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 The Journey of the Soul Oracle Readings

Spiritual Healer & Intuitive Visionary
Anna Abraham

Explore the Journey of Your Soul, Your Past, Present and The Path Forward to access the Ancient Knowledge and Universal Wisdom of the Sacred Realms Oracle Cards through the Wisdom and Artistry of Anna Abraham, Spiritual Mentor and Worldly Guide.

The Journey Of the Soul Sacred Realms Oracle Deck

The 10 Portals of Cosmic Consciousness
The 12 Realms of the Archangels (Divine & Earthly Wisdom)
The Seven Gifts of Empowerment
The 5 Portals of the Wisdom of Mother Earth & the 4 Seasons.
The 53 Portals of the Mind, Body, Soul Paradigm of Earthly Existence

The Transformational Journey
Of the Soul Manifesting In Human Form

Sacred Realms is a magical multi-cultural Oracle deck of 87 cards with titles in English, French, Italian and Spanish. It gifts you with a mirror into The Journey of Your Soul as your soul goes through the 5 levels of transformation to merge with the human body.

The Soul begins its journey through the 10 portals of the Sacred Realms, The Cosmic Wisdom of Cosmic Consciousness.  One must try to remember the higher wisdom of  the Sacred Realms once you become fully human. Then moves down into the 12 portals of the Archangels that represent a bridge of the wisdom between heaven and earth. The next level represents the 7 Gifts of empowerment that are essential to remember as you take on the challenges of the physical world. The Fourth level invites you to commune with Mother Earth and the wisdom of the 4 Seasons. The transformation is complete.

The 53 portals of the main body of the deck represent the full spectrum of the human experience, the challenge, the challenges and the rewards of being human. The cards empower you to navigate the human experience and empower you with wisdom and knowledge.

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The Oracle of the Sacred Realms

Explore the Journey of Your Soul

Insights into your past, present and how to own your power, manifest your dreams, discover your higher purpose and walk in your own light. When you remember you are a being of light with special gifts to share the magic unfolds.

Readings shared via Zoom.
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Blessed Be Your Journey

Anna Abraham Shares The Wisdom of her Lifelong Quest for the Truth of Existence

As A Multi-Dimensional Visionary Intuitive, and Spiritual  Healer and Mentor

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