meridian balancing
Holistic Healing
Anna Abraham


The Fourteen Meridians, or energy pathways, are essential to the free flow of energy throughout the human body. They carry currents of energy and interact with the other seven primary energy systems of the body.

Realigning the Meridians, daily, is one of the most valuable ways to ensure your energy flows freely without obstruction. The Meridians, though invisible to most human eyes, travel through all the major organs and muscle groups of the body, removing blockages and revitalize your primary organs. Realigning your Meridians is similar to the dynamic of realigning your spine.

You feel an immediate benefit that continues to balance and energize you throughout the day. Studies have show that an imbalance in the Meridians often manifests as an illness in the body.

The Governing and Central Meridians are centrally located on the body, with the Governing Meridian flowing from the tip of your nose over the crown of the head and down the back of the spine. The Central Meridian begins on top of the lip and continues down the center of the front of the body; they are powerful energy pathways. The other twelve of Meridians form a chain and are linked. Each of the twelve, are identified by the organs they serve.

Chinese acupuncture is based on the Meridian energy system. It is no wonder acupuncture and acupressure are so effective. They are ancient forms of Energy Medicine. The Chinese read pulses to pinpoint the cause of the imbalance and then use the Meridians, whether it be strengthening or sedating the energy flow, to bring the body into a state of balance. Their ability to read the pulses of the the body is as accurate as Western diagnostic equipment at identifying the health challenge.

All life-forms have meridians, including animals, creatures, winged ones and all plant forms, which serve as pathways for their life-force.


  1. Spleen Meridian
  2. Small Intestine Meridian
  3. Kidney Meridian
  4. Bladder Meridian
  5. Circulation Sex Meridian
  6. Triple Warmer Meridian
  7. Gall Bladder Meridian
  8. Liver Meridian
  1. Lung Meridian
  2. Large Intestine Meridian
  3. Stomach Meridian
  4. Heart Meridian


  1. Lightly tracing your meridians with your fingers
  2. Moderately twist and stretch the alarm points for each Meridian
  3. Cleansing or flushing congested Meridians
  4. Use pressure or hold the acupuncture points at each end of the Meridian
  5. Massage the neuro-lymphatic points

Once you learn how to do the techniques, it takes just minutes. Learning the strengthening and sedating points of the Meridians increases your ability to revitalize your energy and heal while gaining command of your energy. If you are interested in Energy Medicine and self healing, mastering the Meridians is one of the most powerful tools you can use.