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The Magic of the Seven Chakras And The Mysteries of the Sacred Oracle

The Magician Invites You
Into Your 3rd Eye Chakra

The Third Eye is a portal to the Great Mystery … the light and wisdom of the Divine. It gives you access to your Visions & Dreams.”     Eighth Code of Consciousness, Third Eye Chakra         Contact Anna

The testimonials reveal the mind-altering and powerful healing experiences and awe that manifests as they journey into the mirror of their soul.
They are Pure Magic.

Intuitive Visionary Readings

The Journey into The Magical Realms of the Chakras and The Sacred Realms Oracle

The 7 Chakras and The Sacred Oracle Journey of the Soul Cards invite on on a Inspirational Journey and empower you to explore your past, present and the path forward.<br> Your Loved Ones, (including beloved animal companions) Personal Guides and Archangels, manifest to connect you with your higher-self and share their knowledge and wisdom.

Clarity and inspiration replace fear, confusion and doubt. With just one reading you are empowered to tap into your creative power and make decisions that are in your highest and best interest. You feel whole and free to be authentic, to reach for something higher and have the confidence and knowledge to accomplish it. Your mind, body & soul are fully integrated and you are free to be the best version of you and have some fun too!

Anna serves as a Spiritual Mentor and Worldly guide sharing her Intuition, visionary gifts and wisdom to guide and empower you on a journey of self-discovery and expansion. She is one of the rare Intuitives that possesses the gift of seeing into the Visionary Realms of the Chakras. Using her 3rd eye Chakra, Anna receives full color – dynamic images of the Journey of your Soul, from childhood through present time.Your Inner Child speaks with you, giving you access to the whispers of your Soul.  Your Guides may manifest, sharing messages of healing and inspiration. The Path forward is revealed.

The Sacred Realms Oracle Cards were revealed to Anna in a Vision. It took her two years to design and illustrate the multi-cultural deck of 87 cards, with titles in four languages. The five levels of the deck unveil  the story of the Journey on the Soul manifesting in physical form.


The Law of Attraction



YES. Most relationships challenged by COMMUNICATION issues can be improved and or “fixed”. Ideally, it’s more desirable to have both parties participate. However, one person can change the dynamic of a relationship. Relationships involving abuse issues are a more complex challenge, usually requiring both parties to participate.

Insisting our point of view IS right and our partner is wrong results in a deadlock, denying us the flexibility we need to change the negative dynamic. Susan insists that Bill doesn’t listen to her. She feels unappreciated and accuses him of not valuing her sacrifices/contribution to the marriage. She told Bill six weeks prior to her appointment that she needed him to watch the kids on a Saturday. She reminded him the Monday before, as well as, several times that week. Saturday her son developed a fever. Her husband emerged from the bedroom in his work clothes. ONCE AGAIN he had FAILED to honor her time and his word. Irritated, her voice took on an accusatory tone justifying her position. She issued her demand stating he would have to stay home with Jimmy. Bill’s ego responded, “Maybe you need to change your plans and stay home with him.” In moments, they had slipped into their negative communication pattern.

When Susan realized Bill had forgotten, despite her multiple reminders, she controlled herself and constructively appealed to him. “Bill, I need your help. Jimmy has developed a fever. I made this appointment weeks ago. If I cancel at the last minute I will have to pay for the appointment. Would you mind staying with Jimmy so I can keep my appointment. I will get home as soon as possible.” Not many of us respond well to angry ultimatums. We do, however, respond to a plea for help or a chance to problem solve. Men respond to the opportunity to “fix” a problem; it’s the way their mind works. Bill said, “I’m sorry I forgot, I had some things come up at work. If you could get back as soon as you can I would appreciate it.”

Be thoughtful and kind, especially when you feel you are right.
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Chakra Healing & Readings

The 7 Chakras Reveal the Journey of Your Soul

Anna takes you on a journey into the prophetic portals of your Seven Primary Chakras. They hold the secrets of your ancestors, your current life and the way to heal, own your power and be totally authentic. They also reveal insights that empower you to have a truthful relationship with your self and others. Chakra Reading are Powerful Medicine for the Mind, Body & Soul. The Chakras are truly magical portals, but they are also powerful medicine for the body. When you practice Chakra Healing, flushing and balancing the Chakras daily, you are empowered with the ability to be in command of your life-force energy, which is the most effective way to practice energy protection. When you flush and balance your Chakras you bring the mind, body, heart and soul into balance. It takes only minutes and the benefits are over the top. Anna offers a Energy Protection Workshop that includes Chakra Healing and Balancing.

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The Seven Primary Chakras

Colors and Associations

ROOT                      (Red) connects us with the earth
SACRAL                 (Orange) connects us with our relationships and our creativity
SOLAR PLEXUS    (Yellow) connects us with our personal power
HEART                    (Green) is a portal to our soul or our essence
THROAT                 (Blue) enables us to connect and speak our truth
THIRD EYE             (Purple/Magenta) connects us with our intuition, dreams and
CROWN                 (Violet) connects us with the Creator, and the Divine.

Special Thanks to Larry Selbiger for the image.


Chakra Healing

The Chakras Healing power is amazing. You can  heal your mind, body, heart and soul when you access your Chakras. The 7  primary Chakras enable you to access and be in command of your life-force. The health benefits combined with the ability to look into your past, present and future are truly life-changing. 

Anna is gifted with the rare ability to see into the Seven Points of Light Chakras. Beginning with the Root Chakra and moving up to the Crown, the story of the Journey of Your Soul is revealed. It manifests as a mini-movie in technicolor. revealing insights that liberate you from the past,  give you clarity about what’s going on in present time and the knowledge and wisdom that empowers you to reach for your full potential.

You inner child may appear, along with guides and angels. It is genuinely like looking into your past, present and future. It is empowering to know what steps to take on your healing path and  be able to see how to move forward.

Chakras are truly magical portals that hold the memories of our past and present lives and give us access to the the knowledge and wisdom we need to be fully conscious, and therefore, the ability to evolve as individuals. The Chakras are timeless windows that hold the wonders and mysteries of our journey as a soul and as a human being. A Chakra reading gives you direct access to your inner journey, you can heal mind, body, heart and soul. Within these sacred portals, truth is held sacred and you can hear the whispers of your soul. You are empowered to take a quantum leap in your personal development.

Anna’s gift was first  revealed while balancing the Chakras of a client. She began by focusing on the Root Chakra, Suddenly the chakra opened she saw a vision. It was dynamic and in full color revealing her client acting out a scene from her childhood. Each of the other six Chakras also revealed dynamic imagery telling a story. Anna thought it was a one time magical gift, but from that moment forward she had the “Gift.”  Chakra readings are a rare intuitive gift. The readings can be used for Healing and Soul Searching. More and more people have become aware of the power of the Chakras, both their healing and visionary gifts. 


Past Life and Life Between Life Readings

The Law of Karma

Past Life Readings

Intuitive Visionary - Anna Abraham

Past Life Regression offers insights into challenges that present themselves in this life-time giving you the opportunity to be liberated from negative Karma from past lives. The Law of Karma suggests that negative deeds of the past must be atoned for in your present life or in future incarnations. Issues that  can’t be solved by other methods may be healed through Past Life Regression, freeing you from repeating your mistakes and suffering in this life time or future incarnations.

Hypnotherapy is the tool of choice, however, Visualization can be just as effective, depending on the individual.  Some Past Life Regression therapists use their intuition to obtain the information and share what they see. Whenever possible, I prefer to empower you to experience your past lives for yourself. It can be profoundly transformational. Past Life Readings are not always used for personal challenges. Others seek Past Life Readings out of  fascination or  just for fun.

The “New Age Movement” spawned a renewed wave of interest propelling Past Life Readings into a trendy must have for those seeking enlightenment. Many Hypnotherapists, specialized in Past Life Regression to satisfy the demand. Those who could not find answers elsewhere found that past life readings helped them see and heal or at least find acceptance.

Past-Life KARMA

Karma has became a common belief in many circles as way to explain the negative aspects of one’s current incarnation. In a world seemingly spinning out of control or deficient in moral values many “New Ager’s found refuge in Eastern Spirituality. The Consciousness of the ’60’s paved the way for Monks and guru’s from the East to migrate to America to teach the lost and corrupted Western seekers how to heal their heart and soul… how to find their way home. The principle of Karma is at the core of most Eastern Spiritual Disciplines. There is some irony in the fact that the Eastern mystics held appeal for the Western seekers and Western materialism held appeal for some Eastern youth who wanted more freedom than the confines of Eastern Spirituality and the concept of Karma would allow.

For as many believers in Past Lives there are just as many if not more, whose religious or philosophical beliefs prevent them from even entertaining the idea. There are also those who are not comfortable with the mysterious nature of reincarnation from a reality based conceptual point of view. No matter what you choose to believe… more and more research of a documented scientific nature is being complied by serious students of metaphysics, spirituality and anthropology of the belief in reincarnation. I try and remain open and fluid while being diligent in my role as an investigator of the cosmos and a soul seeking truth of the meaning of our existence.

Rodger Woolger Interview – A pioneer in Past Life Regression

Life Between Life Readings – Hypnotherapy

Michael Newton, a renown hypnotherapist, is considered the Godfather of “Between Life Readings.” He is the founder of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Dr. Michael Newton has document some 7,000 Life Between Life Regressions. His books are fascinating as he masterfully regresses his clients who come from all over the world to seek his services. Dr. Newton documents their journey through past life regression and ultimately to their “Life Between Lives” where they study their past lives and plan their next incarnation.

The sheer magnitude of his work combined with those of who have studies his techniques and carried them forward is stunning and documented. After experiencing a past life regression his clients, usually are met by a guide who escorts them through the gateway between worlds. From there they typically are either taken to a library where they can review all their incarnations or they go directly to meet their soul group. One can’t dismiss the commonality of their documented experiences … all 7,000 of them. It is fascinating, thought provoking and incredible to read the stories of those who have braved the journey. Why not explore the journey?

Michael Newton’s Books – Live Between Lives

Past Life Regression offers insights into challenges that present themselves in this life-time giving you the opportunity to be liberated from negative Karma. The Law of Karma suggests that negative deeds of the past must be atoned for in your present life or in future incarnations. Issues that are confusing or can’t be solved by other methods are often healed through Past Life Regression, freeing you from repeating your mistakes, from suffering, in this life time or future incarnations.

Hypnotherapy is the tool of choice, however, Visualization can be just as effective, depending on the individual.  Some Past Life Regression therapists use their intuition to obtain the information and share what they see. Whenever possible I prefer to empower you to experience your past lives for yourself. It can be profoundly transformational. Past Life Readings are not always used for personal, social or professional challenges. Others seek Past Life Readings because they are fascination or fun.

The “New Age Movement” spawned a renewed wave of interest propelling Past Life Readings into a trendy must have for those seeking enlightenment. Many Hypnotherapists, specialized in Past Life Regression to satisfy the demand. People who could not find answers in traditional therapies found that past life readings helped them see and heal or at least find acceptance

Archangel Readings

Archangel Tarot Readings

Intuitive Visionary & Psychic Readings

Divine Wisdom

The Archangel Arcana readings define the challenge, offer guidance and hope. The Archangels inspire an uplifting experience, allowing you to access Divine wisdom. They offer spiritual insights and practical counsel, enabling you to attain clarity while working through personal challenges. In this way you can move forward and align yourself with your life purpose to honor your soul’s journey.

Anna uses the Archangel Arcana of the Sacred Realms Visionary cards to unveil the wisdom of the Archangels. Additionally, the Archangels present the influences of surrounding energy, those above and the currents running below. With the inspirational wisdom of the Archangels, you are gifted with celestial guidance and blessings. Acting from your higher self enables you to stay grounded while resolving challenges.

The Visionary Symbolism & Wisdom of the Tarot-Archangel Arcana

Through the portals of the Tarot, you are invited on a fascinating journey  to explore the internal realms of your consciousness, the collective consciousness and the collective wisdom of those of the great masters of time and space.. You have the opportunity to experience the deepest realms of mystical symbolism and the meaning and visionary gifts of each of the portals without taking permanent lodging. Each portal offers the opportunity to experience that realm of being, to walk in those footsteps, whether they be earthbound or cosmic, to find out what messages or insights it holds for you.

The Tarot is so rich in mystical symbolism and spiritual wisdom that the insight go on long after the readings. The Tarot Cards inspire you to SEE deeper, to expand your awareness and discover your highest potential without fear or confusion. Through these magical portals of self discovery, you can expand your consciousness while exploring deeper realms of the physical and cosmic consciousness. You can ask questions and receive guidance while discovering different aspects of your soul’s journey on the earth and cosmic planes

Meet Your Totem Animal

Odin's Message
True Power Comes from Within

A Magical Experience

Meeting your totem/power animal is truly a transformational experience. Hawaiian tradition honors the creatures that inhabit the room or house where the child is born. That animal or creature becomes their sacred protector. Meeting your power animal for the first time is magical. The realization that you are not alone is transformational. Shamanism, which includes native cultures around the world, embrace and cherish the wisdom, strength and protection of their power animal. In many Native traditions, parents journey for their child to ensure protection until he or she is old enough to meet their own power animal.


Odin The White Tiger

The White Tiger is my sacred power animal. I have shared many journeys with this incredible being.This powerful image of Odin looks just like the White Tiger who manifested the first time I journeyed to meet my power animal. He materialized just inches from my face, then transformed into a Native being of indescribable strength and beauty. Throughout our journeys together, he morphs from Tiger to human at will. Odin resides at Six Flags in Northern California. The animals are honored as wild animals and given large spaces that compliment their needs. I wanted to meet a White Tiger… so I visited Odin. I wanted to be in the presence of a White Tiger before I transitioned to spirit. Odin crossed the rainbow bridge but his Spirit forever lives on.   Contact Anna

Power Animals – Messengers From the Great Mystery

Once you discover your power animal, you will have the most extraordinary companion. You can experience unconditional love and devotion. Whether you are on a healing path or facing challenges and or changes, your power animal can guide and help you gain the insights to master the transformational nature of your life. Knowing your power animal will deepen your awareness and well being on both a physical and spiritual level. As you can always call on your power animal, no need feel alone. Power animals  help you learn how to live in harmony with nature and it’s precious creatures. Many of us have come to understand how important it is for the human species to live in harmony with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. We realize we cannot sustain ourselves or achieve internal or external peace and unity without honoring the earth. Power Animals are very special spirit guides who are messengers from the Great Spirit. They serve the earth as well as those of us who call on them.

Power Animals Magically Appear

Often times your power animal has already visited you in a dream. You may not remember until you journey and discover him waiting for you. Or maybe a deer returns to your yard and you feel a special connection. He awakens you to your connection to deer; to all of nature. Deer represent gentleness of spirit, the kind of medicine that can heal all wounds. He may be there to remind you to use gentleness to lead you out of a current impasse.

Power Animals Bring A Special Kind Of Medicine

Each of the animals bring a special kind of love and medicine. Once you learn how to contact your power animals you can call on them any time you desire. You may attract more than one power animal or your primary power animal may change. Power animals are a very special breed; they choose to exist as guides for those of us in human bodies on our earth walk. I have visited their kingdom and I can only say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When I first thought of sharing this experience with others, my power animal took me to their kingdom. He called them all together and shared my intent. I was there to ask permission to connect people with their power animals. I unanimously received their blessings and I am honored to offer this extraordinary experience to those who have the desire to open their hearts and souls to this opportunity.

Humans have hunted White Tigers into near extinction. It is a tragic state of affairs and needs to be reversed. Most White Tigers exist in captivity. Ironically, it may be the only way they will survive the ignorance of man.
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Journey to Meet Your Guides

Seek A Guide
"Ask And You Shall Receive."


Angels and Spirit Guides

Meeting our Spirit Guides, Archangels and Masters is a magical gift from the Sacred Realms. Because we possess dual consciousness, one of earthbound energies and one of cosmic frequencies, we have the ability to access higher beings from non physical realms of consciousness with our Third Eye Chakra.

A Divine Connection can happen with intention or as  a spontaneous visitation. The connection can be inspired using techniques, such as visualization, meditation, hypnotherapy, life line therapy, vibrational inspiration, shamanic journeying, focusing on your Chakras or through various energy medicine or energy techniques. You can also receive inspiration from poetry. a book or piece of art, music, a walk in nature, or the Cosmos, a guide may appear and through the power of prayer.

It is best to begin with a guide, or at the very least, proper training. Energy protection is a must! There are spirits of the light and the darkness. The untrained traveler could be fooled by an agent of darkness or disembodied spirit with self serving or even evil intent. Some are shape shifters and can be quite stealthy, convincing and  therefore dangerous.Once you learn energy protection and become familiar with the  process it is easier to  accept the mystifying nature of the journey without getting lost in whether it’s real or not. With time you may be able to access your guides using  your own ritual. Just suspend belief or disbelief and treasure the experience without judgment.

The first time I was exposed to the possibility a highly developed psychic called me on the phone and announced there were spirits that wanted to speak to me. Her call came out of the blue and I was stunned by her words. I couldn’t imagine why spirits wanted to talk with me. Even if it was so. I couldn’t relate. I remember saying something like, “Just tell them I’m busy for now.”

Throughout my life I have had visitations and visions. Even though I have received  visions over the past 30 years, I didn’t really realize there was a pattern until 2007. When I received twelve visions in twelve hours. The “Twelve Codes of Consciousness” that I owned what was happening to me. They were dynamic technicolor visions rich with spirit guides and symbolism with Mother Earth and a host of other spirits manifesting throughout the journey.

Over the years I have come to trust the journey, but I am always humbled and awed by the Great Mystery in all it’s many forms. The Path of the Mystic is an illusive and unknowable journey full of magic, spiritual lessons and awakenings. Each time I become child like and reverent of the Divine nature of existence.One of the greatest honors and joys of my journey, is to serve and guide others, empowering them to meet their spirit guides and power animals.

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A Journey of Self Discovery & Empowerment

Intuitive Readings & Vision Quests

Readings are Magical Portals
Of Wisdom & Knowledge

Play With The Universe

Anna is devoted to empowering people to reach for their Highest Potential. She offers guidance and answers to assist you on your journey of self-discovery. She is a Multi-dimensional Intuitive & Mystical Visionary, Master Energy Healer, Shaman, Rev., Hypnotherapist, Author, Painter, Photographer & Dancer.


All Readings (phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime) – by appointment only.

Payment for readings (unless in person) received in advance of a booked appointment, through PayPal OR check / money order.


Cancellation Policy

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 24 hours notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice, will incur a fee which is equal to the hourly rate for the service.

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