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Natural Animal Healing


Natural Healing For Animals Energy Medicine Workbook
The TAOSHEBA Technique For Dogs, Cats & Horses

The Natural Healing for Animals Workbook includes Reiki, Energy Healing & Readings, Animal Communication, Aura & Chakra Balancing for Dogs, Cats & Horses. This combination of non-invasive, yet powerful, natural healing remedies
empower you to help your animal friends heal holistically.

Natural Healing Is For For Animals Too!

1.Would you like to know how to heal your animal friends naturally and save money?
2.Would you like to talk with them and have them respond with a simple yes and no energy exchange?
3.Would you like to instantly help them in an emergency?
4.Would you like to serve as their voice and help protect them?
5.Would you like to know when to use Natural Healing Techniques?
6.Would you like to expedite their healing when they are recovering from health challenges and surgery?
7.Would you like to know how to choose the healthiest foods and supplements?
8.Would you like to increase the quality of their life physically and emotionally even in their senior years?
If you said yes to all eight questions Natural Healing For Animals will empower you to heal your animal friends naturally and you will never feel helpless again.
Natural Healing For Animals Workbook
The TAOSHEBA Technique Empowers You
To Help Your Animal Friends
When They Need it Most.
Never Feel Helpless Again!

Cost of book $19.99 (FREE SHIPPING US) Plus one COMPLIMENTARY Image of the Chakra Chart For Dogs, Cats & Horses(pdf) with purchase of the book. Additional images $ 3.00 each. Contact to receive your chart.


Ebook – Amazon Kindle Store $9.99

 Contact to receive your chart. Ebook available on Amazon Kindle Book $9.99.


Natural Healing Energy Techniques For Animals

The TAOSHEBA Natural Healing For Animal Techniques includes Energy Talk, a simple form of animal communication. No special skills needed. Energy Talk, a simple yes and no dialogue which everyone can learn to communicate with your animal friends. Energy Talk and testing helps you to identify the healthiest foods/protein source and supplements, as well as medications that will keep your animal companions healthy. With a simple energy read you can determine the source of their health challenges and identify and eliminate allergies. You can avoid expensive trips to the vets when natural healing and plant based remedies are the appropriate choices. You will learn how to use hands-on healing to help them with physical challenges, emotional stress and anxiety. Any time your animal companion is ill, injured, or traumatized you can communicate and help them in the moment. Energy Medicine is ideal for many health challenges including minor strains, stress, anxiety, communication, as well as energy testing foods and supplements

Geronimo & Catalina say Natural Healing is for Animals of All Ages.

Natural Healing For Senior Animals

Natural Healing for Animal Techniques empower you to help your beloved animal companions through the aging process. Using Reiki (hands on healing), chakra balancing and other forms of The TAOSHEBA Technique you can minimize physical and emotional issues. With the cost of veterinary care escalating Natural Healing remedies empower you to be pro-active in their well being as they age.


* Discover what foods and protein source is best without expensive test in minutes.
* Eliminate food, medicine, supplements & environmental allergies
* Help them heal naturally with non-invasive energy medicine.
* Deepen the bond of love and trust between you.
* Self-empowerment. Never feel helpless again.
* Help them to enjoy their full potential energy.
* Enhance their quality of life as they age.
* Help spread the awareness to help all animals


Reiki, Hands On & Hands Above, Energy Talk - ROMAN

My dog Roman and neighbor Anna immediately had a connection and became fast friends. Roman is a 7-year-old Aussie/Border Collie mix. He’s had hip dysplasia most of his life and this year it became so bad that he stopped using his right hind leg. We ran into Anna and her wonderful dog Spirit on a walk one morning. Anna could tell that right away Roman wasn’t doing well and was in pain. She did energy work right there with Roman on the walk. He stood still and let her do her work. After a few minutes, he’d gotten what he needed and gave her some kisses.

Roman had hip surgery a few weeks after that meeting. The recovery was very difficult at the beginning and Roman was very depressed. One thing that lifted his spirits was seeing Anna! Anna came over to check on Roman and do more energy work including showing me how to pull some of the pain and discomfort away. I did a few of my own energy sessions with him a week and could see a difference.

Roman Loves Energy Healing

I couldn’t believe how Roman would sit and let Anna do her thing. He is normally very excited and barks at people ready to play. But when Anna does her work it’s a special time. I’m so thankful that someone cares about Roman so much, has such healing energy, and wants to share her wisdom with others.  Rachael Jans, Portland Or.


I firmly believe I enjoyed Jack’s wonderful company much longer because I had Anna’s help. I cannot recommend this book highly enough and feel it should be in every animal lovers’ home. It is interesting to read. The healing instructions are easy to follow and practice for the mutual benefit of animals and their humans.

Sue Caldwell Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

Advanced Reiki Healer and Complementary Therapies Practitioner

Jack loves natural healing


Lucy had a secondary skin infection, kidney and ear infection. Our family spent hundreds of dollars to the vet. We had her on many medications tried many different types of food and nothing was helping. I bring Lucy to the park every day where I see Anna and her dog spirit. Anna could see how sick Lucy was bc she had lost fur and listened to my frustrations. Anna did energy work on Lucy and determined that Lucy should be on a white fish diet. We switched to a white fish diet and within weeks Lucy is healthy and doing well.

Kristen Pierimarchi, Portland Or.


Tao was in his senior years when he had a stroke on the left side of his body. I immediately called my vet and asked if he would come to the house. He advised me to take Tao to a hospital. I also called an acupuncturist who did come to the house. However, she was concerned about neurological issues and refused to treat him. I knew it was dangerous to move him.

An Energy Read revealed the entire left side of his body was inflamed. First I balanced his Chakra’s (energy centers) and traced his meridians (energy pathways). Using the palm of my hand I began working (hands above) the body drawing out the inflammation. He was totally alert. His eyes told me he knew what I was doing. It took about 30 minutes to draw out the inflammation without touching the body. I was relieved when his body cooled down. Using Reiki (hands-on) I began at his crown and worked slowly down his left side moving the stagnated energy down and out through his feet, which took about an hour. I was relieved when Tao began to stretch his legs. The left side of his body remained cool. As I continued Reiki (hands-on) I felt his life-force getting stronger and stronger. He was breathing normally. I realized Tao was ready to get up.


Tao Naturall Healing Remedies for Senior dogs

He struggled at first but managed to stand on all four legs. He was weak but able to walk outside and do his business. The next morning he was stronger but walking cautiously. I repeated the energy medicine routine 3 times a day for 4 weeks and Tao recovered from the stroke. I knew he was completely healed when he got up and walked away mid-treatment. Animals all know when they have had enough energy medicine. They are also ultra-aware of what you are doing. Energy Medicine is powerful, non-invasive, and deepens the bond between you. Once they experience the benefit they will trust and permit you to do energy medicine when they are in need. You will never feel helpless again. The TAOSHEBA Technique and the palms of my hands were the only tools needed. 

Anna Portland Or.


I have suffered from some moderate allergies for most of my life and having animals in the house has compounded that issue, sometimes making me miserable. I recently got a puppy named Zara who is supposed to be hypoallergenic, however, I soon started sneezing and wheezing and was concerned that I would be unable to manage it. I knew Anna had some techniques that could help me overcome the allergy rather than getting rid of the puppy, and though I had some doubts, I put them aside and decided to try it out. She showed me the pressure points to work with while holding the puppy’s fur, and we also worked with the emotional freedom tapping. I did this each day for the next 3 or 4 days and it has made a huge difference. I no longer hesitate to put my face in my puppy’s fur for fear of an allergic reaction. The techniques are easy to follow and don’t take much time at all. Definitely worth it!   Jay Cacka

Zara's Testimonial Natural Healing for Allergies

When To Use Energy Medicine

 Energy Medicine for Emotional and Physical Health Issues

Energy Medicine Has Its Own Healing Potential

Energy testing & redings empowers you to make the right decisions about the well being of your animal companions. You will know when to take your animal friends to the vet and when and how to use natural medicine. There are times when it is beneficial to ues  both. If it is a serious health issue that requires professional care, Energy Medicine can complement and expedite the healing process.

Energy Talk & Testing, two key communication components of the TAOSHEBA Technique, empower you with the ability to communicate with your animal friends, and identify which techniques to use. You will be amazed when you learn how simple it is to learn and how easy it is to do. You should always consult your vet for serious health issues and injuries.

The second edition of Natural Healing for Animals and companion on-line workshops will soon be available. Reserve your copies now and get a complimentary full-color chart of the Chakras for Cats & Dogs.

Take the next step and empower yourself to help your beloved animal companions heal naturally. It is important to learn how to practice the right way. Natural Healing for Animals, the book, and companion videos are fully illustrated. They are simple to learn and do. The book and video’s enable you to learn at your own pace and review and refresh your skills anytime.


Healing with Energy Medicine – Reiki

Energy Testing

How to Use a Pendulum

Chakra Balancing – How to flush and balance the Chakras

Aura Cleansing – How to cleanse and energize the Auras

Meet Your Power Animal

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