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Totem Animals Bring Powerful Energy Medicine

Magic, Energy Protection and the Gift of Adventure, both earthly and cosmic.

Meeting your Power or Totem Animal

Meeting your totem animal is magical. It can manifest in many ways. They may come to you in dreams, not just once but multiple times. They can appear in physical reality in your backyard, out on the open road, out of nowhere or transport you to magical realms. It is not unusual for them to continue reappearing until you become aware of their presence.They may even come to you in your thoughts randomly, or often, but always with loving intention.

Journey to Meet Your Power Animals

A Gift From The Great Mystery

Your totem animal serves as your guide and protector on your earth walk. No matter if you feel you need protection or just want to journey, all you have to do is call on them. However, they offer much more than just protection. When we journey with our power animal, we not only enjoy their protection, but wisdom as well. They give us the opportunity to expand our knowledge and awareness. They can be as playful as they are focused. They help us get over ourselves when we are too serious and help us focus when we are too scattered. One of the most precious gifts they bring, if we choose to take the journey, is a deeper communion with nature. They help us remember that it is Mother Earth who sustains us while we are in physical form and they are a part of her as are we. They help us remember that we are made of the same elements as the cosmos and, therefore, we are one elementally and energetically with all that exists. Your power animal, a gift from the Great Mystery, is to be and honored.

Alternative Realities

When we journey to non-physical or alternative realities, we are not confined to the earth plane and its limitations. We can swim with a Dolphin, soar with an Eagle, commune with the spirit of Mother Earth or travel to other galaxies and experience the energies of the cosmos. Your Power Animals serve as guides and empower you to detach from your fears and trust in the Great Mystery
For some the ability to let go is almost immediate and for others it takes more time. It is challenging to let go. We are programmed to use our brains. However, journeying to non-physical realities is not a brain activity. You have to detach from your body and your brain. It is challenging for some to conquer their fears about letting go. Fear of the unknown is a challenge for most folks. When we relate to the earth plane as if it’s a permanent home, we forget we are spirits temporarily inhabiting a human body. We cling to the earth as if it were the only plane of existence. However, you don’t have to journey to an alternative realities to meet your power animal. You can meet them in real life, your dreams or even your imagination

Rightful Use of Energy

One of my favorite stories is of a fellow traveler who after finally meeting her power animal (through the journey circle) and accepting he was a Vulture instead of a Bear, came to respect the strength and power of the Vulture. Traveling in the northern states of the mid-west she stopped along the road and a Vulture landed on top of the car. From there forward, every so many miles, the Vultures lie in wait. She called me to tell me of this phenomenon. There were so many Vultures she couldn’t count them. She put her daughter on the phone to assure me there were Vultures everywhere. I knew, however, she was on a magical journey. Her power animal had prepared the path before her. She would learn how very powerful and how fortunate she was to have a Vulture as a totem animal.Vultures have the ability to soar to unimaginable heights and glide on the wind. As a high master of energy, the vulture uses the energies of the Earth … the natural flow of things to fuel the journey. The vultures were there to teach this impatient Leo, the rightful use of energy, how to become the master of her energy. When she asked him his name, he said it was Frank.

Your Totem Animal Is A Messanger

Journey with a Guide

There are several ways to use your intention to meet your power animal. The hoop drum, used in the journey circle, can be used to help you intentionally make the connection. Those who choose to join the circle lie on the floor with their heads in the center, creating a circle. The seductive rhythm of the drum replicates the heartbeat of the earth, enabling you to detach from your mind and body to travel to the underworld. where the power animals reside. Your power animal may suddenly appear appear face to face. Or you may encounter several spirit animals that can lead you to your power animal. In addition to your primary power animal, you may encounter other spirit animals along your journey. They may or may not be your power animals, however, they may carry a message for you. Many power and spirit animals will share their name with you. Although there are some with exotic names, many have common names like Frank, the Vulture. This never ceases to puzzle and amuse those who expect a more otherworldly or exotic name.

Meet Your Power Animal

When you journey with an experienced guide you don’t have to be concerned with letting go, you can relax and enjoy the journey.  Some folks have a vivid and dynamic journey the first time and for others it takes multiple times until they can relax and let go. However, you don’t have to journey to meet your power animal. They can manifest intentionally or non-intentionally, just as Frank the Vulture..


Turkey Vulture

If your Power Animal is a Vulture, you have a master of the Rightful Use of Energy, as a guide and protector. He can soar to amazing heights with a minimum of energy. Yet, when he swoops down to the earth to honor his earthly mission, he is equally masterful. The Vulture engages the existing energies, instead of squandering his own, thereby conserving his energy and his power. This is a profound lesson for all who want to gain command of their energy, and therefore, their passage on the earth plane. He brings the gift of Consciousness and the Power of Natural Healing, to purify the earth while honoring his passage.

Rightful Use of Energy

The Vulture reminds us of our dual relationship to the Earth and the Cosmos. We are of both earthly and cosmic consciousness, therefore, we have a responsibility to honor and protect the Earth. Like the Vulture, we too can serve as caretakers of the Earth. We can engage in the Rightful Use of Energy to protect Mother Earth and all its creatures while honoring our full potential energy. We do not have to remain earthbound. We can choose to explore and honor both realms of being in the Rightful Use of Energy. The choice is ours to make

Higher Consciousness

Even though, as earthbound creatures we do not have the wings of the Vulture to take flight, our consciousness is not bound by our physical limitations. Because we are of dual consciousness, we can develop our Higher Consciousness. As beings of dual consciousness, we too, can pursue the Rightful Use of Energy. When we call on our Power Animal, the Vulture, to protect and guide us on our journey we ignite the synergy of our combined Energy Medicine to heal and purify ourselves and Mother Earth.

When we combine our energy with the energies of the Earth and the Cosmos, we use this synergy to expand our potential for the good of all. We can soar as if we had the wings of the Vulture, a true Master in the Rightful Use of Energy.

Powerful Medicine

The Turkey Vulture is a powerful creature. He is a large bird with a wing span of between 67 – 72 inches and a length of 25 to 32 inches. Though some see his red featherless face as ugly, they might hold a different view if the looked into his eyes, which mirror the beauty and intelligence of his soul. He holds powerful Energy Medicine for the Earth, as well as those who are fortunate enough to have him as the Power or Totem Animal. He brings the Energy Medicine that honors the Cosmos and the Earth, as a lesson for all who make the choice to gain command of their journey and soar with the mighty Vulture.

Natural Healing of Mother Earth – A Noble Mission

His vision and sense of smell are highly developed, enabling him to honor one of his primary duties, the Natural Healing and cleansing of Mother Earth, a Noble Mission Although he lacks a syrinx, the vocal organ of birds, and expresses himself in low hisses, his presence and deeds speak for themselves. The Vulture’s wings have a magnificence that can hold you spellbound. Breathtaking in the grace of his flight, and skilled in the Rightful Use of Energy, he uses the thermals to move through the air, rarely flapping his wings. He soars over large areas looking for carrion, swooping down to purge the Earth of decaying flesh.

Turkey Vulture – A Protected Species

Turkey Vultures nest in caves, hollow trees or thickets and offer two chicks per yer in the ritual of continuing their species. The have precious few predators and are a protected species in the United States (The Migratory Bird Act of 1918).If you have a favorite story to share about your power animals, please email me, I will do my best to publish it on this site. If you would like to meet your Power Animal, please email me to set up an appointment. a@portlandmindbodysoul  or call (503) 422-7744 Journey to meet your power/totem animal via Zoom or Face Talk.
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