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Energy Healing For
Dogs, Cats, Horses & Winged ones

Anna Abraham
Master Energy Healer

The Power of Natural Healing with Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine has its own unique healing power, compliments and enhances traditional medicine, expedites healing and helps to minimize the effects of invasive procedures and drugs.

The TAOSHEBA TECHNIQUE, the full spectrum of Energy Medicine, enables you to care for your animal friends using natural energy techniques, including Energy Talk, Reiki, Chakra Healing, Energy Reading, Meridians and Auras. Powerful, yet non-invasive, Energy Medicine is ideal for animals and people. Animals love Energy Medicine.

It does not replace professional care for serious health challenges. With the cost of veterinary care escalating, learning The TAOSHEBA Energy Medicine Techniques expands your ability to pro-actively respond to the daily care of your animal companions, as well as, many health challenges. You can learn when and how to use Energy Medicine and save costly visits to the vets.

This website is created to honor all the animals who give us unconditional love, to empower those who care for them an to expand the awareness of the healing power of Energy Medicine for Animals.

Natural Healing For Animals

Energy Medicine – A Gift of Self-empowerment

Natural Healing for Animals is a workbook for all skill levels, those who have experience, as well as those who want to learn. The techniques are presented with step by step photographic illustrations and heart warming stories that showcase the healing power of Energy Medicine. They are simple to learn and easy to do, yet very effective. The workbook empowers you to be pro-active in the daily well being of your animal companions, as well as being able to respond to health challenges with love, knowledge and skill.

The Power of Energy Medicine

The TAOSHEBA Techniques:
Easy to learn and simple to do.
Communicate with Energy Talk.
Share theLlove with Reiki.
Powerful yet non-invasive.

Cost of book $ 19.99. Plus one COMPLIMENTARY Image of the Chakra Chart For Dogs, Cats or Horses (pdf) when you purchase the book. Additional images $3.00 each. Purchase the book at

The TAOSHEBA Technique

Energy Medicine for Animals was inspired by my two beloved Akita’s, Tao and Sheba. Throughout their lives I used natural healing for their daily needs, as well as, to compliment professional care. When they reached their senior years Energy Medicine was invaluable. I was able to revitalize their energy and keep them comfortable as the aging process presented senior challenges.

Tao was so disappointed when he reached the stage where he wasn’t strong enough to walk around the block. Chakra Healing is powerful medicine for animals and people. When I reset his Chakras (his seven primary energy centers) he was able to resume our walk. After that he waited for me to reset his Chakras before we took our walks. He knew what I was doing and your beloved companion will too!

When Tao’s time came to leave his body, I used the “The Laying on of Hands” to take away the pain until he took his last breath. Following Tao and Sheba’s transition to spirit, Master Mink and Sweet Ebony, two feral cats made their way in from the wild and into my heart. Master Mink arrived the day Sheba transitioned. Weeks later he brought Ebony, his special friend, to live with us. Just as Tao and Sheba tutored me in canine Energy Medicine Master Mink and Ebony taught me feline Energy Medicine. Together we created The TAOSHEBA Technique. You too can be an Energy Healer, The TAOSHEBA TECHNIQUE is easy to learn and do.

Foxy Loves Energy Medicine

Natural Healing is not just for Dogs & Cats
It is in the best interest of your animals friends as well as those living in nature to use natural healing whenever possible. Natural Healing for Animals gifts you with the opportunity to learn how to share Energy Medicine with your animals friends. It is truly a gift of empowerment and love. Horses, birds and squirrels, all animals and winged ones respond to Natural Healing. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless when animals are in need, whether it’s your animal companions or those in the wild. Learning the TAOSHEBA Technique gives you the power to be there when the needs presents itself.

Energy Medicine Works
The Power of Healing Energy is truly amazing. How does Energy Medicine work? When you are working with any form of Energy Medicine you are tapping into the natural life-force energy that exists in the universe and all life-forms. It can be converted into powerful healing energy especially when fueled with intention and love. The Universal life-force is an infinite source of powerful healing energy.

Energy Medicine Benefits:

When To Use Energy Medicine

More and more traditional veterinarians are practicing “Integrative Medicine.” They use multiple methods of healing from both Eastern and Western models of medicine to expand the potential. Energy Medicine for Animals contributes to Integrative Healing with its spectrum of Natural Healing Techniques and empowers those who wish to share the powerful benefits of Natural Healing with their animal friends. Integrative Medicine brings the best of both traditional and natural healing methods together for the highest good of all.

Natural Healing Techniques for Animals

We Are The Shepherds of Planet Earth

When we share Energy Medicine we respect the Earth, Animals, Winged Ones, Creatures and each other. We naturally align our vibration with Mother Earth, as well as, the Universe. We embrace a consciousness of respecting and honoring Mother Earth who sustains us while we are in human form. Mother Earth has a consciousness, a spirit, emotions and intelligence just as we do. As we are composed of all the same elements as the universe we are apart of all that exists. Like a river we flow naturally … with all of existence.

Honor Mother Earth and all the Animals and Life-forms as Conscious Beings

Traditionally many have viewed animals as having a lower consciousness than humans. This tragic misperception has been played out throughout human history. As people awaken to a higher consciousness they discover all animals and creatures possess their own unique consciousness. If it is our collective intention to evolve to a higher consciousness, to genuinely understand our place in the universal web of existence we have to honor all of nature including animals and other lifeforms. Their survival is critical to maintain nature’s balance, therefore, critical to the survival of the human race.

Animals have highly developed senses including an amazing capacity for smell. They can be trained to detect cancer and a wide variety of other illnesses. Neither scientists nor any other humans have the capacity to detect cancer with just their sense of smell. They require high technology to run extensive tests, when a canine can smell cancer in moments.

Animals are being used to help heal humans as well as a host of other services that challenge the belief that they are of lower intelligence therefore of lesser value. Each has their own unique intelligence. We need to respect and care for them. Domesticated animals are family members to many and trusted friends to multitudes more. Many are in service to humanity. Energy Medicine for Animals helps us cultivate a deeper bond with our animal companions and honor their unique gifts.

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