“The Twelve Codes of Consciousness,” a Journey into the Magic of the Chakra Visions, are a call to the twelve realms of higher consciousness. They are a gift of evolutionary empowerment to the Human Race. With this heightened sense of awareness, we create a foundation for a time of unity and the evolution of humanity.

After receiving these twelve points of light Chakra Visions, I was granted another revelatory vision where a master galactic being of light (I don’t know what other way to describe the being) identified these visions as “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness”. They came through me, running like a river intent on reaching it’s source in mid May of 2007. They materialized through the portals of the Twelve Points of Light Chakras. It felt as though a force had seized control; a presence both awe-inspiring and ominous.

A primary part of my healing and energy work for the past 10 years has centered around the Chakras, including intuitive readings. When I look into the Chakras, I discovered I could see dynamic full colored mini movies of the person acting out their soul’s journey.

As I reflect on the day’s events that led up to the Visions, it is clear it was not a random intervention. I had a strange feeling from the moment I awoke. When I found myself in the mystical grip of a vision, I didn’t have time to be stunned, it was unfolding too fast. I did my best to record the words that were given to me. The visions were in full technicolor with incredibly detailed visuals. It went on for almost an hour. When the vision concluded my mind was blown.

Where did it come from. Was this the reason my life had been hijacked. It was overpowering. I did my best to clear my mind. Nothing could have prepared me for what was to come. Every hour, on the hour, for twelve hours, I received a vision totally conscious throughout the journey. Each held their own unique and utterly profound message.

When I received the twelfth Vision, a voice spoke to me, “Share the visions & attunements with those who are spiritually ready to receive. The messages that are offered with each level of the attunements are profound insights into the evolution of the Human Race. Many will seek the attunements embedded in each of the Twelve Codes. You, now understand, the many twists and turns of your journey and why it was necessary to spend time in solitude. Please remember to have love and compassion for all that exists. Everything has Consciousness.”

When all was concluded, I was overwhelmed with the mystical nature of the experience, to say nothing of the gravity of the messages. It took me several months to come to terms with the humbling reality of the experience. Slowly the realization came upon me. It would fall to me to shepherd these visions from the ether of the cosmos into the realm of physical world consciousness. It was a sobering moment which shook me to my foundation!

How would they be received in today’s spiritual and religious polarities. And, how to bridge that smoldering gap! I decided to unveil “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” at my lecture at New Renaissance Book Store. If they had contemporary appeal, they had the potential to contribute to the evolution of our species. The event center was packed and the collective vibration heightened with each unfolding vision. When I concluded reading, the energy was ecstatic. It was a stunning revelation.

It took time to comprehend the magnitude of the task. Ultimately, I knew they would take on book form. I meditated on the “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” and the attunements embedded within. The person who was destined to receive the first Twelve attunements materialized as if by magic. Ironically, she was an Evangelic Christian who had devoted her life to God and the Christ Consciousness. Others followed and embraced the Twelve Codes. I wondered how many would be ready to take on the challenge of evolving their souls. It has been an extraordinary journey.

“The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” have the potential to ignite a revolution of consciousness. I felt as if I had slipped into the hands of fate! I was prepared to yield to the magic.

I have come to realize that “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” and the attunements within are given to assist those who are ready to reconnect to their Sacred Realms of higher consciousness. “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” empower each individual to elevate their vibration. The higher attunements are activated as you journey through each vision. “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” empower you to expand at your own pace. They call to those who are ready to reach for something higher and honor the Journey of their Soul.

I believe it is no mistake that we find ourselves holding sacred space together. If you choose to accept the call of “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness”, not only will you have a profound transformational journey, but you, too, can become shepherds of the new Consciousness.

The Visions, or “The Twelve Codes of Consciousness” available in paperback , through The STORE.

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