Energy Medicine

We Are The Shepherds of Planet Earth

The Source of Natural Medicine is the Universal Life-force


The Essence of Energy Medicine is Love

When we tap into the power of the universal life-force energy, we access the source and the power of Natural Healing Energy. This energy can be used to heal the Earth, ourselves, our animal companions,  and all creatures. The world would surely be a better place if we treated all beings, all that exists with respect, love and compassion.

Energy Medicine for Animals gives us the ability to participate in the holistic well being of our animal companions with love and intention.  The healing touch enables us to give them the loving care that helps them heal holistically and tells them how much we cherish them.

Higher Consciousness

We Are The Shepherds of Planet Earth

When we respect the Earth, Animals, Winged Ones,  Creatures  … and each other
We heal ourselves,  our mind, body and soul. We align our vibration
with that of Mother Earth and the Universe.


All That Exists Has Consciousness

The animals and creatures of the Earth offer us this lesson. When we could open up our minds to receive the message; we realize all that exists has consciousness and therefore its own unique intelligence. When we respect the Earth that sustains us while in human form and all the beings and creatures who inhabit it, we elevate our consciousness and raise our collective vibration as a species. The path to peace surely lies in co-existence. When we embrace co-existence as natural law we align ourselves with the universal energy that flows through all things. We become shepherds of the earth and it’s creatures instead of predators at war with nature and it’s diverse lifeforms. As Shepherds of the Earth we can evolve into a higher state of being and peacefully co-exist with all of nature.

When we respect all of life, we heal ourselves … our minds, bodies and our soul… and therefor our hearts. We become citizens of the earth, the galaxy and the universe with a consciousness that embraces co-existence. With this inner harmony we are at peace with Earth which sustains us while we are in human form.  As we are composed of all the same elements of the universe we are connected to all that exists. Like a river we flow naturally with all of existence.

Honor Mother Earth and all the Animals and Creatures as Conscious Beings

Traditionally many have viewed animals as having a lower consciousness than humans. This tragic misperception has been played out throughout human history.  As people awaken to a higher consciousness they discover all animals and creatures possess their own unique consciousness.  If it is our collective intention to evolve to a higher consciousness, to genuinely understand our place in the universal web of existence we have to honor all of nature including animals and other lifeforms. Their survival is critical to maintain nature’s balance, therefore, critical to the survival of the human race.

Animals have highly developed senses including an amazing capacity for smell. They can be trained to detect cancer and a wide variety of other illnesses. Neither scientists nor any other humans have the capacity to detect cancer with just their sense of smell. They require high technology to run extensive tests, when a canine can smell cancer in moments.

Animals are being used to help heal humans as well as a host of other services that challenge the belief that they are of lower intelligence therefore of lesser value. Each has their own unique intelligence. We need to respect and care for them. Domesticated animals are family members to many and trusted friends to multitudes more. Many are in service to humanity. Energy Medicine for Animals helps us cultivate a deeper bond with our animal companions and honor their unique gifts.

Imagine an Earth without Animals

It is hard to imagine the Earth without the animals. We have to make every effort to coexist with nature and the animals. Just as we take in oxygen from the trees and plants, we are clothed and fed by the animals that inhabit the earth.  It’s insanity to abuse the source that sustains us.

Energy Medicine Heart and Soul Medicine

Energy Medicine For Animals helps us get in touch with the heart and soul of our humanity and gives us access to the heart and soul of our animal friends. In addition to its extraordinary healing power, it gives us a way to help them have a healthier and happy life, while providing the opportunity to honor them for the many gifts of love, devotion and compassion they give us.  Energy Medicine is Heart and Soul Medicine.
It helps deepen the bond and in the process helps us raise our consciousness
and honor all of life We may even learn Unconditional Love.

Citizens of the Earth, the Galaxy and the Universe

When we respect all of life we heal ourselves … our minds … our bodies and our soul … and our hearts. We can embrace co-existence and open our hearts to Unconditional Love.

When we remember we are citizens of the earth, the galaxy and the universe, we embrace our humanity honoring all that exists.  When we embrace a Higher Consciousness, we raise our collective consciousness.  We fulfill our higher purpose as a collective … we contribute to the evolution of the human species.