With Anna Abraham

Anna Abraham – Multi-dimensional Intuitive & Guide

Throughout time people have found “Past Life Readings” fascinating. With the “New Age Movement” came a renewed wave of interest that propelled Past Life Readings into a must for those seeking enlightenment. Hypnotherapists, many of whom were at the forefront of the movement, specialized in Past Life Regression. Practitioners from all dimensions of Spiritual and Energy Healing also included Past Life Readings in their medicine chests. Visualization was also used as a past life regression technique.

Past Life Readers became as sought out as other Intuitives or Psychics. Some Past Life Intuitives were able to see and interpret visions of their clients past lives, while others guided their clients on the journey to discover past incarnations for themselves. People who could not find answers to their emotional and spiritual challenges in traditional therapies in their present life, found that past life readings gave them insight, helped them to heal or find at least find acceptance. The concept of Karma was at the root of their salvation. The principle of Karma dictated that If one had fallen from grace in a previous life they would continue to pay in their current incarnations until the wrong was righted and or they learned their lesson.

Karma has became a common belief in many circles, as way to explain the negative aspects of our current incarnation. Many Western “New Ager’s” have found refuge in a world seemingly spinning out of control or bankrupt of moral values in Eastern Spirituality. The Consciousness of the ’60’s paved the way for Monks and guru’s from the East to migrate to America to teach the lost and corrupted Western seekers how to find their heart and soul… how to find their way home. The principle of Karma is at the core of most Eastern Spiritual Disciplines. There is some irony in the fact that the Eastern mystics held appeal for the Western seekers and Western materialism held appeal for some Eastern youth who wanted more freedom than the confines of Eastern Spirituality and Karma would allow.

For as many believers in Past Lives there are just as many if not more, whose religious or philosophical beliefs prevent them from even entertaining the idea. There are also those who are not comfortable with the mysterious nature of reincarnation from a reality based conceptual point of view. No matter what you choose to believe… more and more research of a documented scientific nature is being complied by serious students of metaphysics, spirituality and anthropology. I try and remain open and fluid while being diligent in my role as an investigator of the cosmos and a soul seeking truth… the meaning of our existence.

Life Between Life Hypnotherapy

Michael Newton, a renown hypnotherapist, is considered the Godfather of “Between Life Readings.” He is the founder of the Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy. Dr. Michael Newton has document some 7,000 Life Between Life Regressions. His books are fascinating as he masterfully regresses his clients who come from all over the world to seek his services. Dr. Newton documents their journey through past life regression and ultimately to their “Life Between Lives” where they study their past lives and plan their next incarnation. The sheer magnitude of his work combined with those of who have studies his techniques and carried them forward is stunning and documented. After experiencing a past life regression his clients, usually are met by a guide who escorts them through the gateway between worlds. From there they typically are either taken to a library where they can review all their incarnations or they go directly to meet their soul group. One can’t dismiss the commonality of their documented experiences … all 7,000 of them. It is fascinating, thought provoking and incredible to read the stories of those who have braved the journey. Why not explore the journey?!