If we are going to talk about relationships, we have to look into the most important relationship you will have in your life – the relationship with yourself. It can be challenging because you have to be able to distinguish your authentic self from the self that was created by external sources, the beliefs and programming of others. You are influenced from childhood throughout your life by your parents, schooling, society, as well as the stories that you tell yourselves. You will have to look within to discover your innermost truth. When you have a pro-active conscious relationship with your own truth you can live your life in a way that has meaning for you. When you are authentic with yourself you will attract positive energy, personally and professionally.

Entering into relationships, whether personal, social or business, without a truthful relationship with yourself, will create inner, as well as external turmoil which will negatively affect your relationships. Personal relationships can be the most challenging. Often opposites attract and this dynamic presents a host of challenges. An attraction can be powerful enough to cause you to detach from reason or rational thinking. Knowing and owning your truth empowers you to make good life-affirming decisions. Because attractions are so powerful you are vulnerable. Best to be cautious. Attractions are neither a green light nor a red light. You could look at them as a yellow light. Pause and think things through because you are vulnerable. Remember it’s way easier to get into a relationship than to get out of one.


One of the greatest master sculptors of all times, August Rodin created a monumental bronze sculpture entitled “The Thinker.” Rodin explored the theme of attraction, both the passion and pain of love and war. People from all parts of the world have sought out The Thinker, a male figure of heroic size sitting on a rock as he leans forward to rest his chin on the back of his right hand and appears to be deep into thought. I, like so many others, wondered what he was thinking about. Was he thinking about the vastness of the cosmos, the great mysteries or about the alchemy of human existence or is the thinker thinking about how he screwed up that last relationship? Rodin message was clear, understanding the complexities of being human requires thought and relationships requires a whole lot of thought.

When I was in seventh grade, the teacher asked us to write a paper on any subject that interested us. I decided to write a paper about attraction. I really didn’t know much about attraction. I had experienced little crushes here and there like we all did. But it was enough to make me think about why two people who had never seen each other before all of a sudden felt this mysterious attraction. I don’t know if little girls were more prone to crushes than young boys, but we experienced them even though we didn’t understand what was happening. My paper was based on the mysterious attraction between two people who had never seen each other before. I found that fascinating.


I theorized that once upon a time we were brother and sister atoms from the same galaxy whirling around in space. I imagined some kind of a cosmic event happened and we collided with another galaxy which fragmented our galaxy and we got separated from each other… lost in space. Then somehow, we both landed on planet Earth and when our paths crossed we remembered and the attraction was on! Simply irresistible!


I remember the teacher wrote at the top in a red pen … and I can still see the handwriting. “Very interesting but highly improbable. There was just something about that response that didn’t sit right even today. So many years later I’m still in awe of the power of attraction and how it manifests, seemingly out of nowhere, with no words spoken, no plots or schemes and no dating sites. I have always been in awe of the Great Mystery. An attraction is such a wondrous and beautiful phenomenon. There are times when it leads to love when we meet our soulmate and sometimes not. But we will have to explore the great mystery of love in the next blog. Should the spirit move you, please share your thoughts about relationships and attractions.

Blessed Be The Journey