Life Between Lives(elementor)

Module 1 & 2 – $6500

Module II

Module 3 – $2700

Past Lives & Life Between Lives

The Journey of the Soul

Life Between Lives is a sacred journey which empowers you to heal past life karma that prevents you from achieving your full mind, body soul potential in this lifetime. If you feel lost in repetitive cycles that are not in your highest and best interest and can’t figure out why or how to liberate yourself, the journey into Life Between Lives will set you free.

Anna guides you into the Sacred Realms of Life Between Lives using hypnosis and visualization, to review past lives and discover the primary lesson you need to learn to release the original wound and own your power. It is a healing journey that empowers you to liberate yourself, as well as, those in your soul circle who reincarnated with you in this life-time.

Once released from the past, your life-force energy will increase. You will achieve clarity, inner peace, a renewed sense of creative power and joy. Experiencing your authentic self empowers you to share your gifts and honor the Journey of Your Soul.Anna guides you back through your current life to return to the womb. As you pass through the womb you are released from your human form and your spirit is free to return to the spirit world, life between lives. You may be met by a guide or someone in your soul circle and escorted to either your soul circle or the Great Library where you can review your current life. You may be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your check in with you. However your primary purpose is to meet with your soul circle.

You will discover the primary souls in your circle, which of them reincarnated with you in your current life cycle and what roles you are playing, and the lessons you are teaching each other. You may also briefly visit the ring of destiny to reawaken the memory of choosing your body. Module 3 gives you the extraordinary experience of revisiting the Ring of Destiny and witnessing the choices you were given and body you selected in this lifetime

Life Between Lives – A Journey like No Other

The Sacred Journey into Life Between Lives also offers you the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Ring of Destiny and explore future incarnations. If you choose to reincarnate you will meet with your primary soul circle, as well as your guides, and you plan your next lifetime together. You will be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your reincarnations for a full review of your present life.

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