Reiki  Energy Healing for Animals

Reiki, A Connection To The Universal Life-Force, The Ultimate Source of Energy.

Energy Medicine for Dogs, Cats & Horses

You’ve Got The Power In The Palms of Your Hands

Reiki, a boundless source of healing energy creates a powerful connection to the universal life-force and transforms it into healing energy. The universal life-force is a boundless source of energy. Reiki, the gentle laying on of hands, is one of the most powerful forms of Natural healing Energy.

It can be used to heal the Earth, ourselves, our animal companions and all of Earth’s creatures. Animals and people feel a sense of inner peace and calm when receiving Reiki. The healing power of Reiki can respond to pain, muscle strains and spasms, shock, inflammation, swelling, arthritis, migraines, strokes, emotional and or physical trauma and a host of other physical and emotional challenges.

All beings, including humans, animals and creatures possess a natural reservoir of life sustaining energy (the universal life-force).  Combine this knowledge with the fact that the body is designed to heal itself and you have the basic understanding needed to access Energy Medicine and it natural healing power. Powerful yet non-invasive, Energy Medicine gives us the ability to be proactive in helping our animal friends with their daily well-being, as well as, health challenges through all stages of their lives.

The healing touch, one of the most powerful forms of Energy Medicine, empowers you to help your animal friends heal naturally. The essence of all forms of Energy Medicine is love and compassion.

The world would surely be a better place if we treated all beings, all that exists with respect, love and compassion.

Reiki Natural Healing

A Heart & Soul Connection

   Reiki is a powerful, yet gentle form of Energy Medicine For Animals. It deepens the
heart and soul connection to our animal companions.
Its healing power gives us a way to help them have a healthier and happy life and honor them with gratitude
for the unconditional love they give us.
It’s hard to imagine the Earth without animals.

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Natural Healing for Animals class in Portland is an introduction to basic Energy Medicine Techniques. It is written for the beginner as well as those who are experienced with the amazing healing power of Energy. The class workbook has step by step instructions and complimented with photographic illustrations. The stories about the animals and their people who share and who have benefited from are heart warming. You can use for cats, dogs and horses, as well as any domesticated animals.

Reiki for Cats and Lapdogs


Ebony loved Reiki, she cooed as soon as I put my hands on her.  She also liked to share Reiki. She often put her paws on me and her touch was ultra gentle.  All my clients loved to snuggle with Ebony when they received Reiki.  Ebony practiced her own form of Energy Medicine, pure love.

Reiki is one of the most powerful yet gentle and non-invasive forms of Energy Medicine.  A heavy touch does not generate more energy, nor is it more effective.  Two of the most important Chakras or energy centers are located in the center of the palms of the hands.

With Hands On Healing class in Portland the universal life-force energy flows through your crown, down your arms and is released through the Chakras in the palms of your hands. The energy flows naturally on contact. Most animals and people immediately feel a sense of calm. A gentle touch, whether you are working with animals or humans is the most complimentary and effective way to share Reiki. Animals, who are ultra sensitive to energy work, will come back for more when your touch is gentle.


reiki for animals

Bucky was not interested in laying down for his Reiki Session.  No matter, you can do hands on Reiki while your animal friend is sitting up.  He was curious but unwilling to give up his vantage point to lay down and receive the Reiki healing energy.  He had no objection to the Laying on of Hands, he just wanted to be in a position to kiss his Mom, which he did continually when the spirit moved him throughout the photo shoot.

It’s best to work with whatever your animal friends will accept.  With time they become familiar and enjoy the energy work.  Never force your will on any animal when sharing Reiki or any form of energy work.  Energy Medicine is all about love.

Reiki For Larger Breed Dogs


Reiki classes for larger breed dogs presents a different set of challenges, although the techniques and benefits are the same. Use the same hand positions for larger breeds and horses as you use for lap dogs and cats. However, you will have to adjust the positions to accommodate the size of the animal. Wear comfortable clothes and take precautions so you won’t be interrupted. This is as much about you relaxing and receiving the energy as your animal companion. You both need to be comfortable. Reiki is about the natural flow of energy for both you and your animal friend. For larger breeds it will save your back if your animal friend is in an elevated position. For horses you will have to get a plan. You may need a stool which will have to be large and sturdy enough so that you can keep your balance.

All animals will take as much Reiki energy as they need and then get up and take a snooze or walk away. Always honor their wisdom. Reiki and most forms of energy work continues to work after you take your hands away, sometimes for hours and sometimes days. Animals react differently to energy work. They may be energized or mellow. They may respond differently each time. The unique thing about Reiki is that the intelligence of the body naturally utilizes the energy in the most beneficial way.

reiki for animals

TAO At Peace with Reiki

Tao was skeptical about Reiki. He
  kept his distance and observed
  whenever I shared Reiki with
  Sheba. Finally he got jealous enough
  to give it a go. After that Tao loved
  all forms of energy work.

Reiki Hands Above The Body

Energy Medicine is not confined to the “Laying on of Hands.” “Hands Above the Body” is one of the most powerful ways to work with Reiki and other forms of natural healing energy. For some animals it is the most effective way and with others it may be the only way.

Hands Above, what does it mean?

Your hands are the tools of choice in most forms of Energy Medicine.  When you are working above the body your hands can be anywhere from inches or feet above.  You can feel the energy in the palms of your hands.   Hands above the body is used to work with the energy in the auras (invisible layers that emanate outwards from the physical body).

Hands Above the body is equally effective as Hands On.  It is not necessary to have physical contact to ignite the universal life-force energy that flows through all that exists.  With love and intention, the healing energy flows naturally and is never invasive.  The TAOSHEBA techniques are not difficult to learn.  With practice, they will come naturally.

With Hands Above the body you can draw out pain and inflammation.  If your animal friends are too sensitive for Hands On, working Hands Above the body is ideal.  Many animals who will not let you work Hands On will be ok with Hands Above the body.  This is a powerful technique with multiple uses, as well as, healing benefits.