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Anna Abraham

Spiritual Mentor, Visionary Guide & Master Energy Healer


Sat. Feb 19th, 1:30 pm PST – 4:30 EST time VIA ZOOM.
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Music composition “River Run” by Larry Gilliland.

Energy Protection Workshop

Special for Feb.19, 22 Zoom Workshop Participants:

Module II & III Introduction to Chakras & Meridians
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) $300

Choose One:

Module II  Chakra & Meridians $225

Module III Emotional Freedom Techniques $150

Energy Protection Specials




Explore the Miracle of Divine Intervention
with Anna Abraham, Spiritual Mentor & Visionary Guide,
& Special Guests, sharing Eastern & Western Medical & Spiritual Insights

A Fascinating Journey Into the Mystical Vortex of a Miracle.
Anna was in an ambulance on the way to OHSU’s Brain Trauma Center for emergency surgery (headed into her greatest nightmare) when her Guardian Angel appeared and the MIRACLE began to unfold.

A Zoom Event September 19th 7 -8:30 PM

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503 224-4929 or at newrenbooks.com/events


The Twelve Chakra Visions

Anna was divinely guided through the Chakras and gifted with the Twelve Visions (one every hour for 12 hours), “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness.” The Workshop, based on the Visions from Anna’s book inspires you to explore your own visions.

The Chakra Visions Workshop

A Journey of Empowerment

A Vision Quest into the Chakras that empowers you to explore the Journey of your Soul as a Blended Being, both mortal and cosmic. One discovers the full potential of their creative power and the reason for the journey. You will experience a quantum leap of consciousness and in the process create your own journal of Visions. The Journey is a life-changing gift of self-empowerment.

The “Messages” reveal your gifts and the shift of consciousness humanity needs to embrace if we are to survive and evolve. The Sorceress, who gifted Anna with the Visions, referred to them as The Twelve Codes of Consciousness.


The workshop, based on the Visions from The 12 Codes of Consciousness is presented through Zoom. A copy of the 12 Codes is available as a pdf ($8.95) or hard copy ($12.95 plus shipping)

The Journey into the Twelve Chakras, preceded by an Introduction, is presented in Two Modules. We begin with reading from the Vision and then explore the timeless wisdom of the message. Afterwards, we journey into the Chakra using the hoop drum, crystal sound bowls, and or visualization. As you journey through the Chakra’s you may discover aspects of yourself that you want to explore and or heal. You are welcome to schedule private sessions.


14 sessions total (2-3 hour each).

Module 1 – Journey into the Seven Primary Chakras

Introduction into the Chakras

Root Chakra – Be In Command of your Life-force
Sacral Chakra – You Are a Co-creator
Solar Plexus Chakra– Explore Your Personal Power
Heart Chakra – Develop a Conscious Relationship with Your Heart
Throat Chakra – Own Your Truth
Third Eye Chakra – Explore Alternative Dimensions
Crown Chakra – Embracing Dual-Consciousness

Q and A

Module 2A Journey into the Ancient Wisdom of the Under World Chakras

Root Chakra – 2nd sphere – The Sacred Garden of Your Origin
Root Chakra – 3rd sphere –You Are Timeless

Module 2 B – Journey into the Cosmic Wisdom of the Chakras of the Sacred Realms

Cosmic Crown Chakra – 1st sphere – A Connection to Divine Energy

Cosmic Crown Chakra – 2nd sphere – A Being Of Light

Celestial Crown Chakra – 3rd sphere – The Path to Radiance

Q & A


Module 1– Zoom/Live (8 Sessions 2- 3 hours each) $2800

Module 2 – Zoom/Live (6 Sessions 2 – 3 hours each) $2000

Module 1 – The Journey into the Seven Chakra Visions must be completed before continuing with the

2nd Module – Journey into the Ancient & Cosmic Chakras.

Please contact Anna for a complimentary consultation.

Blessed Be The Journey


The Illusive Path of the Mystic

Anna Abraham is one of the rare Mystical Intuitives who has been gifted with the ability to see into the Chakras. The gift first manifested as she was balancing a clients’ Chakra’s and the Journey of her soul began to unfold. The Chakra Visions were dynamic symbolic imagery that appeared in technicolor. Angels also manifested to offer guidance. Anna thought it was a chance occurrence, but it was not. The gift brought her into alignment with her destiny as a Mystical Visionary.

Soon after Anna received a powerful vision while fully conscious. A Sorceress appeared with a prophetic message regarding the fate of the Earth. The profound nature of the vision was humbling. However, it wasn’t long before the Sorceress appeared again. By 8:30 that morning all of her clients canceled, dishes flew out of her hands and the dogs were in a hyper state. After taking Tao and Sheba for a walk. Anna took refuge in her healing room. After balancing her Chakra’s she focused on the root. Suddenly she felt a presence and a portal to her root Chakra opened.

At exactly 11:00 am, the Sorceress appeared and gifted her with a Vision, a mystical journey into the Root Chakra. Mother Earth materialized in technicolor, a White Tiger by her side. As Mother Earth shared her message the vision unfolded like a movie. Hundreds of animals and winged creatures once danced all around her. Anna was stunned but managed to scribble down Mother Earth’s message as it unfolded. The clock revealed the vision lasted for forty-five minutes. But the journey had just begun. The Sorceress unveiled eleven more visions, one every hour on the hour. The twelve-hour odyssey into the Chakra’s came to a climax at 11:00 pm.

Anna also received instructions to share the powerful messages, ‘The Twelve Codes of Consciousness”, with all who had eyes to see and ears to hear.” It took several months to come to terms with the realization that she was the guardian of the Twelve Visions and charged with the responsibility to share the messages.

Anna shares the wisdom of The Visions from the book as they were revealed and serves as your guide as you explore the Journey of your Soul through the Visions of the Twelve Chakra’s.

You are gifted with the opportunity to explore the meaning they hold for you as an individual and as part of the collective.

The Visions empower each of you to discover your human and divine potential.

They hold powerful messages of timeless wisdom that shine the light so we can come together and embrace the next level of our evolutionary potential.

Life Between Lives Workshop

Journey of the Soul – Search a little deeper and reach for something higher.


Module 1

Life Between Lives is a sacred journey which empowers you to heal past life karma that prevents you from achieving your full mind, body soul potential in this lifetime.

If you feel lost in repetitive cycles that are not in your highest and best interest and can’t figure out why or how to liberate yourself, the journey into Life Between Lives will set you free

Anna guides you into the Sacred Realms of Life Between Lives using hypnosis and visualization, to review past lives and discover the primary lesson you need to learn to release the original wound and own your power. It is a healing journey that empowers you to liberate yourself, as well as, those in your soul circle who reincarnated with you in this life-time.

Once released from the past, your life-force energy will increase. You will achieve clarity, inner peace, a renewed sense of creative power and joy. Experiencing your authentic self empowers you to share your gifts and honor the Journey of Your Soul.

Module 2

Anna guides you back through your current life to return to the womb. As you pass through the womb you are released from your human form and your spirit is free to return to the spirit world, life between lives. You may be met by a guide or someone in your soul circle and escorted to either your soul circle or the Great Library where you can review your current life. You may be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your incarnations.to check in with you. However your primary purpose is to meet with your soul circle.

You will discover the primary souls in your circle, which of them reincarnated with you in your current life cycle and what roles you are playing, and the lessons you are teaching each other. You may also briefly visit the ring of destiny to reawaken the memory of choosing your body.

Module 3 gives you the extraordinary experience of revisiting the Ring of Destiny and witnessing the choices you were given and body you selected in this lifetime.

Module 3

The Sacred Journey into Life Between Lives also offers you the extraordinary opportunity to visit the Ring of Destiny and explore future incarnations. If you choose to reincarnate you will meet with your primary soul circle, as well as your guides, and you plan your next lifetime together. You will be called before the Counsel of Souls that oversees your reincarnations for a full review of your present life.

The Journey Is Here To Take … The Choice Is Yours To Make.

Module 1 & 2 – $6500

* Orientation
* Review this life-time.
* Identify Your Physical World Soul Group
* Training to achieve deep levels of consciousness *Identify your primary karmic lesson *Journey through back through this lifetime into the womb.

Module 2

* Identify the life of origin of your primary karmic lesson
* Meet with your soul group of origin
* Meet with your higher guides.
* Release your primary karmic lesson
* Release those in your soul circle who incarnated with you.

Module 3 – $2700

* Explore Reincarnation
* Visit the Ring of Destiny
* Meet with the Counsel of Souls that oversees your reincarnations

Energy Protection Workshop

Introduction to the primary energy protection techniques for the Mind, Body, and Soul which will serve you personally and professionally. You will learn how to recharge, preserve, and protect your energy. Reiki and all forms of energy work should be shared without compromising or giving away your life force energy.

Energy Protection is beneficial to everybody. Healing practitioners, of all disciplines and ages, as well as those who serve the public in any capacity, will benefit from Energy Protection. For those whose life work requires physical endurance (massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, etc.) it is a gift without parallel. Practicing Energy Protection using the Chakra’s is essential to achieve maximum energy and confidence, You will be able to share Reiki without compromising your life force energy and well being.

ENERGY PROTECTION Course Description

Module I

Introduction to the Dynamics of Energy Protection

  • Basic Energy Protection Techniques 1 – 1/2 hours

Module II

Introduction to Chakras & Meridians

  • How to Cleanse & Balance the Chakras – 2 hours
  • How to Cleanse and Regenerate Primary Meridians – 1/2 hour

Module III

Introduction to Emotional Freedom Techniques – ½ hour

  • How to Use Emotional Freedom Techniques for Energy Protection – 1 hour
  • Q & A.


Live/Zoom Workshops – $ 950 Individual $425 – 2 -4 $295 – 6 or more

REIKI I Workshop

Introduction Reiki I

This course is designed to train you in the full spectrum of the Mind, Body & Soul components of Reiki I, honoring the Usui Shiki Ryoho tradition. Upon completion of Reiki I, you will receive your Reiki I certification and possess the professional skills and the confidence to integrate Reiki into your personal and or professional life.

Your first degree Reiki I attunement enables you to practice Reiki on yourself, friends, and clients. The Reiki attunement process opens and enhances your higher chakras to allow the healing life-force energy to flow unobstructed. Once you receive the attunement you are empowered to share Reiki I. You will discover the healing touch of Reiki can be a gift in your personal and professional life.

Receiving the Reiki I attunement carries great healing energy and great ethical responsibility. The potential of the healing and transformational powers of Reiki are profound. The journey into Reiki has the power to transform your life. You will discover it is much more than another healing technique to include in your medicine chest! In Honor of the Light of Master Usui and all Masters of Light, Space & Form, Blessed Be The Journey,

Introductory Discussion

Clarity of Mind & Purpose – Your Impressions/Beliefs about Reiki:

Discussion of your knowledge and experiences with Reiki.

Your reasons for choosing Reiki.

How you hope to integrate Reiki into your life and or practice.

Reiki another modality or a way of being?

REIKI I – Course Description

Module 1 Reiki – Understanding Reiki, The Commitment & Your Personal & Professional Potential

  • History of Reiki
  • What is Reiki
  • Reiki – A spiritual path of self-realization and purification
  • Reiki Principles
  • 21 Day purification fast of the mind, body & soul.
  • Meditation/Visualization – preparing yourself as a channel for the light to receive Reiki
  • Understanding the Chakras in relation to Reiki & Learning to Balance Chakras
  • Reiki, A Holistic Experience integrating the Mind Body & Spirit
  • Self-Treatment
  • Purpose & Intention

Module 2 Reiki – Hands-On Training

  • Learning Hands-On Reiki (hand positions) with proxy (pillow/stuffed animal
  • Practicing Reiki on Self
  • Practice Hands-On with another person (family member)
  • Practice Reading the Energy (family member)
  • Practice New Client Protocol
  • Receive Reiki 1 Attunement
  • Practice Reiki on 5 – 7 people (without knowing their health challenges.)
  • Final Purification Process – Complete Energy Attunement (7 Chakras) Receive Certification).

Cost & Time Commitment

Part 1 – Energy Protection Techniques 3 hours
Part 2- Reiki – Understanding Reiki 8 -10 hours
Part 3 -Reiki – 16 – 25 hours

Sessions- 2 hours each

Cost – Personal One on One Training $1295
Group of 3 -5 $950 each $795 Groups of 6 and above

REIKI II Course Description

Module I – The Initiation attunements which increases the amount of energy available to the initiate. With the attunements you will receive the gift of the three Reiki symbols and sounds that empower you to increase the intensity of your healing energy and direct it at will. The symbols can be used for self-healing with people, animals, winged ones, all of Mother Earth’s flora and fauna.

Module II

Long Distance Healing – How to direct healing light energy for healing those in need whether they are in your physical presence or in another city, country or reside in other realms.

Module III

Reiki Master – When you can truthfully say that you have devoted yourself to practicing with the healing power of Reiki and you can honorably say you are ready for your Masters you will receive your Masters’s Attunemennt. You will be taught the Master symbols and sounds. With this empowerment you will maximum healing energy.

You can move toward teaching if you feel called, or continue sharing the full power of healing energy with others and or for your personal evolution to honor the Journey of Your Soul.

After the third Master Attunement and course work you are empowered to teach and share the three modules of Reiki Attunments & Healing Energy.

You may experience an increase in psychic ability, as well as communion with the Spirit World. Your personal gift will be revealed.

Reiki I, II & III Training – the price is the same for all three levels. Reiki IV – Reiki VIII is available for those who want to evolve, deepen their connection to the spirit world and guides and cultivate a deeper connection their 3rd eye.

*Reiki IV Attunement is devoted to working with Quan Yin with the heart Chakra. You will love without fear or judgement and to have love and compassion for all of existence.

Personal One on One Training – $1295

Group of 3 -5
$950 each $795 – Groups of 6 and above

Please contact me for a complimentary consultation if you would like more information about Reiki I – VIII.

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Natural Healing For Animals Energy Medicine Workshop


Introducing The TAOSHEBA TECHNIQUE: Experience The Full Spectrum of Natural Healing Techniques which include Reiki, Chakras, Animal Communication (Energy Talk),
Energy Reading, Auras and Meridians

1.Would you like to know how to heal your animal friends naturally
with the most cost-effective way?
2. Have you always wanted to talk to them and have them respond?
3. Would you like to instantly help your animal friends in the event
of an emergency?
4. Would you like to serve as their advocate by being their voice and
protecting them?
5. When your animal friend is going through a health challenge and
surgery, would you like to know how to expedite their recovery?
6. Would you like to know how to choose the healthiest foods and
7. Would you like to increase the physical and emotional quality of life
for your animal friends, even in their senior years?

If you answer yes to all the above questions Take the next step and empower yourself to help your beloved animal companions heal naturally. Energy Medicine is powerful, yet non-invasive. It is important to learn how to practice the right way. Natural Healing for Animals, the book and companion videos are fully illustrated and allow you to learn at your own pace. They are simple to learn and do. You can review and refresh your skills anytime.

Healing With Energy Medicine

Module 1 – Reiki 2 hours

Hands-on & Hands Above

Module 2 – Energy Testing 2 hours

How to Use a Pendulum
Reading the Energy
Energy Talk
(Animal Communication

Module 3 – Chakra Balancing 2 hours Flush and balance the Chakras

Module 4 Aura Cleansing & Meridian Balancing
45 minutes

Please contact me for a Complimentary Consultation if you would like more information


Blessed Be The Journey

“A shift of consciousness is necessary to keep the Earth on its axis. Mother Earth has a spirit, consciousness, intelligence and emotions just as you. You rise and fall together.” Her message was crystal clear.

The Choice is Yours to Make.”

Quote from the 12 Codes of Consciousness 3rd Sphere Elemental Root Chakra

*Images from the Sacred Realms Visionary Cards*

Cancellation Policy:

Your appointments and well-being are very important to us. Please understand that appointment times are limited. If you must cancel your appointment, we respectfully request 24 hours notice. Missed appointments, or appointments cancelled without 24 hours notice, will incur a fee which is equal to the hourly rate for the service.

Workshop cancellations require seven days in advance to avoid a cancellation fee of $200.00.