Anna’s Magical Journey

Spiritual Healing Portland Or And Beyond


Visionary, Mystic & Spiritual Mentor

Anna Abraham

Your Authentic Self

You've Got The Power

From the time she was child she marveled at the wonder of life, the stars, the moon, the Great Web of the Cosmos. She was always a free spirit but when she moved to San Francisco, the portals of Eastern Spirituality, The Human Potential Movement, Mysticism & Activism called to her soul.

Journey of the Soul

Anna’s Magical Journey as a Spiritual Healer, Visionary, Mystic, Spiritual Healer & Mentor are gifts she shares through Readings, Spiritual Healing, Workshops & Master Training, empowering you to explore your full Mind Body, Heart and Soul potential. 

Initially, she was drawn to study of Psychology, Philosophy, Spirituality & the Arts. She was born with a passion for life and a fascination with the  Mystery of Existence, which she explored as an avid reader, a mystical artist, writer and dancer with a lifelong affinity with music. <br>

Anna would say, ‘these are just expressions of my individuality, a way of exploring being human and discovering and sharing my gifts in the world. My essence, my authentic self remained the same.”  Anna higher purpose, as a seeker of the truth, would reveal itself many years later.

Spiritual Awakening

Her spirituality was nurtured by her parents devoid of religious or spiritual dogma. From her Grandmother she received the light of “Christ Consciousness,” pure love, and San Francisco and Big Sur served as the womb for her spiritual healing and awakening.

Anna’s visions began in her 20’s, but it would be many years before she realized she was on the Path of the Mystic. Those who know Anna will tell you she has always been mystical, but she is as human as she is mystical, an authentic free Spirit and Renaissance woman.

The Path of the Mystic

The Path of the Mystic Anna’s  Visions continued unpredictably throughout her journey. They increased after she was 50. She was mystified by them but had not yet identified herself as a visionary. But that changed when she came face to face with her destiny. Anna received 12 Visions, one every hour for twelve hours, as she was meditating on her Chakras. They came to be known as the Twelve Codes of Consciousness, and unveiled the story of the Soul’s Journey through the twelve Chakras, the Path of A Warrior of Consciousness.

Anna is sought after as a spiritual mentor and healer of the Mind, Body, Soul Paradigm of Healing, After 25 years she came to a place of reckoning with her gifts and embraced her path as a Spiritual Mentor, Mystical Visionary and Multi-dimensional Intuitive. After receiving the Chakra Visions, Anna gave birth to the Sacred Realms Cards, a multi-cultural deck of 78 cards which reveal the story of the Journey of the Soul manifesting in human form.  The journey begins with the Great Mystery, the portal of entry, and continues through the 4 levels of transformation. Arriving at the 5th and final level, the integration of the Mind Body Soul, the miracle of self-actualization as a physical being and the challenges of individual existence.


The 5th level, the gift of life is an adventure.  We are given boundless opportunities to explore our full potential and empowered to express ourselves as individuals in any way that has meaning for us. The final card Of the Sacred Realms Oracle Deck, Transcendence, completes the cycle as the soul leaves the body and makes its way back home. When Anna set about the task of illustrating the cards, she  received 78 visions, two or three nightly and illustrated each of them as they were given.

The Miracle of Reincarnation

The Visions, in conjunction with fulfilling her childhood dream, and her unshakable ability to follow the Whispers of her Soul gave her the gift she had long searched for. After traveling to the Big Island to look into the belly of Pele’s passion, the answers of her search for the truth of existence, the magic and the mystery were revealed. When the Sacred Realms Oracle cards are laid down in order, 0-86, they unveil the story of the Journey of the Soul manifesting in mortal form, the miracle of Reincarnation.

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