Anna Abraham, Master Energy Healer for Animals & People & Melissa Slavsky, Animal Advocate & Rescuer & owner of Compassion Digital, invite you to a FREE Energy Medicine Workshop to you to help our animal friends survive the Wildfire Season: Thursday, July 29th at 7pm, PST.

Don’t feel helpless when the crisis hits. Join our FREE workshop to learn how to tap into your inner power to help animals who are hurt, frightened and in shock with non-invasive energy techniques. Sign up by visiting the link in our bio.

Anna and Melissa are hosting Operation PNW Wildfire Rescue for farm sanctuary and animal rescue owners, staff, volunteers, or anyone who would like to be prepared to help local organizations when wildfires hit Oregon and SW Washington.

The goal of this workshop is to teach you how to not only help your animals remain calm and feel safe during the #wildfires, but to also help you. As we all know, non-human animals have extremely acute senses and a huge part of keeping them calm, is keeping ourselves calm. They feel what we project.

During this hour-long workshop, Anna will teach you how to use your most powerful tools, your voice and body, to keep animals calm during any situation you may be forced to face during the wildfire season. To learn more about the techniques Anna will be teaching check out her book at

Be Proactive

Anna and Melissa are also hosting a fundraiser for sanctuaries and rescues so they are not scrambling for donations when they need to be using their time to help their animals. To donate, visit:

In addition, Anna is offering her book 50% off to all who work in rescue or foster and 20% off to all who attend the workshop who want to contribute. All proceeds, after cost, will go directly to the fundraiser to help animals in need.



If you are a #sanctuary or #rescue interested in participating and receiving funds from the fundraiser, please email us.

If you are a sanctuary or rescue interested in participating and receiving funds from the fundraiser, please DM us.