Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing

The Shaman travels into non-physical reality to rescue and reintegrate an aspect of you that is hiding or lost from past traumas. It is also possible for you to rescue & re-integrate the part of you that is lost with a guide and your power animal. Soul Retrievals are Powerful Medicine

“The Mindful Warrior is always alert and can see the light in the darkness and the darkness within the light. “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness,” Solar Plexus Chakra

The Power of Non Intention

It was never my intention to follow the path of the mystic, become a Shaman or a healer. My motive was self development, a polite way of saying I needed to get a hold of my energy. I was also driven by a burning need deep in my gut to find the truth of existence. By the time I was aware of Shamanism; I didn’t feel called to the journey. Besides who would I trust with such powerful medicine? The right teacher had not manifested and Shamanism wasn’t on my radar. Destiny had a different idea. I received a call from a Naturopathic Doctor who had a terminal cancer patient. He asked if I would help to see him through his last days.


From the moment I met his patient and his wife, there was a recognition. He seemed to welcome the opportunity to unveil his physical and spiritual burdens and began preparing for his transition. He revealed he was part Native American and asked if I would find a Shaman who could perform a Native ceremony. I had misgivings, but how could I deny his last request. It meant that I would have to travel into that world and find the right Medicine Man. He wanted a genuine native Medicine Man. I began the search defying an inner resistance. I finally found someone who was highly recommended.


Long story short, the Medicine Man agreed to perform the ceremony, however, he became insulted by my client (the “white man’s” questions) about the safety of his wife during the ceremony and the strength of the medicine. Insulted, the Medicine Man refused to continue after the first part of the ceremony. It was devastating for my client and he totally shut down. He was in fragile condition and his wife was in a state of disbelief and shock. I tried several times but to no avail. Something had to be done, so I called the Doctor and he agreed to perform the ceremony and requested I attend. I closed my eyes in meditation while the Doctor launched into the ceremony. It was no more than a minute after I closed my eyes when I found myself in a dark tunnel. It wasn’t long before a Native materialized. His skin was earth red: his features sharply sculpted and his black hair pulled back in a braid. He spoke no words but put his right finer up to his nose and turned his finger and head in the same direction. I followed his direction. What else was I to do? It was pitch black in there and I hadn’t any better ideas. I saw a faint light and headed in that direction.

When I emerged from the cave, it was magically like a Disney movie. I was in the middle of a lush forest. I spotted a tree stump and sat down to try and gather my wits. A squirrel scurried up to sit on my right knee and said, “I am love”. I felt a creature on my left and to my astonishment there was a Wolf with neon green eyes. He spoke, “I am your protector.” Whoa! My mind was pretty much blown at that point. Suddenly I felt a presence and looked straight ahead. He was life size and in full technicolor. He wore a long head dress of white feathers that fell to his ankles. He looked deep into me and held my gaze and then turned abruptly to the right. I heard native drums in the distance. Suddenly he began to dance and then he was gone!!!


I opened my eyes and the ceremony was over. I had no idea how long I had been gone, but the ceremony was definitely over. We hugged and said good-night. I was incredulous, but I had to drive and was determined to hold my consciousness on the road. I managed to return home safely. The experience was mystifying but very real. Though I had experienced visions, this was nothing like anything I had experienced before.


The next day, about 3:00 p.m, I was walking from my kitchen into the living room and there HE stood in broad daylight. I was so astonished I sat down to steady myself. He was life size and appeared in full color. White Cloud appeared not in the flesh but more like an apparition. He spoke, ’My name is White Cloud.” He then vanished as quickly as he had appeared. I was frozen in the moment. Closing my eyes and having him appear in meditation was one thing, but with eyes wide open in broad daylight was quite another. All I could think to do was to find out if he had ever existed in mortal form. After serveral hours of research, I had the answer. He surely did. He was known and revered as Chief White Cloud, the Prophet.

He came every night for almost a year and I was transported to another realm. He and Shambahala and other powerful warriors trained me as a Shaman in non-physical reality. It was a rigorous no nonsense training. He gifted me with the name of White Feather and finally answered my burning question, why me?! He said I was of his blood, his lineage. When my training was complete in nonphysical reality he explained it would continue to unfold in physical reality. I asked what I could do for him. He asked me to connect as many as desired with their power animals. He also requested that I tell the story of my training in non-physical reality. He told me of what really happened at the Battle of Bad Axe River and showed me images of parts of the battle. Maybe the time will come to share the story.

The training I received from Chief White Cloud and the others prepared me for Soul Retrieval or Fragmentation Integration, two very powerful and effective healing techniques. They basically achieve the same objective: to retrieve a fragment of the person’s soul or psyche that went into hiding or escaped while seeking to avoid coping with a painful physical world trauma. The Shamanic tradition believes a part of the soul flees and travels into non-physical reality. In the case of children, the Shaman travels to the Children’s realm of Lost Souls. Many practitioners of Guided Imagery or Visualization and Hypnotherapy believe a fragment of the person’s memory takes refuge deep in the subconscious to avoid the pain. The trauma could be the death of a loved one, an auto accident, a failed romance, a spiritual or religious trauma, emotional or physical / sexual abuse, just to name a few. It can happen at any age. A part of one’s soul or memory takes refuge from the trauma in an alternative reality.

It takes great skill, dedication and compassion to successfully perform this kind of healing work. I use a synthesis of techniques that draws from both disciplines as well as energetic and vibrational healing methods. I understood and appreciated why my training was so rigorous.


In the Shamanic tradition, The Shaman, with the help of his or her power animal, journeys into non-physical reality to rescue the fragmented part of the person’s soul, brings it back and reintegrates the fragmented part with the soul. The Shaman is trained to deal with the dark side of the spirit world, including spirits and elements who invade the body with negative intentions, as well as, those who inhabit different realms of the spirit world.

When the Shaman works alone, he or she take responsibility for the soul retrieval and whatever challenges that present. The client is not required to be consciously involved in the process. Often the Shaman performs an “extraction”. For example, an extraction could be used if someone is suffering from a broken heart. They may express their pain or betrayal as if they had been stabbed with a knife in the heart. Or, perhaps someone had intentionally inserted the knife as a hex, as an act of vengeance. Or, it may be from a real past life experience. Accompanied by his or her power animal, the Shaman will remove the knife that is causing the pain. Journeying into non-physical reality, he or she searches for, and returns with, the soul fragmentation and performs a Shamanic ceremony to merge the fragmentation with the client.


Guided Imagery empowers you to journey and retrieve the fragmented part of your psyche or soul with a guide.You can choose the level of your participation as well as the technique that is most compatible for you. Guided Imagery is for people who choose to consciously participate in the journey. The Shamanic retrieval process (with the Shaman performing the soul retrieval), would be more compatible for more complex challenges that require the specialized skill of the Shaman.

It takes great skill, dedication and compassion to successfully perform this kind of healing work. There are times when I use a synthesis of techniques that draw from both disciplines as well as energetic and vibrational healing methods.

Guided imagery can be used for long distance healing over the telephone or Zoom. It is just as effective. When a client lives in another city or someone can’t get in for his or her appointment, I use this long distance healing technique. When I work with a client in person, Reiki, a Japanese form of energetic healing is also a valuable technique for use in the phenomenon of long distance healing.


I use multiple healing techniques to prepare a person for soul integration. It is a powerful healing process. After checking the “Seven Points of Light” Chakras, I’m able to connect to the energetic information I need to assure a safe and successful journey. I was gifted with the ability to see into the Chakras. I use energy protection techniques and emotional healing dynamics to prepare them for the journey. Additionally, I connect them with their power animal or higher guides to help and protect them while on their journey. Spirit Guides may intervene on their behalf to assist in their healing process. The preparation is dictated, energetically, by the wisdom of the person’s soul. Each individual is unique. The objective is to listen and honor the soul’s journey.
Special thanks to Larry Selbiger for the graphic image.


Soul Retrievals & Guided Imagery

Guided imagery can be used for long distance healing over the telephone, Zoom or Facetime. It is just as effective. When a client lives in another city or someone can’t get in for his or her appointment, I use a long distance healing technique. Reiki, a Japanese form of energetic healing which is also a valuable technique for use in the phenomenon of long distance Soul Retrievals.

Guided Imagery empowers you to define the healing process that is most compatible for your mind, body and soul.
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