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If you are ready to find answers through your heart and embrace your higher self, to honor the Journey of Your Soul … and feel holistically self-empowered,  Anna Abraham is the teacher for you.” Megan Portland Or.


Emotional & Spiritual Healing, A Journey of Self-Discovery

How to honor the Journey of your Soul, your spiritual integrity and manifest abundance … that was the burning question for me. I remember the struggle, how to find a way to succeed in the world without compromising my spiritual integrity. I knew it was possible; I just had to find my way. Often I felt alone and at times lost until I moved to the Bay Area. San Francisco was a magical vortex and I found myself on a metaphysical and spiritual journey. I took refuge in books of the great masters of time and space while trying to find a way to live my truth spiritually and generate abundance. I hoped to find a mentor but, in the traditional sense, that wasn’t meant to be. I vowed someday I would be a mentor for those who were on the path, for those who felt confused and alone. I would help those who wanted to honor their spiritual integrity and be successful in the physical world. I would inspire and empower them to discover and honor the Journey of Their Soul. I wanted them to remember that they were magical beings gifted at birth with the ability to MANIFEST, and the magic elixir of SELF-EMPOWERMENT.

Intuitive Reader, The Path of the Mystic

As I was trying to find my way, I evolved into a Master REIKI Healer, Shaman, Chakra Healer, Mystical INTUITIVE, Multi-Dimensional Spiritual Intuitive and Guide, artist and writer.

After a life-long fascination of Metaphysics and Spirituality, I found myself on The Path of the Mystic, one who sees with the gift of Intuition, beyond the spiritual veil into the mystical realms. It was a stunning realization, although it didn’t seem to surprise those who knew me. I discovered I could see intuitively into the Chakras which revealed the Journey of the Soul’s transition from spirit to mortal. I realized it was a profound gift and a spiritual responsibility. The Chakras were portals to the Journey of the Soul offering insights and wisdom and access to other realms of being. The Chakras empower those who were willing to search a little deeper and reach for something higher to give them the ability to access and explorer their own visions.

The ultimate gift that a mentor, guide or teacher can share is the gift of self-discovery and empowerment, to help you explore, embrace and actualize your dreams and visions. I know it is possible to walk in your truth and enjoy prosperity of the mind, body and soul. As your spiritual mentor, I am devoted to helping you explore your own visions, empower you to hold sacred your spiritual essence, manifest abundance and share your light.

Seven Chakras & Beyond, The Twelve Chakra Visions

The journey into the visionary portals of the Twelve Codes of Consciousness (the Twelve Chakra Visions) and the Sacred Realms Visionary Cards offer you the gift of seeing into and experiencing your own visions, your own way of being, to discover and actualize your highest potential.

The Sacred Realms Visionary Cards, a mirror into your Soul, reveals your path and empowers you to move forward with wisdom and conscious purpose. You attain clarity in this stage of your journey and the next steps are revealed. We each have dual purposes, an individual purpose and a universal purpose. You may have multiple purposes in your lifetime. Your purpose in one stage of your life prepares you for your ultimate purpose.

The Magical Journey into The Twelve Codes of Consciousness gifts you with your own visions, aligning you with your true purpose and empowers you to be authentic … to embrace the Journey of Your Soul. Your confusion, doubts and fear will vanish. You will be inspired and guided to explore your gifts at your own pace. It is truly a transformational journey of Self-Empowerment and Enlightenment.

Mind Body Soul Healing – ENLIGHTENMENT

All you have to do is say YES! I want to reach for my full potential. Yes opens the portal and the mandala of your life finally makes sense. It is a revelatory moment. The realization that everything, whether perceived as positive or negative, has had a profound meaning for your evolution will set you free. In awe of the Journey of Your Soul and the magic and mystery of the Cosmos, you realize you were never really alone, your guides were with you every step of the way. You will remember you are a being of light and love with gifts to share, a co-creator in the extraordinary gift of life.

Portland Mind Body Soul

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Why do I feel different?

What is my truth?

What are my gifts?

How do I share them?

Will I know love … will I find my Soulmate?

Let Go of Confusion, Doubt and Fear

Your Questions Answered

Your Truth Becomes Clear

Your Path Revealed

I am honored to serve as your Guide in both the earthly and spiritual realms, to inspire and guide you with compassion and love.

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Discover the Visionary Portals of The Twelve Codes of Consciousness (Chakra Visions) and receive the gift of your honoring your authentic self with your own visions and chakra healing in Portland. Look into the mirror of your Soul, The Sacred Realms Visionary Cards, a gift of Self-Discovery and Empowerment.


Explore Your Journey

Intuitive Visionary Readings

One of the rare Multi-dimensional Visionary Intuitives, Anna sees into the magical portals of the Chakras, offering transformational readings, guidance and healing sessions. Creator of the Sacred Realms Visionary Oracle, Anna draws upon the mystical power of the cards to illuminate your path. The inspiring imagery  offers crystal clear insights and guidance empowering you to navigate your soul’s journey with confidence and understanding to discover your life purpose. 
As an inspired teacher, Shaman and Spiritual Guide, Anna  combines worldly and spiritual wisdom with mountains of humor and compassion to help you  honor the Journey of Your Soul


Journey of the Soul- Past Life Regression

“I was literally stunned to hear her words! I had told her nothing of my earlier research on this subject nor that I had received several independent readings from other mystics that independently corroborated one (or more) Egyptian lives.”  Brent
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Natural Healing for People & Animals

Read More Natural Healing for Animals

Never Feel Helpless Again when your animal friends need your help.

You Have the Power in the palms of your hands.


On a morning walk I was just with Koda because Balloo was limping, his front leg is vulnerable and too much exercise aggravate his leg. It had gotten to the point where Balloo would only go on walks about 60% of the time. We had taken him to the vet, who said his condition was chronic and recommended pain killers and limited exercise. This wasn’t a very satisfactory approach, we didn’t want Balloo to be in pain and he was only six year old but had not alternative

When I told Anna our story, she suggested that he might be reactive to certain foods and that might be causing the inflammation. This was all very well but I had no way of knowing (a) if this was true, I mean I like Anna but she was just some lady talking to me in the park about “woo-woo” stuff and (b) I did not know how to identify helpful and hurtful food for Balloo.

Anna kindly suggested that we meet at a pet store and she would show me how to choose the best food for Baloo. All I needed to bring was a handful of his fur, of which there was plenty.

in the store Anna quickly identified that Balloo did not like Turkey or beef but responded positively to fish. She then showed me that I could do the same. I was surprised and pleased how apparent it was which food worked for Balloo and which didn’t.

We have changed his diet and while he is not exactly a gymnast, he is much happier to go on walks and is not as lame. I have really appreciated Anna’s expertise and willingness to help but most of all being able to make Baloo’s life better is really special –“Nick”


The 2nd Edition of Natural Healing for Animals, Energy Medicine Workbook is now available. Communicate with “Energy Talk” (simple to learn) and help them heal naturally. No special gifts or skills needed.

Spiritual Mentor and Empowerment Coach | Portland Mind Body Soul

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