Sacred Realms Oracle Cards
A Visionary Journey of Self Discovery & Mastery with Anna Abraham, Visionary Intuitive, Artist, Guide & Spiritual Mentor

A Journey into a Mirror of Your Soul through the Portals of Sacred Knowledge and Universal Wisdom … and discover your purpose through the Visionary Wisdom and Artistry of Anna Abraham.

The Sacred Realms of Transformation

The 10 Portals of Cosmic Consciousness

The 12 Realms of the Archangels (Divine & Earthly Wisdom)

The 7 Gifts of Empowerment

The 5 Portals of the Wisdom of Mother Earth & the 4 Seasons.

The 53 Portals of the Mind, Body, Soul Paradigm of Earthly Existence

Sacred Realms is a magical multi-cultural Oracle deck of 87 cards with titles in English, French, Italian and Spanish. It gifts you with a mirror to your soul, past, present and future.

Explore the Journey of Your Soul

Insights into your past … present … and how to transform your dreams … embrace your purpose … and your gifts. When you remember you are a being of light with a special gifts to share … the magic unfolds.

Reading’s offered by phone, Zoom, Facetime and Skype

Blessed Be Your Journey

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Anna Abraham Multi-dimensional Intuitive, Visionary Guide & Spiritual Mentor