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Discover how Anna Abraham, a Spiritual Healer and Visionary Intuitive, can help you transform your life. Read testimonials from over the top satisfied clients and passionate students who have worked with Anna and experienced life-changing results. They all agree, “Anna is the Real Deal!” – Andrea

“Anna encourages you to discover the truth of your path from inside your own heart. She is a constant reminder in my life to never give my power to anyone & anything outside of myself. She will bring clarity upon hidden questions in your heart, she will give you powerful yet simple tools to protect your energy, restore your power, and reconnect you to divine grace. Everything you learn from Anna will be in order to reawaken your own deep knowing within. She is humble & earthbound, harmonious with the ways of earth, and the ways of spirit. She is also reliable, honest, witty, and 5ft something inches of pure fun.” – Tara

“The Gift of Life is a Transformational Journey into the Magical Realms of Self-Discovery and Expansion. When we embrace life as an adventure and reach for our full potential, we honor  the Journey of our Soul. Like a river we flow, sometimes expanding … sometimes contracting as we make our way back home.” – Anna Abraham 



Spiritual & Emotional Healing
“Anna's Powerful Chakra Reading brings an innovative form of spiritual and emotional healing. I left my time with her blown away at her one-of-a kind modality of seeing stories and symbols within each of our Chakras, and then offering tools to help with transformation.”
Erin Donnely - New Renaissance Metaphysical Bookstore - Portland, OR
Inspiration for the Mind, Body & Soul Readings
Anna's soul readings with her personally designed divination deck is something I would recommend as a guiding spiritually framework to begin your year, every year, for the rest of your life. At least this is my personal goal. The oracle reading Anna gave me has been a gentle reminder of where I am in my soul's journey of growth throughout my year, and even what I can expect. It comes to mind from time to time and I feel a sense of support and of being in alignment. Anna is a magical creature , a mystic artist, a walking orale who is masterful in her way with the subtle realms of being. Thank you Anna, for your gifts you bring to earth, the animals, and us all.

Raven - Heartfelt Conscious Living, Breathing & Dying - Portland Or
Clarity in Thirty Minutes
“I have never met anyone before who can do what Anna does. She can answer the “Burning Question” by searching deeper.
Thank you for your clarity.”
Sue- Portland Or.
A New Perspective - Soulful Alignment
“I met with Anna following a relationship’s end, and gained valuable insight to move toward healing. With wisdom, humor, and kindness, our discussion validated my energetic imbalance throughout the relationship and enabled me to think from a perspective of soulful alignment regarding steps forward. Our discussion has helped me shift focus from loss toward a perspective of hopefulness and purpose. Her wisdom has empowered me to tune in to my intuition and spirit’s guidance. I felt a lot of peace surrounding the events following my session with Anna, and am grateful to have been introduced to her perspective.”
Emma- Portland Or.
Shaman Warrior Goddess
“Thank you for your kind words, Anna. It was an honor to be a part of the circle. Your powerful connection, reverence, grace, wisdom, and experience truly blow me away!! In addition to being a Shaman, you are a true Warrior Goddess. I am inspired and enhanced by being in your presence.”
Deanna Smith
Mind Body Soul Healing
“First, you should ask yourself if you are ready. Are you ready to become the best version of yourself? Are you ready to become empowered? Are you ready to find answers through your own heart and be the guiding force in your own life? If you know deep down & your heart calls yes, then Anna Abraham is the teacher for you. Unlike any healer I have worked with, Anna encourages you to discover the truth of your path from inside your own heart. She is a constant reminder in my life to never give my power to anyone & anything outside of myself. She will bring clarity upon hidden questions in your heart, she will give you powerful yet simple tools to protect your energy, restore your power, and reconnect you to divine grace. Everything you learn from Anna will be in order to reawaken your own deep knowing within. She is humble & earthbound, harmonious with the ways of earth, and the ways of spirit. When you choose to work with Anna you choose to work deeply with yourself – as she helps you awaken the inner light & wholeness that you are. She will challenge you when she notices you giving your power to her or anybody/anything else, as a constant reminder that you are the guiding force in your own life.

She is reliable, honest, witty, and 5ft something inches of pure fun. She will help you rediscover the parts of yourself that have been labeled as: “not spiritual” “unworthy” “dark” “ugly” “useless” “scary” – you know, the ones you keep pushing away because they aren’t the “real you”. But in actuality, they are some of the biggest gifts of your being, your creativity, your wisdom, your self-expression, and your love. She will help you dig deep within yourself to uncover the parts that have been asking to be seen & heard for so long – which cause you pain & suffering merely because that is the only way they currently know how to be expressed. She will help you rediscover these parts of your being in order to heal & make peace with them, so you can integrate them into yourself in a loving & harmonious manner. If you feel ready to open your heart & expand your mind to the totality & greatness of your being, then I highly recommend you work with Anna…cause she’s the friken best!”
Tara - All the Light.
A Gifted Healer & Mystic
“I first met Anna a number of years ago at a time when I was fascinated with the learning of previous lives. I asked for her reading on the subject and she in turn asked for permission to gaze into my third eye. After a period of silence, she revealed her experience of an extremely colorful vision of an Egyptian priest standing behind a cauldron. Contained within that cauldron was the living fire of sacred wisdom for our species. The pyramids Giza towered high in the distance behind me, shimmering in the heat waves of the Egyptian desert. She went on to describe the nature of this Egyptian life and how I had achieved a high level of self-mastery, living in solitude away from the masses. My purpose in returning to my present earthly life was to dive very deeply into the trappings of the 3rd dimension and take on the challenge of finding my way once in regaining spiritual mastery. I was literally stunned to hear her words! I had told her nothing of my earlier research on this subject nor that I had received several independent readings from other mystics that independently corroborated one (or more) Egyptian lives.
Anna’s reading really grabbed my attention!! As the years passed, I approached her again when I had experienced a life-threatening trauma and was facing a risky surgery. She used her healing powers first to help prepare my body for the pending surgery with several Reiki sessions at her home office. She oversaw my welfare during the operation and then aided greatly in speedy healing with several more Reiki sessions. I experienced a full recovery and am now healthier than ever before.
Anna and I became good friends as time went on and I followed her work on the Sacred Realms Visionary Cards with great admiration and respect. She is not only a very gifted mystic, and healer, but also a highly talented artist! On a recent occasion, I decided to experience a Visionary Card reading with her and was duly impressed with her skills and insights. She exhibited keen awareness of the state of my current life and the status of my spiritual progress.
Anna totally immerses herself in a life of service to others. She shows deep reverence and compassion for humanity, the animal kingdom, and mother earth. She spreads the message of love, compassion, and oneness to everyone she encounters. I am very grateful to be her friend.”
Brent Anderson
“Anna Abraham is a delightful and artistic woman with an extensive background in all things energy-healing related. Her self-created tarot deck is beautiful and expansive which allows for a wide diversity of interpretations. She honors the client’s intuition by allowing him/her time to explore what each card represents then she provides additional thoughts to assist with clarification. Anna made excellent use of the short half-hour session I signed up for by giving me profound insights and much food for thought via her masterful tarot interpretation skills and many years of experience in this field.”
Regina Chante
A Visionary Journey Into The Seven Chakras
“CHAKRA WORKSHOP – “I thought Anna’s workshop was great. I really liked getting the take on my Chakras with the crystal. I think anyone who wants that should get that. I feel like I can sense my Chakras after the workshop. Before that I just new about them and knew I had some serious problems. But now I feel like I am in control of my energy and that is exactly what I had hoped to gain from the workshop. I thought the venue, the time frame, the info, the group size was all perfect and Anna is cool as hell. Thank you!”
Mary Fitzpatrick - Portland, OR
The Twelve Codes of Consciousness
“I’d say it’s pretty cool! There is no limit of empowerment given to a person blessed to be in Anna’s orbit. Her wisdom, empathy, compassion, love, uplift and heal. Her strength and humor make us the richest of humans. Her patience, support, and guidance are invaluable to us as we release what does not serve us, and tap into our true selves and raise our vibrations. Words cannot express how truly fortunate we are that she was given (and was able to Receive!) the 12 Codes of Consciousness. There could not be a more necessary time than now; as we live through COVID-19, Climate Change, and the calamity that is Trump- to tap into source energy and access our personal wisdom and power, to be the peaceful warriors that the planet and all the beings on it so desperately need. Thank You Beloved Anna.”
Nicky - 2020
Stand In Your Power
“Yes, I have. I have been able to connect with Spirit on a deeper, more meaningful level which has allowed me to step into and stand in my power. The Journey Circles were presented on Zoom. The question – Was the Journey Circle as powerful on Zoom as they were in person?
Yes, it is. I did NOT imagine COVID, but I have been amazed at how Spirit has transcended technology!!!!”
Cyn - 2020
Explore My Power
“I feel like my consciousness level was at a 5 when we started and now I feel closer to an 8. I feel that with each class I am unblocking myself and I am reminding myself how to connect to my consciousness.
These times we are living in have been quite a brunt on my psyche. I kept thinking that I could overcome the outside world affects, but it was harder to push through than I realized. Learning in-depth about Chakras has prepared me better for these difficult times ahead, but also allows me to appreciate the joy in life. I realize that I need to take more time for myself each day to explore my personal power. I always feel better when I do.”
Casi - 2020
Enjoy Life - My Most Powerful Insight
“There have been so many! The one I keep reminding Myself of is when you gave Us homework to “Enjoy Life”. In these heavy and trying times, seemed like an impossible feat but what is this life if it’s not to be enjoyed? Wasted, I believe. Oh and your line about adding skills and powers to Our medicine bags…such a powerful message!
A beautiful and revealing journey into Myself and My life’s limitless potential.”
Denise , 2020
Anna Abraham is a multi-dimensional Intuitive, Mystical Visionary, Spiritual Guide, Master
Energy Healer, Shaman, Author, Teacher, Visual/Digital Artist, and Photographer with thirty-five
years of experience working with people and animals.

Anna created and illustrated “The Sacred Realms,” a magical Oracle/Visionary deck of 87
cards, which empowers you to explore, discover and honor the Journey of your Soul.

She has been a spiritual guide, reader, and presenter at New Renaissance Bookshop in
Portland Or. (a mecca for those seeking spiritual nourishment) sharing Intuitive, Chakra and
Sacred Realms Readings, Energy Medicine, self-empowerment workshops, and lectures for
over fifteen years with people worldwide.
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Anna Abraham
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