Energy Medicine Benefits

A Gift of Love & Empowerment

Anna Abraham
Master Energy Healer

Natural Healing Benefits for Dogs, Cats, Horses and Winged Ones

The healing benefits of Energy Medicine are as effective for animals as they are for people. The Natural Healing Techniques and remedies I share with friends and clients are the same for cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, squirrels, all animals, creatures and winged ones. Animals possess a natural affinity for energy healing.  When you hold your palm above an animal’s crown they are conscious of your action and will look up to investigate. Most animals will be both cautious and curious when you first begin to introduce them to Energy Medicine. The way you initially approach them can determine their acceptance or rejection of Energy Medicine. Most will respond positively providing you take your time and are sensitive to their needs and tolerance. Prior to starting I speak softly or whisper in their ear my intention. Oh yes, they listen and are more likely to receive the energy. When I go to the park I’m almost always surrounded by dogs. They are aware of the energy I carry, healing energy.  I acknowledge them all individually and share the love … and treats too! It’s not just the treats that attract them. They love the purity of healing energy that flows from the palms of my and heart.

Energy Medicine for Animals

One of the primary differences between Energy Medicine for Animals and People is the amount of time they need or will accept healing energy.  They intuitively know what they need.  An animal may accept a few minutes or at times much longer.  There are also times when they will insist on healing themselves or it’s not the right time for you to intervene.  How will you know?  They will get up and walk away.  Always honor their intelligence.  Whereas a human almost always benefits from at least an hour or more of energy work, an animal can receive all the benefits they need in minutes.


Energy Medicine Benefits

Benefits Include:
Unconditional Love
Natural Healing Medicine
Relieve Pain & Inflammation
Relaxes Muscles
Moves Stagnated Energy
Expedites Healing
Relieves Stress & Anxiety
Compliments Professional Care
Deepens The Bond
Healing Options in the Senior Years
Creates Holistic Well Being

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Energy Healing Benefits

The Benefits:


Energy Medicine empowers you to be proactive in the health and well being of your animal companions. You will be able to respond to most minor health challenges skillfully and confidently. The TAOSHEBA Technique enables you to access the Natural Power of Healing Energy. Each technique is explained step by step with photograph illustrations. They are easy to learn and simple to do.

Unconditional Love

Animals give us unconditional love. Energy Medicine for Animals empowers us to give return the gift. With Energy Medicine, we can help our animal companions to heal, to feel safe and loved in their time of need, no matter the challenge. The healing touch combined with a loving heart inspires unconditional love.

Natural Healing

Natural Healing gives us the ability to heal our animal companions without invasive procedures or chemically based drugs. It is as important for animals as it is for people to limit the intake of chemicals. With organic food, herbs, acupuncture, massage, energy medicine, in all its many forms, we can protect and enhance theirs overall well being naturally without compromising their immune systems.

Relieves Pain & Draws Out Inflammation

You can use the hands above technique to draw out pain and inflammation. Without touching the body you will be able to feel the inflammation dissipate in minutes and they will feel it too! Once they experience the benefits, they will remember and may even seek your help. Master Mink likes his daily energy sessions, whereas, Tao would only seek me out when in need. Ebony just loves to be held and petted. Sheba was always ready for energy work; she valued both the healing touch and the love that flowed between us.

Relaxes the Muscles

No matter if you work with hands-on or hands above the body, you and your animal friend will feel the muscles relaxing. It can happen in minutes. As the muscles relax you will feel your animal companion letting go. They will almost always let go with a sigh. Most will come to look forward to their energy sessions just for the relaxation component and the love.

Moves Stagnated Energy

Energy work is invaluable for moving stagnated energy and getting the blood flowing which promotes healing. Both you and your animal companion will feel the benefits within minutes.

Expedites Healing

This is truly one of the most valuable gifts of Energy Healing. It can decrease the time it takes to heal from injuries and medical procedures dramatically.

Relieves Stress and Anxiety
No matter what the cause, energy work can relax your animal companion in minutes. The Laying on of Hands is gentle yet so powerful, it can work wonders. When you practice the Laying On Of Hands, you enjoy the benefit as well. The universal healing energy travels through your crown, down through your arms and releases through the palms of your hands.

Compliments Professional Care

Energy Medicine compliments and expands the healing potential of professional care in multiple ways. Hands on energy work is highly effective in destressing your animal companion minimizing anxiety, discomfort and pain both before and after a procedure Energy work reduces the shock from invasive procedures and helps your companion feel more comfortable while accelerating the healing process.

Deepens Bonding

One of the most precious benefits of practicing Energy Medicine with your animal companion is the depth of the bond and trust that develops between you. The bond deepens each time as does the love.

Comfort in their Senior Years

You will not have to stand by and watch them suffer as the ageing process claims their health and vitality. You can share the healing touch, love and compassion while minimizing their discomfort and pain. When I reset Tao and Sheba’s Chakra’s they were able to take their daily walks.

Creates Holistic Well Being

One of the greatest gifts of Energy Medicine is the day to day ability to help create a state of health and well being throughout their lives. All the benefits mentioned above combine to contribute to your ability to share unconditional love with your animal companions.

Merlin reminds us to honor our instincts and move in our own power.

Energy Medicine puts you in command of your life-force