Spiritual Healing Mind Body And Soul

Spiritual Healer & Intuitive Visionary
Anna Abraham

Mind Body Soul Healing & Master Training

Spiritual Healing empowers you to heal the Mind Body Soul together.
With doubt & fear gone, your path reveals without years of therapy. Clarity at last!

Anna created the Guardian Matrix Healing Plan for those seeking Spiritual Healing & the Masterclass
For Healers seeking certification as an Authentic Master of the Mind, Body Soul Paradigm of Integrative Healing.
The Guardian Matrix Healing Plan and Masterclass are composed of inspirational Mind Body Soul Healing Techniques.
Anna offers all of the techniques separately for those who are called to work with specific components of the healing protocol.

Services include: Spiritual & Emotional Healing, Mind Body Soul Healing & Master Training, Journey of the Soul & Past Life Readings, Hypnotherapy, Life Between Lives Workshop, Shamanic Soul Integration & Vision Quests, Chakra & Aura Healing & Energy Medicine for People & Animals Workshops.

Spiritual Healing Portland Or & Beyond

Anna Abraham is a Spiritual Mentor, Master Healer, & Visionary Guide of The Mind, Body, Soul Paradigm of Healing.

The Power of Spiritual Healing

“Heal Your HEART & You Heal Your Mind Body & Soul.”

Explore Your Full Potential

The Guardian Matrix, Anna's Individual Spiritual Healing  & Master Training Protocol,
Combines inspiring techniques that Anna masterly weaves into a powerful matrix
To give YOU the tools to Heal Your Mind, Body & Soul Together.
Integrative Healing empowers you to be whole, healthy & feel energized. Be the best version of you NOW. No need to keep wondering If it's ever going to happen.
Ready to be done with confusion, doubt & fear and own your power?
Give yourself a Gift that serves you throughout your lifetime.
A Gift that Empowers you to Own Your Full Potential 
In Twelve Months Instead Of Years.
Set Yourself Free!

Jamie Sams says, “When we look at the idea of medicine, we have to embrace the total person: the body, the heart, the mind, and the spirit. When any of these parts are out of balance, then there is a need for healing.  

Relationships - Got the Blues?

Anna has devoted 35 years to the Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Paradigm of Healing & Conscious Evolution. She has evolved into the Worldly & Spiritual Mentor she searched for and never found. Anna is highly regarded as a Master Energy Healer for People & Animals, Visionary, Author, Rev. Certified Hypnotherapist,  Artist & Humanist. Anna has shared her light at New Renaissance, a Spiritual Healing Mecca in Portland Oregon for 20 years. She has received multiple awards including “The Spirit of Portland Award” for her Visionary Leadership & Activism.  

Anna Shares

In a Complicated Relationship With Yourself?

Heart Chakra Heals the Blues

Everything on earth is in a complicated relationship with everything else and human relationships are no exception. Your relationship with yourself influences all your relationships for the good or not. Get that right and the rest falls into place. So what’s the secret? How do you have a healthy relationship with you, yourself and I?

If you heal your heart, you heal your mind, body and soul together … then you are done with being in a complicated relationship with yourself. That’s the secret. Anna designed The Guardian Matrix Healing Protocol to help you let go of the past, negative self talk, confusion, doubt and fear and integrate your mind, body, heart & soul. Free of inner conflict, you can have an authentic relationship with yourself and avoid years in therapy. Listen to the Whispers of Your Soul, it will set you free. Be the best version of you NOW.

Contact Anna.

Holistic Spiritual Healing

Individuals & Groups

Anna serves as a Healer & Spiritual Guide sharing the full spectrum of Holistic Healing to help You heal the mind, body and soul together. Leaving the past behind you move forward with confidence and clarity avoiding the endless cycle of healing in fragments. 


Mind Body Soul Masterclass

Healers & Lightworkers

Anna Serves as a Teacher & Spiritual Mentor for those who want to master the Mind, Body, Soul Paradigm of Healing. The Guardian Matrix, a 12 month intensive protocol, offers certification as a Master Holistic Healer avoiding years in a fragmented learning.


Mind Body And Soul

A Journey of Self Discovery & Empowerment


Integrative Healing

If you are searching for an authentic healer and mentor who can help you connect with your Inner Warrior, detach from doubt, fear and confusion, Anna is the healer for you. 

Her mastery of the Mind, Body, Soul paradigm of healing, and Visionary Healing is rare. 

The Guardian Matrix, Anna’s Master Healing Protocol, is designed to heal the mind, body, heart and soul together, without spending years in therapy, She has a way of being totally Anna, and empowers you to have fun being totally you.



Mind Body Soul

Your Path Revealed

The Guardian Matrix Integrative Healing,  Counseling, Chakra & Aura Healing, Soul Integration – Reiki

The Guardian Matrix Masterclass, The 12 Chakras Masterclass, Sacred Realms Oracle Cards Masterclass, Authentic Reiki I-IV, Energy Protection, Life Between Lives, Natural Healing for Animals


Journey of the Soul Oracle, Chakra Readings, Past Life, Archangel, A Burning Question.

Meet Your Power Animals, Your Guides, Meet Your Soul Circle & Shamanic Journey Circles.

The Guardian MATRIX


If you are searching for an Authentic Master of the Mind, Body, Soul paradigm of healing, Anna Abraham’s mastery of Holistic Healing and Eastern Spirituality is truly rare.

The Masterclass, a 12 month intensive, gives you an opportunity to professionally distinguish yourself as a Certified Master Integrative Healer in 12 months instead of years. 

The Guardian Matrix Masterclass combines Energy Medicine, Emotional, Spiritual Healing with Vision Quests  into a powerful Holistic Protocol.




Spiritual Healing

Anna's The Real Deal

“After a string of misfortunes, I wanted to learn more about why and how I could heal and find equilibrium again. Anna came highly recommended.  Intuitively I knew that Anna was the healer for me. She reconnected me with my guides and balanced my energy.  I completely shifted out of a heavy and disheartening space. Anna is skilled in many modalities and has a lot of tools in her toolkit to help you heal and grow spiritually, including reiki, past life reading, drumming and shamanism. I have become lighter, regained my optimism, and my energy has grown exponentially. She helped me to remember to trust myself and my intuition, leading me back to my spiritual path. She has even helped me with deeply understanding and parenting my school-aged child. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Andrea– Portland, Oregon 2023



Interested in healing the Mind, Body Heart and Soul in months instead of years?  In 12 months you can leave the Past Behind and Move Forward Feeling Healthy, Revitalized and Positive. That’s Why You Are Here.

Everything Inside You Says YES. But there’s a whisper of doubt and maybe an edge of fear. That voice is your Ego, stuck in the past. The Ego can be an irrational master.

Your heart and soul will never deceive you … they brought you here for a reason. If you are ready to be the best version of you – Take back your power NOW! It will set you free.

Reach out to Anna … for a free consultation. Contact Ann

Journey Of the Soul Readings



A Mirror Into the Journey of Your Soul. With your own eyes see the Past, Present and the Path Forward. With clarity, You feel a renewed sense of self – energetically, emotionally and spiritually. You move forward on your own power.  

“So much of what was revealed was visioning. It’s been incredible to see it unfold. The message – do what I’m doing and BELIEVE IN MYSELF. Anna reminded me of this with her magical cards and piercing clarity.

The high vibrations of the vivid colorful imagery made the message literally percolate through every cell of my being and the spaces between. Each card is it’s own configuration. Thank you Anna for your wisdom, guidance and sharing your divine creations.”  
 In deep gratitude  – Genevive

The Benefits Are PURE GOLD


With Doubt, Fear & Confusion Gone, Your Mind, Body, Heart & Soul Are Humming the Same Tune. You Feel Whole.

The Benefits Are Pure Gold.






Inner Peace

Love and Be Loved

Designed as a Co-creator, You have The Power to Manifest
The Best Version of YOU,
Own Your Power
Be A Positive Force In the World.
Share Your Gifts.

“If you are ready to find answers through your heart and embrace your higher self, to honor the Journey of Your Soul … and feel holistically self-empowered, Anna Abraham is the teacher for you.”

- Megan Portland Or.

“I have to say I am rather biased with these cards. They are quite genius in their execution when it comes to self-discovery and growth. It took years for Anna to create the Sacred Realms cards.”

- Bryn Stanbury


Who Am I?  How Do I Heal?  What Is My Purpose?  Why Do I Feel Alone?  What Is My Truth?  What Are My Gifts?  How Do I Share Them?  Why Do I Feel Confused?  How Do I Trust Again.  How Dol I Find My Soulmate?


Let Go of Confusion, Doubt & Fear.
Your Questions Answered.  Your Truth Becomes Clear. Trust Your Intuition. Feel Confident and Whole. The Path Forward Revealed. Clarity At Last!  Own Your Power!

Anna's Message - Remember
YOU Have the Power

I am devoted to empowering YOU to remember you are a powerful and magical being.  Each of you have the power to Manifest Your Dreams; it is one of the Seven Gifts of Self-empowerment you were born with. You just need to remember who you really are. 

The truth is you are a Magical Being on a Magical Planet intentionally created with dual-consciousness, both earthly and a higher consciousness. Your creator intentionally designed you to be a co-creator; you can create human life itself … and way more!

Maybe this sounds kinda of Cosmic … I delight in being both mortal and magical. If you are looking for a spiritual mentor or worldly guide with a playful sense of humor… and a ‘let’s get it on’ way of being … don’t hesitate to reach out. This is who I really am …  and I want you to remember who you really are. YOU have the power. You were intentionally designed that way!

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