3rd eye journey

Angels, Spirit Guides & Our Higher Self (3rd Eye Chakra)

Meeting our Higher Self, Spirit Guides, 
Angels, Archangels and master teachers, 
is an inspiring mystical experience,
gifts from the celestial realms.

Because we possess dual consciousness, one of earthbound energies and one of cosmic frequencies, we have the ability to access higher beings from non physical realms of consciousness. Using our 3rd eye, we can surf the cosmic realms of existence and make a divine connection.

It can happen at will, a spontaneous or deliberate visitation. It can also happen by intent, by any number of techniques, such as visualization, meditation, hypnotherapy, life line therapy, vibrational inspiration, shamanic journeying, focusing on one of your Chakras or through various energy medicine or energy techniques, poetry, writing, an inspirational book or piece of art, a walk in nature, connecting to Mother Earth or the Cosmos, a guide of some kind and of course praying.

For multiple reasons, it’s best to begin with a guide, or at the very least, proper training. Energy protection is a must! There are spirits of the light and the darkness. The untrained traveler could be fooled by an agent of darkness or disembodied spirit with self serving or even evil intent. Some are shape shifters and can be quite stealthy, convincing and dangerous.

With the proper guidance, you may be able to make a solo connection after a few times. Once you learn energy protection, get used to the process and accept the mystifying nature of the journey without getting lost in whether it’s real or not, you may be able to access your guides with your own ritual. Just suspend belief or disbelief and treasure the experience without judgment.

I can remember the first time I was exposed to the possibility. A highly developed psychic called me on the phone when I was in my late teens and announced there were spirits that wanted to speak to me. Her call came out of the blue and I really didn’t believe that any spirits wanted to talk with me. I couldn’t imagine why they wanted to talk to me, even if it was so. It seemed unreal to me. I remember saying something rather disinterested like, “Just tell them I’m busy for now”. But it did take lodging in the back of my mind.

Throughout my life I have had visitations and visions. Even though it happened continually over the past 40 years, I didn’t string it together until 2007, when I received twelve visions in twelve hours. The “Twelve Codes of Consciousness” (see Mystical Visions and Prayers for more detail) were dynamic technicolor visions rich with spirit guides and symbolism with Mother Earth and a host of other spirits materializing.

Over the years I have come to trust the journey, but I am always humbled and awed by the Great Mystery in all it’s many forms. The Path of the Mystic is an illusive and unknowable journey full of magic, spiritual lessons and awakenings. Each time I become child like and reverent of the Divine nature of existence.

One of the greatest honors and joys of my journey, is to serve and guide others, enabling them to meet their spirit guides and power animals.

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