generally create a regenerative dynamic on the designated Chakra.

Chakra Balancng & The Rainbow Visualization

The Rainbow Chakra Visualization / Meditation enables you to focus on the primary colors while drawing them into your Chakras. This allows you to meditate effortlessly and revitalize each Chakra while the vibrational energy of the colors cleanse and balance your Chakras.

Rainbow Chakra Visualization is a wonderful, guided way to Journey through the colors of each of the Chakras. This balances and recharges your Chakras, dissolves stress and integrates the mind, body and spirit, leaving you feeling peaceful and calm. This is the Visualization to use when you want to feel like you have been somewhere over the rainbow on vacation…..

The Seven Primary Chakra Descriptions Associations & Color

Root Chakra – Red

Red is the primary color of the root chakra. The root chakra is located at the base of the spine on the front of the body. When the root chakra is balanced you can stay grounded and focused without becoming frustrated or angry when you are being pulled in too many directions at one time. In times of crisis it is essential for the root chakra to be balanced, it will enable you to hold your power no matter how difficult the challenge. Just imagine the color red flowing into your root chakra, filling it to capacity with energy. You feel balanced and revitalized. Your will power is strong and your mind is clear. You can meet the challenges of life with strength and determination.

You are grounded & revitalized.

Sacral Chakra – Orange

Orange is the primary color of the sacral chakra. It is located in the area of our belly button and influences our Creativity and Relationships. If your sacral chakra is balanced you will have more patience with your loved ones, friends and coworkers. You will be understanding instead of irritated. Relationships are often challenging. When the sacral chakra is balanced you can accept your loved ones and have compassion for their limitations, encouraging them instead of criticizing them. When your sacral is balanced your energy and your creativity will flow unobstructed. When we are uptight we block our creative energy. Just imagine the color orange flowing into your sacral chakra, filling it to capacity with it’s energy. Your energy flows naturally. You are connected to the universal life force energy that runs through all things. You feel a deep connection with your own creative energy.

You feel energized and creative.

Solar Plexus Chakra – Yellow

Yellow is the primary color of the solar plexus chakra. The solar plexus chakra is located mid-body at the hollow between the lower rib cage. The solar plexus is our relationship to our personal power- your ego. If you solar plexus chakra is balanced you will be kinder and reasonable instead of critical, demanding or short tempered. You will feel confident instead of defensive and boisterous. You will use your power without exerting force. Just imagine the color yellow flowing into your solar plexus chakra, filling it to capacity with it’s energy. You are in touch with your personal power. Your will power is strong. Your ego is in check and your mind is clear.

You feel centered and in command.

Heart Chakra -Green

Green is considered the primary color of the heart chakra. Located in the mid chest area in a straight line down from our chin. When the heart chakra is balanced you will speak from your heart instead of your ego. You will keep your heart open and and resist walls of fear. You will love and attract love in return. You will show love for all living things. And you will love and honor yourself. Just imagine the color green flowing into your heart chakra, filling it to capacity with their energy. Your feel the power of love flowing through you. You feel love and compassion for all living things. Your heart feels open and healed.

You feel love and compassion for living things.

Throat Chakra – Blue

Sky blue is the primary color of the throat Chakra. Located in the hollow at the base of the throat (below the Adam’s apple). The Throat Chakra inspires us to speak our truth. When we speak our truth in kindness and sincerity, we have a sense of peace within. When we hold back our truth we withdrawal and can experience fear or intimidation instead of having the confidence to speak our truth. Holding back our truth creates blockages in our system and effects our emotional and physical well being. Just imagine a celestial sky blue flowing into your throat chakra, filling it to capacity with it’s energy.

You have the confidence to speak your truth.

Third Eye Chakra – Violet/Magenta

Magenta/Violet is the primary color of the 3rd eye chakra. Located mid center between the eyebrows. The 3rd Eye Chakra allows us to develop our intuition, our visionary abilities, enabling us to realize our dreams and connect with other realms. When your 3rd eye is balanced your vision is clear, you can see the bigger picture rather than just focusing on your perspective. You can dream a dream and set long term goals and have the confidence and dedication to make them come
true. You remember the magical moments of your life. Just imagine magenta andviolet flowing into your 3rd eye chakra, filling it to capacity with it’s energy. You reconnect with your intuition, your vision is clear.

You honor your intuition and embrace your dreams.

chakra descriptions

Crown Chakra – Cosmic Lavender/Pastels

A rainbow of pastels with lavender and whites most prominent are the colors of the Crown chakra. The Crown Chakra is located in the center of crown. The Crown Chakra is our connection to the Universal Life Force Energy, the Divine, to God. When your crown is balanced you feel connected to all that exists in a positive way. You have a deep connection to a Divine Source, to God, you have hope. You have compassion and love for all that exists. Just imagine the Lavender and white pastels flowing into your crown chakra, filling it to capacity with it’s energy. You remember you are a being of light. You are connected to the spirit that runs through all things. You remember the gift of life is sacred.

You remember you are a being of light.

Special thanks to Larry Selbiger for the graphic imagery.

Chakra Affirmations & Color Meditations

Chakra Healing Portland Oregon

Healing Mind, Body & Soul
Anna Abraham

The seven primary energy centers or Chakras of the human body are dynamic whirlpools of life force energy. Balancing your Chakras restores your energy and creates an inner state of harmony. You feel grounded and positive. Each Chakra contains all the colors of the rainbow but is dominated by one primary color.

Focus on the portals of color and imagine the colors flowing naturally into each of your energy centers filling them to capacity with the energy. Spend a couple minutes drawing the colors into your Chakras, pause and feel the benefit. You may also experiment with visualizing a laser of light sending the color energy into the Chakras.


Use your imagination. Using color is a fun way to balance your Chakras. You may also go on a treasure hunt and look for objects of color and focus on them . Be sure to use vivid color objects. Gemstones can be especially powerful.

Enjoy the Journey

Special thanks to Larry Selbiger for the graphic images.

Root Chakra
I am Grounded.

Sacral Chakra
I am Creative.

Solar Plexus Chakra
I am Powerful.
Heart Chakra
I am Love.
Introduction To Chakras
Throat Chakra
I am Truth.
Introduction To Chakras
Third Eye Chakra
I See Clearly.
Introduction To Chakras
Crown Chakra
I am a Being of Light.