Soul Retrieval or Fragmentation Integration are two of the most powerful and effective healing techniques available. They basically achieve the same objective: to retrieve a fragment of the person’s soul or psyche that went into hiding or escaped while seeking to avoid coping with a painful physical world trauma. The Shamanic tradition believes a part of the soul flees and travels into non-physical reality. In the case of children, the Shaman travels to the Children’s Realm of Lost Souls. Many practitioners of Guided Imagery or Visualization and Hypnotherapy believe a fragment of the person’s memory takes

refuge deep in the subconscious to avoid the pain. The trauma could be the death of a loved one, an auto accident, a failed romance, a spiritual or religious trauma, emotional or physical/sexual abuse, just to name a few. It can happen at any age. A part of one’s soul or memory literally gets stuck in a time warp at the time of the trauma.

It takes great skill, dedication and compassion to successfully perform this kind of healing work. There are times when I use a synthesis of techniques that draw from both disciplines as well as energetic and vibrational healing methods.


In the Shamanic tradition, the Shaman, with the help of his or her guides, journeys into non-physical reality to rescue the fragmented part of the person’s soul and reintegrates the fragmented part with the soul. The Shaman is trained to deal with the dark side of the spirit world, including spirits and other entities with negative intentions, as well as, those who inhabit different realms of the spirit world.


The Shaman takes sole responsibility for the soul retrieval. The client is not required to be consciously or physically involved in the process. Often the Shaman performs an“extraction”. For example, an extraction could be used if someone is suffering from a broken heart. They may express their pain or betrayal as if they had been stabbed with a knife in the heart. Or, perhaps someone had intentionally inserted the knife as a hex, as an act of vengeance. It may also be from a past life experience. The Shaman may be accompanied by his or her guides power animal. The Shaman extracts the knife. Journeying into non-physical reality, he or she searches for, and returns with, the soul fragmentation and performs a Shamanic ceremony to merge the fragmentation with the client.


Visualization or Guided Imagery are also two of the most powerful and creative healing techniques used in Fragmentation Integration. The possibilities of adapting the appropriate Guided Imagery and or technique for each individual is unlimited. This process fascinates men, women and children alike. In my practice, I present it as a vision quest and serve as a guide. It is an exciting, inspiring and imaginative break-through technique. As a healing technique, it is unparalleled. It holds the capacity to inspire the healer within each of us to take charge on a level that honors the person and their comfort zone. Guided imagery offers one the opportunity to journey and retrieve the fragmented part of their psyche or soul with the assistance of a guide. This empowers the person to engage in their own healing process; defining the level of their involvement as they so choose. These fascinating vision quests inspire incredible symbolic imagery. It is an extraordinary experience and is unique to each individual.


Guided imagery can be used for long distance healing over the telephone. It is just as effective. When a client lives in another city or someone can’t get in for his or her appointment, I use this long distance healing technique. Reiki, a Japanese form of energetic healing (see Services & Techniques for more detailed information), is also a valuable technique for use in the phenomenon of long distance healing.

These two techniques give you the ability to choose the level of your participation while defining the healing process that is most compatible for your physical, emotional or spiritual challenge. Guided Imagery, is for people who want to participate in the journey. Whereas the Shamanic retrieval process (with the Shaman performing the soul retrieval), would be a more appropriate for more complex challenges that require the specialized skill of the Shaman. Either way is highly effective.


I use multiple healing techniques to prepare a person for soul integration. After checking the “Seven Points of Light” Chakras, I’m able to connect to the energetic information I need to assure a safe and successful journey. After balancing the Chakras, I use Reiki or some form of energy work, in conjunction with energy protection techniques and emotional healing dynamics to prepare them for the journey. I also connect them with their power animal or higher guides for protection. Spirit Guides may intervene on their behalf to assist in their healing process. The preparation is unique for each individual. The objective is to listen and honor their soul’s journey.

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