The Path of the Mystic

The Path of the Mystic

The Great Mystery

The Path of Self-Discovery

The illusive Path of the Mystic is not a path for those who  need to know their final destination. It is a mysterious journey that often reveals your destiny through visions and dreams. 

After all these years, I realize  even as a child I had magical experiences. I think most children do. I remember the delightful little neon dancing beings that appeared after my Mother tucked me in at night. It never occurred to me to tell anybody. I just accepted the joy of their presence. I did wonder where they came from and where we came from.  While I have many creative passions, the search for the meaning of  existence  triumphed over all others. 

I have always had a natural  affinity with Native American spirituality.  Their way of expressing  that which can be known and that which remains a mystery  is innocent and yet so wise.

“The Great Mystery or Great Spirit.” 

The Soul of the Indian by Charles Alexander Eastman (Ohiyesa)

Anna’s Magical Journey as a Visionary, Mystic & Spiritual Mentor evolved from her journey into Psychology, Philosophy & Eastern Spirituality. She was born with a passion for life which she explored as an an avid reader, artist, writer and dancer.  with a lifelong affinity for music and the mystery of the cosmos. Anna would say, ‘these are just expressions of my individuality, a way of sharing my gifts in the world.”  Anna’s higher purpose began as a seeker of the truth. From the time she was child she marveled at the wonder of life, the stars, the moon and the cosmos.  As a teenager she was drawn to the arts, music, psychology and philosphy. She was always a free spirit but when she moved to San Franciso, the portals of Eastern Spirituality, The Human Potential Movement, Mysticism & Activism called to her soul.

Spiritual Visionary

Anna Abraham is a Spiritual Visionary,
Mentor & Worldly Guide

Exploring your Destiny with Visions & Dreams is an inspirational journey of self-discovery. It  is a magical adventure into the Great Mysteries of Life and the awe and wonder of the Great Web of the Cosmos. 

For me, the Path of the Mystic has been as spiritual as it was magical. The path forward was revealed through visions and dreams throughout my journey. 

It took a long time before I realized that it was intentional. At times the dreams and visions came days apart and there were times when years went by before I was gifted with another dream or vision. There were also times when it felt as though I lost my connection to the Great Spirit. I searched for a physical world guide but that never happened. All my guides have been from other realms of existence. 

The path revealed in its own time and in its own way.  The answers to the big questions, like who are we and what are we doing here were woven into a matrix of magic and mystery. When I received the 12 Chakra Visions, The 12 Codes of Consciousness, one every hour for 12 hours, I realized my purpose and owned  my destiny as a Spiritual Visionary.

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Destiny Visions & Dreams - The Awakening

The Search For The Truth .... A Seeker

I discovered mysticism initially through the study of psychology,  philosophy and ultimately through spirituality.  I was fascinated with the minds of those who explored the depths of their souls for truth and wisdom.    Socrates and Plato were my first mentors. I discovered them in my late teens and they set me free! They unleashed a burning desire, a quest to journey into the Great Mystery for answers  that continued to blaze throughout my journey. I embraced the mysterious nature of the journey, the concept of destiny through visions & dreams. I thrived in not knowing where it was taking me and treasured the unforgettable moments of magic that were granted … the rare gifts from the Great Mystery of Life as my path unfolded.

Self-Discovery- Mystical Visionary

My Purpose Revealed - Visions & Dreams

A friend who was helping me put the 132Chakra Visions into book form, casually said,  “That’s who you are, you are, a mystical visionary.” His words stunned me. I had finally discovered my destiny, the reason for the visions and the dreams.  All the many years of not knowing yet searching to discover my truth. Finally to achieve the full meaning of self-realization was beyond my  wildest dream. I reflected on the intricate web of magic and mysticism that laced my Path as a Mystic, so perfectly designed by the creator, I will be forever humbled and in awe. There was no way I could have known, and had I known, it’s doubtful I would have believed.

The Chakra Visions -The Twelve Codes of Consciousness

Universal Truth - The Messages

When you live your life as a free spirit, you are open to the magical realms of existence. Life was an adventure for me. I had no fear and felt connected to the “ALL.”  Receiving the “Visions” was a mystical experience that had no parallel.  I received the  twelve visions, one every hour for twelve hours in May of 2007. The profound nature of the experience and the universal truths in the messages was overwhelming.  I had to set them aside for  months. It took time to comprehend what had  happened and I could not bring myself to read then let alone figure out what I was to do with them. I remember thinking not that I had come face to face with my Destiny would the Visions & Dreams stop?!

The Revelatory Vision - Cosmic Consciousness

Destiny Visions & Dreams - It Was Happening Again.

When you live your life as a free spirit, you are open to the magical realms of existence. Life was an adventure for me. I had no fear and felt connected to the “ALL.”  Receiving the “Visions” was a mystical experience without parallel. I received the  twelve visions, one every hour for twelve hours in May of 2007. The profound nature of the experience and the universal truth in the messages was overwhelming. I had to set them aside for months. It took time to comprehend what had  happened. I could not bring myself to read them let alone figure out what I was to do with them. I remember thinking now that I had come face to face with my Destiny – would the Visions & Dreams stop?!

Just about the time when I thought the visions were a thing of the past.  I received a revelatory vision that rocked me to my core. A year and a half later, a Galactic Being (I don’t know how else to describe him) of superior intelligence came to me  and instructed me to call  the 12 Chakra Visions  “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness.” Just a week before, a client and friend read the visions and said you have to title them, The Twelve Codes of Consciousness. that’s what they are.

The Galactic Being came to me in meditation. I traveled down a passage way toward a brilliant light in the distance. When I reached the portal of light, I walked through and a Being greeted me. He seemed genderless with a large head and a pronounced 3rd eye. No other features were distinguishable. The body was thin, almost inconsequential compared to the size of his head. He glowed of light.

The Being read my mind and answered telepathically. “We are neither male or female, just Beings.” Energetically he seemed more male than female, so I will refer to him as male. He beckoned me to follow him. I did so and we entered a structure that was similar to a castle, a celestial castle filled with radiant light. I followed the Being, climbing up a translucent crystal staircase which was quite steep. He opened a door and inside there was another Being that looked similar to him – yet, there was a distinction.

The Being had a highly developed mind and was clearly in charge of what appeared to be some monumental aspect of the workings of the universe. Again, no words spoken just telepathic communication. I told the Being I wanted to understand the All – the universe and my place in it. I felt like I had reached a level of my development and I could assimilate the knowledge. I couldn’t believe those words came so casually out of my mouth. The Being looked deeply into me with his third eye protruding from his huge forehead. He didn’t seem to doubt my statement. He responded with a wave of his hand and instantly turned me into cosmic soup. Whoa! In a micro second I had become a part of all that exists. In this way he answered my request.

I retained my consciousness but had no form. Instantly I had become a part of the whole… a part of the intricate iridescent web of all that exists. The instantaneous transition from form to light was subtle but wondrous. To be a part of all that exists so effortlessly and so gracefully was as natural as taking a breath. In this way he answered my question enabling me to experience oneness in the vast expanse of the infinite. What an incredible gift.

The Being of Light spoke telepathically, “You have been gifted with the “Twelve Codes of Consciousness”.
I remember thinking the words higher consciousness, but the Being corrected me, restating the word consciousness. Continuing, the Being said, “You are the overseer.” The term struck me as strange, though
I understood. “The path has been illuminated before you. You will distribute the codes to those of
your species.” I had no sense of whether I had taken on form again or remained in the pool of the expanse of all things that exist. I said I was honored to do as requested. It seemed it was time to depart. However, the Being of Light indicated that I was not yet to leave. A beam of light instantly came flowing down from above my head and one came flowing up from below my feet simultaneously. I remained in the flow of light for an unknowable period of time – though it didn’t seem very long. I felt purified. When the light receded I thanked him and took my exit.

I remain in wonderment of the experience. I treasure all the many mystical experiences I’ve been given, but the skeptic in me is also present. Over the years I’ve learned to value the gift, even though the skeptic remains watchful. The “Twelve Codes of Consciousness” are a validation of my lifelong mystical journey. They silenced the skeptic within, at least for the moment. Afterwards, as I contemplated this experience, it offered great hope that we may all come to know the truth of existence …. the All.

The Path of the Mystic - My Great Grandmother Had the Gift

Past Lives - Its for Real

When I look back on my journey, I can trace my mystical roots in this lifetime back to my Great Grandmother. I was so young, and she, over 90 years. I remember her in her widow ensemble. She always wore the same kind of black dress almost to her ankles, black stockings and black shoes. Whenever she went out in pubic or on one of her many excursions by train across county she wore a little black round hat with a black veil. A widow remained a widow in those days. She still traveled America, east to west coast by train in her 90’s.

She use to sit on the porch swing poised in her widowhood and wait for my Dad to come home. He knew she wanted him to take her to the train station, because she never went out into the world without her little black hat with the black veil. She always knew when he was coming home, though he never kept regular hours. There she would sit, with spine straight, her small black suitcase by her feet and that far away look in her eyes; a look that told of the anticipation of the journey and her determination to remain independent. He always said the same thing, “How the hell does she know when I’m coming home?” My Mom always gave him the same answer, “She’s a SEER.” He could not relate. He looked at my Mom in disbelief; the implication was far beyond his reality based view of life. I however, reacted to those words very differently. They invoked a mysterious feeling within. I had no real concept of what they meant, but I could sense my Mother knew what she was talking about. Though my Great Grandmother spoke little English, we had our own communication. I know, now, it was telepathic. So, I can trace my gift back, at least that far, though it was many years before I realized I too had the gift. As far as I know, it surfaced in one other person in our family, my cousin Genny. She was born a SEER and a HEALER.

I always felt a deep   connection with her. She was mysterious and strong and so purposeful. I know now that I have been on the Path of the Mystic before. My great Grandmother was born that way. She didn’t have any teachers, she was just a seer.  So yes, I have experienced Past Lives and know that if you open yourself up to the journey you can experience your past lives too.

The Violet Flame - Purple Haze

To walk the Path of the Mystic, to honor your destiny and receive the gifts of your visions & dreams, you have to let go of the ego, the illusion of control, and have the courage to honor the Journey of Your Soul. The unforgettable lyrics of Jimmy Hendrix, one of the greatest masters of music, poetry and magic of his generation, captures the mystical spirit of the journey, then and now.
“Excuse me while I kiss the sky.”

My cousin Genny and I were reunited after some twenty years. We were just kids the last we saw each other. My Mother called and asked me to meet her in Los Angeles for a family reunion. She had purchased the ticket so the asking was more a confirmation. My family didn’t know I had been in a near fatal accident a year ago. I had been semiconscious for some nine months. I didn’t want to worry them. I had refused traditions western care as they wanted to operate on my spine. I had lost the use of my arms and my neck was like a wet noodle. I had a friend who was a Chinese Acupuncturist trained in China. He is a highly skilled practitioner who saved my life. When he came to my home to assess the damage, he said my spirit had been knocked from my body and that I would have to decide whether to call my spirit back. He knew I could hear him and I understood what he was saying. But I was too far out just to will myself back at that time.

THE MYSTICAL CANDLE ... The Great Spirit Intervenes

Nine months later I woke up. There were at least 100 paintings that I had painted in the middle of the night. I haven’t any memory and no one could quite figure out how they materialized. I could barely lift my head, my arms were lifeless and yet there they were. One night my house mate, who was the driver the night of the accident, came home at 300 am and found me painting by candle light. She witnessed me being thrown backward when the painting was completed. I consider that mystical. Perhaps, even mind blowing. Be that as it may, that’s what happened.
I was down to my last few dollars when a friend came and said why don’t you sell some of these paintings? That was beyond my ability to accomplish at the time, so my friends created an exhibition for me. There must have been at least forty-five paintings exhibited. I went to the opening even though I could barely sit up for a few minutes let alone a few hours. The pain in my back was excruciating. But I was stubborn and refused to take any pain medication. And then it was like a whirlwind came in and drove the energy. The magic of spirit was everywhere to be felt. About fifteen paintings sold in the first few minutes and many after that. It was incredible! I was down to a sack of potato’s and some peanut butter.

THE RETURN TO MY BODY ... Mortal Consciousness

After that, I was conscious enough to realize I had work to do. I decided that I would get up and either walk or drop. My intent was to walk from the avenues, out by the ocean, from where I lived into the city, meaning San Francisco. It was nighttime, but I was determined. I had to keep walking; you didn’t want to be passed out on the streets of San Francisco at night, anything could happen.


At times I was delirious, but I managed to remain upright and kept walking. I made it to North Beach. The smells of the restaurants of Chinatown and Little Italy converged and overwhelmed my senses. I was crossing the street at Columbus and Broadway where all of the nightlife collided in a cacophony of sounds and smells. I saw a woman walking across the intersection begging people to give her money for food, She pleaded, “Please, I’m not crazy I’m hungry, please help me.” Men ignored her in disgust and women drenched in expensive perfume, walked by as if she didn’t exist. I’ll never forget the stench of their perfume and their cold souls. I thought, my God is this the world I chose to return to? It’s too harsh, I doubted my decision.

MUSIC HEALS ... The Fute and the Drums

I kept walking, reeling in the psyche of the city’s energy. And then as if by magic, I heard the flute and drums. I kept walking toward the music and, finally, I arrived at the source. I collapsed once inside. As fate would have it, the musicians were old friends of mine. Every night, thereafter, they would come and get me in the van and take me to their gigs. Slowly the music brought me back to life; slowly my spirit returned to my body.

MY DEAR, YOU ARE A MOODY LADY TODAY … The Ocean is Powerful Energy Medicine

By day I went out to the Cliff House and walked against the wind. The music, the ocean, and the sand were my Energy Medicine. How I loved the ocean. I talked to her all the time, “My dear, you are a moody lady today.” She responded and filled me with her strength and will to fight. The ocean is powerful energy medicine. Slowly, between the music and the ocean, I came back fully into consciousness. I didn’t, yet, have use of my arms and the pain still punishing.

MY MOTHER BECKONS … Wounded Healer

When my Mother asked me to meet her in Los Angeles, I wasn’t sure if I was strong enough to make the trip, but I made up my mind to go. As soon as I arrived, my Mother asked me to read her palms. She knew I had studied palmistry. Actually it was one of the last of the metaphysical disciplines I studied. Initially I doubted its authenticity, but I discovered it was one of the most scientific of all the metaphysical disciplines. I tried to explain to my Mother I had just gotten off the plane. I of course didn’t tell her my legs felt as if they were going to give way. All my conservative relatives were in the room, but I agreed to read my Mother’s palm. We were very different women. As I matured I did my best to honor her way of being.

YOU ARE A HEALER … Palmistry

Then my cousin Genny asked if I would read her palm. One of the reasons I didn’t want to start reading palms is because this is what happens. Everyone shoves their palm in your face and wants you to read. I agreed to read my cousin’s palm. Almost instantly when I looked into her palm, I exclaimed, “Your are a healer, a hands on healer!” A hush claimed the room. All my conservative relatives were staring at me in disbelief. They knew she had been a healer since birth; I was the only one that didn’t know. So I guess they figured the wild cousin from San Francisco had something going on.
While I was looking into her palm, my cousin Genny said to her husband, “Can you see it? He responded, “Yes I can.” She said “You are in pain.” She was looking through the front of my body to my back. They could see what happened to me. It was unbelievable. They could see through me and saw what had happened to me.

MY GOD WHAT IS IT? … Energy Medicine, Powerful Yet Non-Invasive

Genny asked if I would permit her to help me. I was about to get my first riveting lesson in Energy Medicine. She worked on me for three days with the laying on of hands. She also used trigger point release with no mercy. On the third day she put her hands on my back, over my heart and pressed. Instantly a strong odor from inside my body filled the room. Genny recoiled, covering her nose with her hands and said, “My god, what is it?” I knew exactly what it was. It was the smell that was in my Grandmother’s room when she died some twenty years earlier!


I loved my Grandmother more than all of life. Her death was difficult for me to come to terms with. Because of my Grandmother, I knew God existed. She was a Being of light and everybody wanted to be in her light. I remember following her up the stairs at night; she would begin in the kitchen and move through the house whispering her prayers. As she made her way up the stair she would let loose her long silver braid. I followed behind making her prayers mine. I loved her so. Since her passing she has intervened and saved my life at least three times of which I’m aware.
Spiritual & Emotional Healing with the Reiki, the Laying On of Hands
After three days of hands on healing (energy medicine), Genny had given me back the strength in my arms and hands. I was so very grateful. I was altered after that in more ways than I could have imagined. First, I knew Genny had the ability to see through my body. That I had held the smell of my Grandmother’s death in my body for all those years was a life changing realization. Both were unforgettable. These two realizations coupled with my cousin’s spirit ignited a process that would take me down the path of becoming a natural healer … an energy medicine practitioner. My abilities as a seer or psychic would also evolve and become an integral part of my practice.
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Genny and I talked once a week after that and rekindled our friendship as adults. One day she called me on the phone and said, “Healer, heal thyself,” she lamented, “I cannot. I am going to be transitioning from my body this week.” And so it was, she was gone before the weeks end. It was, yet, another lesson. After her passing I had reoccurring dreams and the word REIKI appearing in bold letters. I didn’t know what it meant. I didn’t even try to find out. But it just kept resurfacing in my dreams.


Will and I had planned to go to Mexico for my birthday, but at the last minute we decided to stay in town and go to a retreat with two Tibetan teachers. We took Tao, our Akita, with us. It was a precious few days. On the last evening, the Tibetan teachers performed the ceremony of the Medicine Buddha. It was a sacred healing ceremony where we received the Medicine Buddha attunements (Tao included).


Afterwards, we spilled out into the big hall. Everyone was chattering and the energy was running high. I didn’t feel much like chatting, so I stood in an inconspicuous place. I saw a woman coming toward me with intent. I had never seen her before so it seemed strange she was headed right towards me. She spoke these words, “I understand you want to learn Reiki.” I was stunned, I hadn’t spoke of it to anyone I could recall. I still didn’t know what it meant. She said she was a Reiki Master and would be in town for a month. She offered to give me my Reiki I training. I told her I would think about it overnight and call her in the morning. When I awoke, I called to say I wanted to learn. She explained that it was her birthday and she wanted to give me the attunement as a gift. I paused and then told her it was my birthday as well. She said “Reiki will change your life.” Even though I didn’t know what she meant, I can assure you that Reiki has changed my life. Reiki was the gift that opened up the portal to my life’s purpose. It has helped me discover the healer within and given me the opportunity to share the love and the magic along the way.

These words defined the essence of the journey for the children of the 60’s. They claimed the right to be free spirits. They were the same children who stood for peace and birthed the consciousness of the New Age of Aquarius.

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