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Journey into the Mystical portals of the Tarot

Journey into the Visionary Portals of the Tarot

The Tarot gives you access to the mystical symbolism and wisdom of the great masters of time and space to explore the Journey of your Soul. It is a fascinating journey empowering you to explore your path through your higher self. When you consult the Oracle of theTarot you have the opportunity to experience the deepest realms of your consciousness, reveals the nature of your challenges, creative solutions and true purpose of your life. Each card is a unique opportunity to explore the messages, whether they be earthbound or cosmic, to discover what insights it holds for you.


The Mystical Symbolism & Spiritual Wisdom of the Tarot

The Tarot is profoundly rich in mystical symbolism and spiritual wisdom. The insights revealed can go on long after the readings. The Tarot Cards inspire you to see deeper, to expand your awareness and discover your highest potential without fear or confusion. Through these magical portals of self discovery, you can expand your consciousness, detach from blockages and attract new possibilities. The guidance you receive embraces both your worldly knowledge and cosmic Consciousness and can inspire a quantum leap in your evolution.

The 3rd Eye Opens – Do You Know What To Do With Your Psychic Powers

Anna began reading the Tarot in her mid twenties. She focused on reading the Tarot with such dedication and passion that her 3rd eye opened fully and she no longer needed to use the cards. This shift reawakened the full spectrum of her psychic powers and she began seeing ALL things. Her Father asked if she knew what to do with her power. Anna wasn’t aware she had any special power… let alone knowing what to do with it. It seemed innocent when she was a child, but as an adult it presented profound challenges. She wanted to honor the power for the highest and best interest of all, but wasn’t sure how to accomplish that.

Anna decided to close down her third eye. She asked that the gift be returned only if she could use it for healing purposes. The ability to SEE did finally recede. Although it manifested in other intuitive and mysterious ways over the years, the visions became more and more common.

Chakra Readings Psychic Portals Open …
Her Visionary Gift Returns

After thousands of clients and many moons later, Anna was focusing on the Root Chakra of a client and suddenly she could SEE into the Chakra. The vision was dynamic and in full color! She saw her client acting out a scene of her childhood. Each of the other six Chakras also revealed dynamic imagery. It was like watching a mini movie of her clients soul journey. Anna thought it was a one time magical gift, but much to her awe, it continued and she began reading Chakras on a full time basis. Her gift had manifested as she had requested, for healing purposes only. It was a humbling experience then and now.

Chakra readings are a rare intuitive gift. As time evolved, more and more people have become aware of Chakras … their healing power and their gift of Energy Protection. Anna offers Chakra, Tarot, Archangel, Past Life and Between Life Psychic readings.




All Readings (phone, Zoom, Skype or Facetime) – by appointment only.

Payment for readings (unless in person) received in advance of a booked appointment, through PayPal OR check / money order.


Book a reading for a friend and receive a $15.00 Discount on YOUR reading.

Discounts for: Senior Citizens, Single Moms & Dads, Students, & Economic Challenges

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