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Guardian Matrix Masterclass

The Guardian Matrix Visioning Masterclass

Cost – $ 2795 per person
Time Commitment 10 – 12 Months
2 – 3 hours –  twice a month

Reiki Training I – II  is available as an add on. Time commitment  minimum 2 – 3 hours per month – $1500.


Healing Mind, Body &
Soul Together

For Individuals

Guardian Matrix Individual Healing Plan
The Guardian Matrix Vision Quest

Cost – $ 2795 per person
Time Commitment 10 – 12 Months
2 – 3 hours –  twice a month<br>

2 Year Plan – Time Commitment as per your schedule. Payment Plans Available.  Contact Anna





A Mirror into the Journey of Your Soul
“A beautiful and revealing journey into Myselfand My Limitless Potential.” -Denise

A Visionary Journey of Self Discovery & Empowerment. Explore the Journey of Your Soul, Your Past, Present and The Path Forward to access the Ancient Knowledge andUniversal Wisdom of the Sacred Realms Oracle Cards through the Visionary Wisdomand Artistry of Anna Abraham, Spiritual Mentor and Worldly Guide.Doubt, Confusion and Fear Gone – the Path Forward Revealed

Clarity - in 1 Reading

1 Hour $150 – 1 1/2 hours – $225 – 2 Hours $300 
The Burning Question $ 125 – 30 minutes

Journey of the Soul Readings


Counseling & Hypnosis

Healing the Mind, Body & Soul Together is Good Medicine.

“I’d say it’s pretty cool! There is no limit of empowerment given to a person blessed to be in Anna’s orbit. Her wisdom, empathy, compassion, love, uplift and heal. Her patience, support, and guidance are invaluable to us as we release what does not serve is. And tap into our true selves and raise our vibrations.” Nicky

The Power of Integrative Healing

Healing the mind, body and soul releases memories that influence your thoughts and behavior in present time liberating you to project and attract positive energy. Your life force energy will flow unobstructed… health and vitality will return… the heart is free to love purely, without clouding your relationships with negative memories or behaviors from the past. Your spirit can be joyful… your body can be free of pain, fear, anxiety and your mind can attain clarity. You can align yourself with your life’s purpose and attain inner peace and confidence.

1 Hour $150 – 1 1/2 Hour $225 – 2 Hours $300

With Soul Integration

1 Hour $175 – 1 1/2 Hours $250 – 2 hours – $350

Spiritual & Emotional Healing
If you feel you would benefit from a series of healing sessions Anna offers a complimentary consultation to collaborate on a healing plan. Discount packages available for 3 – 12 month commitments.

Vision Quests

“Pure magic. – It was so amazing.”I am a brain centered kind of guy, but the drum took me into another zone. It happened before I could tell myself No Way!” – John

Anna combines Shamanic Journeying (with the Hoop Drum, Vibrational Transcendence (with the Crystal Bowls) and Visualization to inspire to explore alternative realms of existence, including meeting your guides, power animals, your higher self, ego, and Inner Warrior.  It’s Exciting! 

1 ½ hours $ 175 – 2 hours $ 300

Cost: A series of 3 - $ 600
A series of 6 $ 1050
A series of 10- $ 1500

Vision Quests

Explore the Journey

Your Power Animals
Your Guides
Your Ego
Your Inner Warrior
Yourself as A Wise Old Man or Woman

A Journey of Empowerment

Access Your Inner Wisdom
Take Back Your Power & Own It
Heal & Integrate Your Inner Child
Identify Your Personal & Universal Purpose
Talk with Your Heart & Commune with Your Soul


Natural Healing for Animals

Cost of book $19.99 (FREE SHIPPING US), Plus one COMPLIMENTARY Image of the Chakra Chart For Dogs, Cats or Horses (pdf) with purchase of the book. Additional images $3.00 each. Ebook $(9.99) on Amazon Kindle Book.

Purchase the book

Book 6"x9"


COMPLIMENTARY IMAGE (1) of the CHAKRA CHART for DOGS, CATS or HORSES (pdf) with purchase of the book. Additional images $ 3.00 each.

Contact Anna to receive images $ 3.00 each. 

Chakra Chart

The Twelve Codes of Consciousness

Evolutionary Empowerment to the Human Race

“Everything that exists is Sacred and has Consciousness.”
“The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” are a call to the Twelve Realms of Higher Consciousness; Energy Medicine for the Cosmic and Global transitions that lie ahead. Revealed through Anna from thepowerful Twelve Points of Light Chakra Visions, they activate the highest aspects of our spiritual and evolutionary capacity. Embedded within, The Twelve Codes expand our consciousness and begin the process of reconnecting the remaining strands of our DNA. The Twelve Codes offer a Bridge between Religion and Spiritualism.

This heightened sense of our humanity, our spiritual potential, is a Gift of Empowerment to all Beings of Light; Warriors of Consciousness. With this new Consciousness, we transcend the limitations of the material plane and begin our predestined ascent to the higher spheres of consciousness. 

“The power of full awareness of the few can energetically transcend the density of the masses and create change. – ”Mother Earth, First Code from the Twelve Codes of Consciousness. 

$22.95 free shipping (Continental US only) 

The Seven Mastermind Principles CD

Mystical Visionary Anna Abraham, guides you on the journey of your soul as a co-creator into “The Chakras Gateways of Wisdom and Empowerment”

This inspiring visualization takes you on a journey into the Chakras, a journey of self discovery and expansion. The mind, body and spirit relax into a state of peace and harmony and the portal to your 3rd eye opens … revealing the nature and purpose of your journey
Anna masterfully takes you out on that mystical edge, where the magic and the mystery of the cosmos, the realm of the higher Chakras, dance between this world and the next… revealing the secrets behind the veil.Through the magical Gateways of the Chakra Seven Points of Light, you are empowered to discover and embrace your inner sight… to think a little deeper and reach for something higher.

$17.95 with FREE postage (Continental USA only)
expect 3-5 day delivery

Visionary Journey into the Chakras CD

The Seven Master Mindset Principles” cultivate an Intentional Consciousness… an awareness of our relationship to each other, the earth and the cosmos.The Seven Principles are the link between our inner wisdom and the cosmic intelligence of the universe. Once we align our consciousness with these seven universal truths, we are in sync with the intelligence of the spirit that runs through all things.We remember we are co-creators… and honor both our earthly and cosmic consciousness. In this way we have a truthful relationship with ourselves and honor our full potential… as a citizen of the earth and of the cosmos.We remember we are a part of all that exists and all that exists is a part of us. As part of the magic and the mystery of the universe we embrace life as an adventure.

Colorful compact Chakra visual included with CD
$19.95 plus free shipping (Continental USA only)

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