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The White Tiger is my sacred power animal. I have shared many journeys with this incredible being.This powerful image of the White Tiger whose name is Odin looks just like the White Tiger who manifested the first time I journeyed to meet my power animal. He materialized just inches from my face, then transformed into a Native being of indescribable strength and beauty. Throughout our journeys together, he morphs from Tiger to human at will. Odin resides at Six Flags in Northern California. The animals are honored as wild animals and given large spaces that compliment their needs. I wanted to meet a White Tiger… so I visited Odin. I wanted to be in the presence of a White Tiger before I transitioned to spirit.

Meeting Your Power Animal – A Magical Experience

Meeting your power animal for the first time is one of the most magical and delightful of experiences and one of the most precious and valuable of experiences. Shamanism, which includes native cultures around the world, embrace and cherish the wisdom, strength and protection of their power animal. In many Native traditions, parents journey for their child to ensure protection until he or she is old enough to meet their own power animal.

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Meeting your power animal is truly a transformational experience. Hawaiian tradition honors the creatures that inhabit the room or house where the child is born. That animal or creature becomes their sacred protector.

Once you discover your power animal, you will have the most extraordinary companion. You can experience unconditional love and devotion. Whether you are on a healing path or facing challenges and or changes, your power animal can guide and help you gain the insights to master the transformational nature of your life. Knowing your power animal will deepen your awareness and well being on both a physical and spiritual level. As you can always call on your power animal, no need feel alone.

Power Animals – Messengers From the Great Mystery

Your power animal will help you learn how to live in harmony with nature and its precious creatures. Many of us have come to understand how important it is for the human species to live in harmony with Mother Earth and all her inhabitants. We realize we cannot sustain ourselves or achieve internal or external peace and unity without honoring the earth. Power Animals are very special spirit guides who are messengers from the Great Spirit. They serve the earth as well as those of us who call on them.

Power Animals Magically Appear

Often times your power animal has already visited you in a dream. You may not remember until you journey and discover him waiting for you. Or maybe a deer returns to your yard and you feel a special connection. He awakens you to your connection to deer; to all of nature. Deer represent gentleness of spirit, the kind of medicine that can heal all wounds. He may be there to remind you to use gentleness to lead you out of a current impasse.

Power Animals – Each Brings A Special Kind of Love and Medicine

Each of the animals bring a special kind of love and medicine. Once you learn how to contact your power animals you can call on them any time you desire. You may attract more than one power animal or your primary power animal may change. Power animals are a very special breed; they choose to exist as guides for those of us in human bodies on our earth walk. I have visited their kingdom and I can only say it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. When I first thought of sharing this experience with others, my power animal took me to their kingdom. He called them all together and shared my intent. I was there to ask permission to connect people with their power animals. I unanimously received their blessings and I am honored to offer this extraordinary experience to those who have the desire to open their hearts and souls to this opportunity.

Human beings have hunted this magnificent white Tiger into near extinction. It is a tragic state of affairs and needs to be reversed. Most White Tigers exist in captivity. Ironically, it may be the only way they will survive the ignorance of man.
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